Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Dec 25 - 30

Monday - 11 pm workout, good job me for getting it in on Christmas. 10 reps each 3 times:
  1. Tricep chair dips, straight leg
  2. push ups on toes
  3. lying triceps extensions 2/12
  4. bicep hammer curls 2/15
  5. center planks 60 sec
  6. upward rows 2/15
  7. renegade rows alt 2/15
  8. back lawnmowers alt 1/30
Tuesday - nothing. Took down the Christmas tree by myself, that was a little bit of a sweat
Wednesday - 8:17 pm workout for an hour - same as last week, but just a little lighter on the weights -
  1. push ups - on toes - 15 reps 3x
  2. lying chest fly on ball - 2/12 weights, 15 reps 3 times
  3. dumbbell bent over row - 2/15, 15 reps 3x
  4. Renegade rows - 12 lbs, 15 reps 3x
  5. standing bicep curls - 2/12, 15 reps 3x
  6. triceps chair dips - legs straight out, 15 reps 3x
  7. center plank 60 seconds 3x
  8. side plank raises - alt, 15 each side, 3x
  9. wall sit - 60 sec 3x
  10. Stationary lunge left foot forward - 2/30, 15 reps 3x
  11. Stationary lunge right foot forward - 2/30, 15 reps 3x
  12. Romanian Deadlift - 2/30, 15 reps 3x
  13. Froggy jump - 15 reps 3x
Thursday - nothing but a 1:18 center hands plank. PMS is almost over
Friday - nothing.  Doh. I think I'll be glad when the break is over and things get back to "normal"
Saturday - 7:05 pm. Going to try to exercise, but also want to try and blog... hmm. Maybe I'll go exercise until 8 and then blog after that... Ok! 9:30 pm, done and bathed and ready for bed. I did the following - 10 reps each 3 times:
  1. Tricep chair dips, straight leg
  2. push ups on toes
  3. lying triceps extensions 2/12
  4. bicep hammer curls 2/15
  5. center planks 60 sec
  6. upward rows 2/15
  7. renegade rows alt 2/15
  8. back lawnmowers alt 1/30
Then a 1 min hang on the pull up bar, then 4 sprints on the treadmill, 1 min each, walking and dancing in between - went 1.13 miles in 15 minutes. Then a good 20 min leg stretch. When I was doing the lying tricep extensions, I tried to do one 25 lb dumbbell, and as I did I lost my grip and dropped it on my face - hit my chin on the right side. I turned over and got on my knees immediately, SO grateful that I didn't drop it on my teeth, I seriously would have knocked them out, so lucky. My chin hurts a bit, we'll see if it's blue tomorrow, but I am blessed, I said a prayer of thanks.

We're going up to a friends cabin tomorrow night and skiing on Monday, then ready to kick it in gear on Tuesday as we get back into the swing of the school year. Oh, and I have 4 cold sores! I've only had them on my bottom right lip, but a few days ago I got one on my top right lip, and now I have them coming in on my bottom right and on my top and bottom on the left side!! Am I stressed out!??! or is it cause I ate junk food over the break? yikes!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Dec 18 - 23

Monday - 30 minute walk on treadmill - walked slow, about a 3 mile pace the whole time, went 1.57 miles I think... I'm on day 3 of a water fast so energy was a little low, but I did do a little jog on Run for Cover, cause you can't just walk while listening to that fast song. Ate a salad tonight. I was going to try and go longer, but the family didn't eat up enough of the salad I made. It was delicious -
Tuesday - resistance today, followed and modified an old Kristi Approved workout - week 1 day 1. Per that workout's instructions, I did 15 reps of each exercise, 3 rounds. 15 was harder on most of the upper body things. I also lifted the weight I had written in that old notebook that I did last time, it was hard! I guess I used to be stronger. I should be sore tomorrow...
  1. push ups - on toes - 15 reps 3x
  2. lying chest fly on ball - 2/15 weights, 15 reps 3 times
  3. dumbbell bent over row - 2/20, 15 reps 3x
  4. Renegade rows - 15 lbs, 15 reps 3x
  5. standing bicep curls - 2/15, 15 reps 3x
  6. triceps chair dips - legs straight out, 15 reps 3x
  7. center plank 60 seconds 3x
  8. side plank raises - alt, 15 each side, 3x
  9. wall sit - 60 sec 3x
  10. Stationary lunge left foot forward - 2/30, 15 reps 3x
  11. Stationary lunge right foot forward - 2/30, 15 reps 3x
  12. Romanian Deadlift - 2/30, 15 reps 3x
  13. Froggy jump - 15 reps 3x
Wednesday - 2.17 miles in 30 min.
Thursday - up at Wolfcreek, no workout, ate too much pizza and some lucky charms cereal. doh
Friday - family went skiing, I loaded the car. so a few flights up and down stairs was all the workout I got today. Ate some sausage, bacon, and eggs at a timeshare presentation this morning. I'm not proud. I think my diet is about to tank for a few days until we're clear of the holiday...
Saturday - busy holiday again. Went to Savior of the World play. Shoveled the driveway a few times again. Just enough snow that I don't want to drive on it, but not enough to get out the snow blower.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Dec 11 - 16

Monday - resistance today - did 3 sets of 10 reps each
  1. Chest fly on the exercise ball with 2/12 (aka using two 12 lbs dumbbells)
  2. Lying Tricep 2/12 
  3. Bicep burls 2/12
  4. Seated Upward Press 2/12
  5. One arm kick backs 1/10 (one 10 lb dumbbell)
  6. Romanian Dead lifts 2/30
  7. Static Lunge Left foot forward with 2/20
  8. Static Lunge Right 2/20
  9. One arm Rows 1/20
  10. 90 second center plank - 3 sets
Tuesday - 30 min walk on treadmill plus 3 sets of 10 reps tricep chair dips
Wednesday - Resistance -
  1. Chest fly on the exercise ball with 2/12 (aka using two 12 lbs dumbbells)
  2. Lying Tricep 2/12 
  3. Bicep burls 2/12
  4. Seated Upward Press 2/12
  5. One arm kick backs 1/10 (one 10 lb dumbbell)
  6. Triceps chair dips
  7. Romanian Dead lifts 2/30
  8. Static Lunge Left foot forward with 2/20
  9. Static Lunge Right 2/20
  10. One arm Rows 1/20
  11. 90 second center plank - 3 sets
Thursday - busy morning (had to wake up Joseph at 3:45 for a jazz band thing - 5:00 am recording with KSL. Owen was awake at 3:20. Anyway, tried to catch a few more zzzs this morning instead of exercise. Did a resistance workout at 7:45 with the kids - 3 sets of 10 reps of each exercise -
  1. Push ups on toes 
  2. Daniel bicep curls 
  3. Chair dips 
  4. Static lunges left foot forward with 2/30 
  5. Static lunges right foot forward 2/30 
  6. Romanian Deadlift 2/30 
  7. Side drops alternating right side and left - 10 each, 1/30 
  8. Renegade back rows alternating right and left - 10 each side 1/15 
  9. Superman Ts 2/8 
  10. lateral raises 2/5 
Friday - 30 min treadmill walk/jog - 2.22 miles "Run for Cover" is a great treadmill song, thank you Killers! 
Saturday - shoveled the driveway twice, spent most of the day stretching my hips as I scrubbed the kitchen tile grout for 5 hours.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Dec 4 - 9

Monday - shoveled the driveway twice!! By myself at 6 am, then Abi came out to help me a little bit at 8 (she's such a good daughter). Then I came in and did five 1 minute sprints with walks to catch my breath on the treadmill in the basement. Water fasted all day. I watched this video and got majorly inspired. I'm not going to enter a sports modeling competition, but this gave me the hope that I can get my abs! And I'm really not that far, especially considering Elle's transformation. Her website here. I can pretend like I'm doing her 9 month transformation too, but I'm like on month 7 with just 2 to go! I can get there! Anyway, super impressed with her results.
Tuesday - no exercise, back is a little sore from shoveling yesterday, but I think that's a good thing. I water-fasted all day, GBOMBS for dinner - stands for Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, Seeds - eat them every day to keep cancer away! Joel Fuhrman's good advice :)
Wednesday - some handstands and stretching, ate GBOMBS again, I love being vegan this week, nothing unhealthy is tempting to me right now yay
Thursday - I followed this Elle full body workout today as a guideline and added a few low intensity things for myself "Consistency is the key, not intensity!" YES!! I can do that! So I did 3 sets of 10 reps with a brief break between each exercise.
  1. Chest fly on the exercise ball with 2/12 (aka using two 12 lbs dumbbells)
  2. Lying Tricep 2/12 
  3. Bicep burls 2/12
  4. Seated Upward Press 2/12
  5. One arm kick backs 1/10 (one 10 lb dumbbell)
  6. Romanian Dead lifts 2/30
  7. Static Lunge Left foot forward with 2/20
  8. Static Lunge Right 2/20
  9. One arm Rows 1/20
  10. 90 second center plank - did 3 "sets" of that too.
Then, to make up for not moving much yesterday, I did some treadmill cardio too. I wanted to do a 30 min walk like she recommends, but was in a hurry to finish up and get the kids off to school so I decided to do 2 miles, I walked a little and ran a little, ended up doing 2.05 miles in 24:30. I listened to the Killers - Sam's Town is still my treadmill music of choice!
Friday - nice 30 minute walk on the treadmill this morning from 6:30 to 7, walked 1.87 miles
Saturday - nothing

Monday, November 27, 2017

Nov 27 - Dec 2

Monday - 2 mile walk on Jordan loop, 32 min.
Tuesday - 58 sec handstand, then 27 sec handstand, 12 min of planks with Abi, and Lily, Sophi, Natalie and Owen had all joined us by the end
Wednesday - I think I survived my pms, ugh! I had energy and was able to exercise before 7 today, yay! Was going to do a circuit, but then just made up different exercises cause I didn't want to do the T-ups again. I did get in four 1 min sprints, so that was my biggest goal this morning:
  • 30 Romanian Deadlifts with two 30lb dumbbells. 
  • 30/60/30 treadmill walk/sprint 
  • T ups with 10 lb weight - 15 each side
  • 30/60/30 treadmill walk/sprint 
  • 30 jump lunges
  • 60 slow calf raises, 120 pulse calf raises
  • 30/60/30 treadmill walk/sprint, plus one more 60 sec sprint!
  • 30 lying tricep extensions with two 15 lb dumbbells
Thursday - 2 mile walk
Friday - nothing
Saturday - planks in the basement with Lily, did three sets of my 4 min rotations, and inbetween we did upper body - 30 seated shoulder press with two 15 lbs, lying triceps extension w/two 10 lbs, lying triceps overhead with one 15 pound dumbbell with straight arms

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Nov 20 - 25

Monday - nothing. Guest from Brazil arrived last night, here for the week, can't use the basement. I might give myself a pass this week.
Tuesday - nothing. Waterfast all day
Wednesday - 2 mile jog - around the block 6 times with Lily at 11 pm. She went 5 laps with me.
Thursday - 2 mile walk in the morning to sunrise point. Happy Thanksgiving!
Friday - raked leaves.
Saturday - Guest left this morning. I'm just going to say this was a week off, going to kick it in gear next week.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Nov 13 - 18

Monday - 30 min/2 mile walk/jog this morning. 8 pm workout with Hyrum - 2 rounds of:
  • 30 Romanian deadlifts with 2/30 lbs
  • 10 competition burpees
  • 30 jump lunges
  • 10 competition burpees
  • 30 calf raises with 2/30 lbs
  • 10 competition burpees
Hyrum almost finished one round and then he gave up cause he hit his toe on a weight during a burpee. Two rounds took me 16 min. Good sweat. Stretch for 20 min.

Tuesday - 35 min/2 mile mostly walk/little jog to sunrise point this morning. PM - 12 minutes of planks with Abi. Arms/shoulder sockets are sore, prob from the burpees yesterday
Wednesday - carpool in the AM.
Thursday - 30 min walk
Friday - nothing
Saturday - nothing, doh! Holiday laziness/survival is here

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Nov 6 - 11

Monday - 2 mile walk in the morning, in the evening I did 50 jump lunges and a 5:30 center plank, 3 min yoga table.
Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - nothing. I think I'm still recovering from the stress of two weeks ago. Plus we're not out of the woods yet. I just don't have energy. Did waterfast today until 5:30 then ate carrots, hummus, and a bowl of black beans with avocado and salsa.
Thursday - Up at 3 cleaning up Daniel who exploded in his bed again. He and Owen have some kinda stomach bug. Wanted to go on a walk but didn't make it out.
PM - workout - Melissa Ioja, one round of: 50 jump lunges, 25 competition burpees, 50 jump squats, 25 competition burpees, 50 goblet squats, 25 competition burpees. Then 15 min on treadmill.
Friday - nothing. Daniel 3 am explosion again.
Saturday - nothing. Daniel 3 am poop, not bad, just a change. Then 4:30 nasty explosion, he was up until 7 and so was Owen. I'm dead tired. Ugh, please no more! Ate chocolate chips.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hyrum the Vegan

Just wanted to give a shout out to my little H. He's been working at eating better the past year, but since school started he's really gone hard core vegan - absolutely no animal products at all. Look at the difference an improved diet has done for this kid's after and before (not before and after, we're putting the before 2nd) So, here's after he got his braces off - October 2017 - 14 years old
And before - August 2016 - 13 years old:
Another before shot - June 2016. Hyrum hates this one (sorry buddy. I know, I've been there)
Isn't that impressive? Now some might say that this is just Hyrum finally getting his growth spurt, or now he's enjoying the hollow leg that comes to many teenage boys, but do not be fooled. Hyrum's been working really hard and eating very carefully over the past year. He has not had ANY chocolate this Halloween!! He doesn't eat pizza with cheese anymore for crying out loud! A teenage boy! He's found a good substitute for the pizza, vegan pizza with nutritional yeast. It's his favorite. Yes, this didn't happen by chance, Hyrum has made it happen. I recognize your hard work Hyrum! Keep it up!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Oct 30 - Nov 4

Monday - 45 min walk with my friend Jill and her cute dog. Went along the North Rim and in Sleepy Hollow over at Dimple Dell park.
Tuesday - 50 min of stretching
Wednesday - 30 min of stretching, 5 minute center plank! That's a new record. Though I did go from my elbows up on my hands, not sure if that's cheating? Then did 3 min reverse plank, 6 min alternating on side planks
Thursday - 2 mile walk
Friday - raked leaves for an hour
Saturday - raked leaves and yardwork for 3 hours

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

October 23 - 28

Monday - 2 miles outside, jogged the whole time, yay, one hour stretching legs while I read a book
Tuesday - Very good and productive day, 40 min stretch this morning, then at 10:30 pm I finally got in my exercise: 12 minutes of planks in my bedroom closet
Wednesday - 50 min stretching in the am, then carpool and study group, will try to get to workout later.
Thursday - 2 mile jog outside, jogged whole time, although some of it was a pretty pathetic looking "jog" then did 120 walking lunges, also 45 min stretching.
Friday - nothing. My worries about Corey's business have taken all my energy today
Saturday - nothing. Giving myself grace and space just to cope.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Oct 16 - 21

Monday - woke up and stretched for 40 min in my closet while I planned the day. Kay said on our walk last Friday morning that she heard somewhere that you should stretch your age everyday - Stretch for as many minutes as you are old in years. So I started at 6 with a 41 minute stretch (in between a few morning routine interruptions) and then will do a 20-30 min workout at 7:20
Tuesday - 50 minutes of stretching, went for a 30 min walk/jog, then 5 minute flow. :) Water fasted all day, one healthy meal for dinner that was 100% plants
Wednesday - an hour of stretching today. water fast during day, one meal 100% plant based tonight. This quote from EJC helping me stay focused: "Sacrifice for what you want, or what you want will become the sacrifice" - Amen! Going to work to get what I truly want, a lean and flexible body.
Thursday - didn't exercise in the morning, then went to Moab at 1:30, camping over night.
Friday - Hike Grandstaff Trail, carried Owen or Daniel most of the time, good 2+ hour hike/workout
Saturday - nothing. I have six sick kids.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Oct 9 - 14

Monday - little circuit I made up for myself this morning... after a quick warm up of toy soldiers and lunges with arm raises, did 3 rounds of:
  • 1 minute sprint on treadmill
  • wall squat
  • romanian dead lifts (with two 30lb dumbbells)
  • calf raises (w/two 30lb dumbbells)
  • walking lunges (with two 15 lb dumbbells)
so did that three times, then finished off with one more 1 min sprint.
Tuesday - quick workout this morning from 8:15 - 8:35
  • 150 mounain climbers1st round, 2nd and 3rd 100
  • center plank
  • left plank
  • right plank
  • yoga table
then finishing off with another 150 mountain climbers for 500 total. Time 19:42
Wednesday - did an old workout - KA 300 rep challenge modified a bit with bonus. 30 reps each of each exercise, followd by 30 high knees before moving to next exercise:
  • jack squats
  • supergirl planks
  • back lunge with toe kick 15 each leg
  • burpee
  • speed skater touch
  • mountain climber
  • scissor jump
  • jump knee tuck
  • floor jack
  • push up with cross toe touch
Bonus: froggy jump, 30 high knees, back lung with toe kick, 30 high knees
Total time 20:20
I liked this quote shared today on the Everyday Joi Community (EJC)
Thursday - 25 min walk/jog outside solo
Friday - 250 mountain climbers then a 30 min walk with Kathy and Kay at 7:30 am, 310 more mtn climbers after I got back.
Saturday - cold with hail this morning, so no hike :( but I did make it to the temple. No exercise today. Great week though!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Oct 2 - 7

Monday - Was ready to workout this morning. I'm committed to a new morning routine. Exercised from 6:30 - 7:15 doing a Melissa Ioja workout my lil' sis told me about: 3 rounds of this:
  • 30 step ups to chair - left leg
  • 30 step ups to chair - right leg
  • 30 deep squats
  • 30 walking lunges
  • 90 jump overs side to side
First round I did holding 8 lb dumbbells (except for the jumps) 2nd round with 10 lbs, 3rd round 12 lbs. Phew, well that took me a half hour but we're not done yet, it was followed by 3 more rounds of: 100 mountain climbers 200 jump rope (in between running upstairs to make sure the kids were awake for school). I broke a sweat and was out of breath, yay, a good workout! On Saturday I signed up for a "Courage Challenge" with FYM Holly Rigsby. I don't need to much help since I'm almost at my goal, but I have been in the same weight window for 3 months. Hoping this can help me get my goal and I'm looking forward to having someone to report and be accountable to.
Tuesday - Did a Courage Challenge workout Phase 1 workout A, 3 rounds of:
  • 20 dumbbell swings
  • 5 burpee with one hand press (I used 12 lbs) 
  • 15 swings
  • 5 burpee press with other arm
  • 10 swings
  • 5 burpee press right
  • 5 swings
  • 5 burpee press left
I alternated using 20 or 30 lbs for my swings. That was followed by a 4 min ab "sizzle" 30 seconds each of: renegade rows left arm, ab V with upward press, renegade rows right arm, ab V with upward press, repeat for 4 min. Then I also went on a 2 mile walk cause the sun is out this morning and the mountains are GORGEOUS
Wednesday - 12 min of plank rotations plus 2 wheels for as long as I could hold. Also went on an hour long hike to Rocky Mouth with the kids, carrying Owen or Daniel the whole time, that counts as another workout or something, right?
Thursday - 3:30 pm just finished ZWOW#2 Improved. Those competition burpees are killer! Then at 4:30 took a 90 min nature walk with kids along lower Bonneville Shoreline trail off of Hidden Valley Park
Friday - 12 min of planks at 11 pm in my closet, 5 for 5 days! Good week
Saturday - hike at 7:30 am with Abi and Wes. but they were cold so we turned back early. About 90 min. Another hike later, but that was more of a "stand" as we watched the kids play on the rocks instead of hike. That's ok. I'm going on a hike sans kids next Saturday morning tho.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Sept 25 - 30

Monday - Dry fast yesterday, still fasting when did workout this morning - a little cardio and plank circuit: 1 min sprint on treadmill, then 4 min of planks, repeat, repeat, followed by one more sprint. I almost broke a sweat. Going to workout every day this week and will try to break a sweat a few times.
Tuesday - I told my lil' sis that I'd break a sweat today. It's 10:52 at night. I'm about to go downstairs to do this "15 Minute Fat Burn #1" workout by Zuzka - video here. And here I go! I'll be back in a few... 11:45 and I'm done. Stretching here now. So I did Zuzka's workout, but I didn't have any sweat dripping, so I ran .8 miles on the treadmill (four 1 minute sprints) 1 minute each in between 20 superman planks to T-ups planks with two 5 min dumbbells. I got a little drip going down my forhead, so I called it good for the day. Now I'm going to go take a bath finally!
Wednesday - no exercise today. Mowed the lawn though, does that count? I'm a bit hunched over in pain, a repeat of the stomach pains I was having on Sunday, which I thought then was due to the Burmese meal we had eaten the day before. So either that is still lingering in my system or I have some other kinda bug. I was also a little irritable today, sorry kids. I was in efficiency mode and not being very patient with interruptions. I turned to chocolate for relief. Bad. I can't buy chocolate anymore in prep for Halloween. Maybe I'll just turn off all the lights Halloween night, I don't want to give it out and I don't want it brought in!
Thursday - No exercise. Ate better today than yesterday. Still feeling sick with abdominal pain and sour stomach burps
Friday - No exercise. No school for kids but everyone was gone all day helping Corey move out of his office. Now the house is a major wreck, we're overflowing with furniture
Saturday - No exercise. I enjoyed General Conference.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Sep 18 - 23

Monday - 20 min walk, 15 min jog, 160 walking lunges
Tuesday - nothing, happy birthday Daniel! can't believe you're 1
Wednesday - 2 mile jog outside, 20 minutes
Thursday - 12 minutes of planks in the morning. water fasting today and then had dinner. started water fast again.
Friday - nothing. Corey in CA, water fasting for him that his meeting will go well. ate dinner, start fast again.
Saturday - no workout again. Fasted morning, ate an early dinner with our Burmese friends, then apple pie at RS Broadcast, then started a fast again for fast Sunday tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sep 11 - 16

Monday - 12 minutes of planks
Tuesday - 2 miles/20 minute jog. I can't stop and walk when I only have 20 minutes and have to be home to drive kids to school!
Wednesday - water fast, 30 min walk
Thursday - 20 min jog
Friday - nothing
Saturday - 500 mountain climbers - took me 11:30, yikes. I haven't done those for a while. water fast today.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sep 4 - 9

Monday - It's a holiday, so since there is no school I was able to do a 60 min walk with K&L and Pat now too. Lovely morning. waterfasting again today for day 3. New low this morning was 126.2, last low was 126.6 on 7/26.
Tuesday - 40 min walk by myself, I jogged a little bit but this morning I'm ending a 3 day water fast so I didn't have much energy for jogging. I reached a new low today - 124.4
Wednesday - 12 minutes of planks
Thursday - Took a quick 30 min walk jog this morning up little cottonwood canyon after taking kids to school. I need to remember how much hormones affect my energy and mood. I'm not used to having pms, but I think I've got it again. it's no fun. I need to write it on my calendar for next month so I can remember and not be surprised when it comes again, as to why it is that I feel like yelling and punching everyone.
Friday - 40 min walk with just a little bit of jogging. I blew my diet last night and today - a third day of birthday festivities this week broke me (probably more the stress of it, Sophi had a b-day party here last night)... I think I'll start over this weekend.
Saturday -

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Aug 27 - Sep 2

Monday - 30 min walk with K&L, then a 10 min jog home to supervise the school morning routine.
Tuesday - 30 min walk/jog down to the sleepy hollow - 7 am to 7:40
Wednesday - had to do carpool in the morning, so no workout in the a.m. and never got to it in the pm either, doh
Thursday - 20 min jog
Friday - 30 min walk with K&L, 10 min jog home. Went to Chuck a Rama with Abi for her birthday date with Corey and I and then started a water fast.
Saturday - One hour walk by myself. Waterfasted today. Did a ton of yard and housework. Feeling good.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Aug 21 - 26

Monday - No official workout. Took down the tent, spent most of the afternoon sitting in the car driving home after seeing the Total Solar Eclipse in Rexburg, very cool!!
Tuesday - 30 minute walk/jog this morning, some stretching
Wednesday - 25 minute jog and 10 min of planks
Thursday - 200 walking lunges outside, three 1 minute sprints on the treadmill with 120 calf raises and 60 deadlifts in between
Friday - 20minute jog/walk
Saturday - one hour walk as I listened to the 1976 general conference. Beautiful morning

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Aug 14 - 19

Monday -  9 minutes of planks plus a hour long walk with K&L
Tuesday -  120 walking lunges this morning, then a one hour walk with K&L, 60 calf raises, 120 calf pulses
Wednesday - one hour walk with Kathy.
Thursday - my walking buddies were both on vacation today so I slept in. School starts next week so that's when I'll kick it in gear :)
Friday - no exercise but I did start a water fast today.
Saturday - Day 2 water fast. I did a little bit of exercise at eduardo's daughter's birthday party, pulling kids on sleds up and down a grass hill

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Aug 7 - 12

Monday - 10 min of planks (3 center, sides, only 1 yoga table) and then a 1 hour walk at 6:30 am with Kathy and Lisa.
Tuesday - one hour walk with K&L
Wednesday - one hour walk w/K&L plus in the p.m. did some upper body downstairs:
  • 30 bicep curls w/12 lbs
  • 30 hammer curls w/15 lbs (did those one arm at a time while I held Daniel with the other arm, thus is trying to exercise when the kiddos are awake)
  • 30 seated triceps extensions with one 30 lb, too heavy
  • 60 seated shoulder press with two 12 lbs. 
  • 30 more triceps extensions with one 25 lb dumbbell
Thursday - one hour walk with K&L
Friday - morning walk with K&L
Saturday - nothing

Friday, August 4, 2017

Jul 31 - Aug 5

Monday - Corey and the kids are up in Park City this week, I'm coming and going, sleeping at home with Owen and Daniel who are a little sick, plus they sleep better in their beds. So no workout today since I'm here on my own with the kiddies.
Tuesday - nothing. Watched "The Marshall Plan", I like it. Just keeping myself vegan indoctrinated. :)
Wednesday - Mel came home with me tonight cause she has a flute lesson tomorrow afternoon. So after we got home it was still light outside so I took a quick 2 mile run, felt good.
Thursday - With Mel here at home I was able to go on a jog, yay! Over to Sleepy Hollow, it only took me 9 minutes to get there from the church, to get all the way to the bottom to the stream! I think I'll be taking my summer jogs/walks down here a lot now. Mt. Jordan road has been good to me and you were very convenient, but this is prettier.
Friday - nothing. With big kids in Park City and me left here with Owen and Daniel, I've been just been focusing on blogging in my free time.
Saturday - Nothing (actually I can't remember... reporting here a week later...) but looking at the calendar, I know I woke up early to go help the fam in Park City clean up and get ready to come home.  And we had date night today since last night was still Park City, so I'm guessing it was a busy day and I didn't get it in.

Summer Health Challenge -
My summer health challenge is over, and the last weight low that I hit 126.6 (7/27). I haven't been here for a long time. After Hyrum I was able to keep my weight in a 124-127 window. right now I'm in a 128-131 window. The lowest I've ever recorded was in December of 2002 after I was sick for a week, I was 121 which blew my mind.

BUT... According to current standards (according to livestrong), a 5-foot 1-inch woman's ideal weight ranges from 95 to 115 pounds
That means, even though we're two challenges later, I'm still not done yet! And this really will be a challenge cause I'd have to get lower than I've EVER BEEN BEFORE. Lowest recorded in my adult history is 121 one time at the gym, which means I was prob 119 if you take off a pound for clothes and a pound for shoes!

Is it really possible?

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Jul 24 - 29

Monday - one hour walk, Corey came with me! <3 I did a dry fast yesterday and a water fast today.
Tuesday - kinda drizzly this morning so I grabbed an umbrella and still went on a one hour walk, also an evening walk with Owen and Daniel for a half hour, plus I mowed the lawn too and broke a good sweat doing that, so 12 pts for exercising today. Water-fast most of the day, then ate dinner with my family, Korean noodles with broccoli and Asian salad
Wednesday - 50 min walk, 10 min stretch, plus 40 min stretch before bed, ate from 8:30 - 1:30 today, doing the Fast 5 thing (first learned about it in this video) for the rest of this week
Thursday - one hour walk/jog, I think it was about 4 miles, I went on a new trail in Dimple Dell that I hadn't been on before, Sleepy Hollow Trail, it was fun to explore! I want to bring the kids to see it, I think they'd love it. Had some ice cream today for Owen's birthday. Then I listened to Dairy Doubts by Michael Klapper, putting all his videos on my to watch list. I'm ready to say goodbye to ice cream. It's been nice knowing ya, kinda.
Friday - Sleepy Hollow in the morning by myself, then again in afternoon with kids, plus a walk around the block with Owen - total 110 minutes
Saturday - Didn't exercise this morning, but did sleepy hollow with Corey and the kids tonight. It was a good workout for me to piggy back Natalie up the hill when we were leaving!

Summer Health Challenge -
Total points for the week: 190 points
Total percentage loss - 5.93%, weight 130 this morning, I'm hoping I was retaining a lot of water or something, kinda unfortunate to happen at the end of the challenge, but that's okay. I didn't feel like fasting yesterday. My weight on Wed was 126.6, which was a new low, then Thurs 127.2, Fri, 128.6, Sat 132.8. Going to take this next week off with tracking points, but still going to eat healthy, not going to worry about fast 5 or not eating after 7. I've given up ice cream though - the last time I ate was on Friday as we finished up Owen's birthday ice cream. I'm glad to move on and I'm not looking back!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Jul 17 - 22

Monday - Up at 5:45, did lower body with two 25 lb dumbbells - 30 deadlifts, 30 calf raises, 30 hanging ab leg lifts, 60 walking lunges (for 30 each leg) - repeat, done at 6:25, did my last lunges on the way up the street, then 3 min planks (center, each side on hand) then 60 min walk with K&L on equestrian trail. Home for my weigh in - drum roll..... I reached a new low that I haven't been at since post Hyrum's in 2004, yay! below 130 just barely, but I'll take it, 129.8. Two more weeks of the summer health challenge. 41 points today.
Tuesday -70 min walk, 30 min stretch. Ate great today, lots of water too, 43 points
Wednesday - stretch 30 min, 10 min plank, then 60 min walk, 30 min more stretching while I read the Book of Mormon. Good day, 36 points
Thursday -  60 minute walk. Good day, 35 points.
Friday - 70 minute walk
Saturday - nothing

Summer Health Challenge -
Total points for the week: 213 points
Total percentage loss - 7.53 %, weight was 127.8 this morning, two more pounds gone for another new low, yay

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Jul 10 - 15

Monday - 20 min jog, 20 min stretch, water fasted all day, ate a good healthy dinner
Tuesday - 50 min walk, 10 min stretch, water fast until 2pm, big salad and good food, a little bite of Natalie's cake from yesterday. Done eating at 6. Want to watch "Eating You Alive" - trailer looks good, it's got all the Vegan doctors
Wednesday - 50 min walk this morning, rocked it with diet today. We watched Netflix as I cleaned the kitchen - first "In Defense of Food" and then "Sustainable", really good stuff!
Thursday - 60 minute walk with K&L, 10 min stretch.
Friday - 60 min walk with Lisa on DD equestrian trail
Saturday - Slept in, did 20 min treadmill run, did 4 sprints, good sweat

Summer Health Challenge -
Total points for the week: 198 points
Total percentage loss - 6.08% Yay! My weigh in on Mon 7/17 I reached a new low that I haven't been at since 2004 - 129.8, woot!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Jul 3 - 8

Monday - 40 min cardio, jog outside and some walk.
Tuesday - Happy 4th of July! Walked/jogged the fun run 3K with Lily, plus more walking during the day. 
Wednesday - 70 minute walk this morning. Finished listening to this video by Neal Barnard on avoiding Alzheimers. Then listened to this video on fasting vs. eating less. Interesting. Doing a water fast again today, maybe for a few days. Got to get my head back in the health game after a late dinner with friends on Monday and then the holiday yesterday.
Thursday - 12 min of planks
Friday - 30 min walk/jog, 40 min stretching.
Saturday - Scofield - a little bit of lake surfing! Did not eat well today though :(

Summer Health Challenge -
Total points for the week: 172 points
Total percentage loss - 4.92% - no weight change, same percentage as last week

Friday, June 30, 2017

Jun 26 - Jul 1

Monday - Morning walk by myself, one hour. I went along Dimple Dell equestrian trail. Started a water fast after the neighborhood walkabout last night.
Tuesday - 60 min morning walk with K&L
Wednesday - 60 min morning walk with K&L
Thursday - no exercise, went up to Idaho today for the funeral of a friend's little boy, just 2 years old.
Friday - 4 sprints on the treadmill in between going upstairs to wake up Mel several times so she'd catch the bus. Then a 1 hour walk with friends K&L, Owen on a long walk, I listened to videos on fasting
Saturday - 8 min of planks, Owen on a walk

Summer Health Challenge -
Total points for the week: 204 points
Total percentage loss - 4.92% - lost 2 pounds this week, reached a new low! 131.4 :)

Monday, June 19, 2017

Jun 19 - 24

Monday - Did 5 minutes of planks, started with a 2 minute center plank! Then 1 minute hand plank on each side, that's a new record! 1 min yoga table, then 1 min center plank again. Stretched, then outside for a walk.
Tuesday - morning walk, mowed the lawn, night time walk pushing O and D in stroller, lovely night.
Wednesday - no exercise
Thursday - 45 min walk, 5 min stretching
Friday - 50 min walk, 30 min stretching, 12 min planks
Saturday - no exercise

Summer Health Challenge -
Total points for the week: 198 points
Total percentage loss - 3.04

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Jun 12 - 17

Monday - morning walk with Kathy and Lisa - 50 minutes.
Tuesday - stretch for 40 minutes
Wednesday - nothing. Corey and Joseph are gone till Friday
Thursday - 2 hour hike with Wesley up to Bell Canyon waterfall. Yardwork in early afternoon, hot outside!
Friday - One hour walk with Kathy and Lisa, took Daniel, he's so cute! He got a little bored tho
Saturday - 2 mile jog outside tonight. Plus walked to the park with the kids earlier in the afternoon.

Summer Health Challenge -
Total points for the week: 191 points
Total percentage loss - 2.46

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Jun 5 - 10

Monday - Fun run 3K time 13:45, plus walk to and from the start line = 20 min cardio and did 10 min stretching.
Tuesday - Fun run time 13:41, 20 minutes stretching. Googled a little bit for advice on how to improve my time. One guy said to increase my time - "try jogging for 21 mins, 3 times a week. then increase by 3 mins each week until you are at 45 mins." then at another site, Coach Benson's advice for a girl trying to increase time over several months (I've just got one!) was "I would guess that you would come closer to your ambitious goal of dropping 50 sec this spring by getting your mileage up to closer to 65 to 70 KM per week. Twenty five to 30 miles per week is rather skimpy for a runner wanting to do about 11:30 for 3200 (= to your goal of 10:50 for 3k)." I better up my running on the treadmill. For the past few months, I've done about 6 miles a week. Maybe I'll do a short run in the morning and go for a longer run outside or on the treadmill at night. :)
Wednesday - I took Corey to the airport at 5:45 this morning, then home and left for a jog at 7:10 am - went 4.6 mile walk/jog, 50 minutes, last day of school for elementary kids.
Thursday - stretch 70 minutes
Friday - stretch 20 minutes
Saturday - 2 mile jog - 30 minutes

Summer Health Challenge -
Total points for the 11 days: 305 points
Total percentage loss - 2.03%

Monday, May 29, 2017

May 29 - Jun 3

Monday - 5:45 am - a 15 min jog with 4 sprints on the treadmill, followed by 10 min of planks, then an hour walk with a lovely neighbor Lisa E. Had my final weigh in for the 8 week health challenge with my friends. 133.4 is my new low, woot! I lost 8.38% of my bodyweight over the past 2 months. I'm planning to continue eating this way and weighing in on Mondays. Might start another group or might do it on my own... I think it would be better for me to be accountable to others though. It was a beautiful morning, so excited for summer mornings! I love getting up and out early and watching the sun rise.
Tuesday - upper body workout in the basement for shoulders, chest, biceps, and then did 120 walking lunges.
Wednesday - walk outside for 30 minutes
Thursday - 20 minute 2 mile jog, I jogged the whole time! Didn't stop to walk, go me! Stretched for 20 minutes.
Friday - No school for the kids today, I went on a nice morning walk with friends. 60 minutes, beautiful morning.
Saturday - quick 2 mile run tonight with Mel and Hyrum. They took a short cut and met me near the end so they wouldn't slow me down. I want to time myself and see if I can get really fast and win the fun run this year! Going to take my first test run on the route on Monday morning and then see if I improve my time over the month of June.

Friday, May 26, 2017

May 21 - 27

Monday - treadmill jog with 4 sprints, 30 minutes, new low with weight 134.8
Tuesday - 30 min jog outside
Wednesday - 30 minute walk
Thursday - 30 minute walk, listened to this version of Master the Tempest is Raging over and over again. I could only do the first two verses and chorus, couldn't listen tot he 3rd verse yet cause we're not there yet (storm is not over, nor do I know when or how it will end)... I'm trying to not feel like we're about to perish (all mostly regarding MM business)
Friday - don't have the energy/drive to jog right now, just a 45 minute walk again this morning while listening to A High Priest of Good Things to Come, 15 min stretching
Saturday - 2 mile evening jog with Melodie. Her first time going for a run in a while, and so Mel had to stop and walk quite a few times. I did planks while she caught her breath - 3 times a center plank for 1 min with hand planks on each side for 30-40 seconds each. Good workout! Then we stretched for 30 min after we got home.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

May 15 - 20

Monday - 25 min on treadmill with 4 sprints, stretching. New low this morning, 135.4, yay!
Tuesday - no exercise
Wednesday -  12 minute of planks, 1 hour stretching
Thursday - 30 min walk/jog outside, it was cold, snowed again
Friday - no exercise. Did pretty awesome this whole week with exercising.
Saturday - Did my best workout of the week: 45 minutes. Started with an 11 minute jog, followed by some BFL upper body exercises: shoulders, biceps, chest, triceps, and I did letdowns and sprints in between each upper body group. I'll snap a pic of the paper that has more details on it (after I find my phone...)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 8 - 13

Monday -  I did a real no food fast all day yesterday and did a treadmill run to finish it off before eating anything. Reached a new low this morning 137.8 and lost almost 2 lbs this past week, total weight loss is 5.36%. Did four 1 min sprints on the treadmill, hate them! then finished jogging walking for a total time of 30 min cardio, then 30 minutes of stretching.
Tuesday - 40 minute walk outside as I listened to Elder Holland. Cried a few times. Our struggle with Corey getting his business of the ground feels like it will never end. Ugh, this personal growth is a big pain! Plant fast today.
Wednesday - with Abi: 12 min planks, one wheel, 50 min stretching with a "how to do the splits "YouTube" video
Thursday - 40 min jog/walk, one pull up
Friday - 25 min jog at 8 pm
Saturday - 50 minute hike with Abi to the Lower Bell Canyon reservoir, followed by a one minute sprint around the block, time 2:19 (I hate them sooo much)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May 1 - 6

Monday - 25 min jog, 15 min stretch, I've lost 4.1% of my body weight during April. I'm excited to see how things go in May!
Tuesday - This morning I did 3 rounds of the following:
  • Pull up (I did a full pull up on my first two rounds!! Yeah! So proud of myself. 3rd round was a letdown)
  • 1 min center plank
  • 30 sec hand plank each side
  • Handstand against wall
  • 1 minute treadmill sprint
  • 25 deadlifts (w/2 25 lb dumbbells)
  • 50 calf raises (w/2 25 lb dumbbells)
  • 50 walking lunges.
Total time 32:00
Wednesday - 2.5 mile walk outside 40 minutes. 20 minutes of stretching.
Thursday - Majorly off today, ate way too much junk. 15 min walk tonight 15 min stretch
Friday - 2 mile jog outside, jogged the whole time! 20 min stretching
Saturday - no exercise.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Apr 24 - 29

Monday - 30 min walk/jog outside, 20 min stretching
Tuesday - 10 min walk on treamill, 12 minutes of planks, upper body: 3 rounds of: 20 push ups toes, 20 push ups knees, 3 let downs, 20 bicep curls, 20 tricep extensions, stretch
Wednesday - 2 miles on treadmill with 4 sprints, stretching
Thursday - 6 laps which included one sprint time 2:21, 30 min stretching. Fasting today for Corey & MM
Friday - No exercise, ate crazy healthy today, weight this morning was a new low! 139.2!!
Saturday - 25 min jog/run this morning, then 25 min stretching. New low! 138.2!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Apr 17 - 22

Monday - 2 mile jog outside, 20 minutes stretching, 40 points
Tuesday - raked pine needles, will bring the weights downstairs soon and get my exercise area set up. ate good, 34 points
Wednesday - 2 mile jog outside, ate perfect, 37 points but I only reported 35, I'm a little embarrassed by how high my numbers are, but am really glad that I'm in the zone
Thursday - Put my treadmill back out finally now that our house guests have left. 2 mile jog on the treadmill this morning, reached a new low with weight - 140.4! Almost in the 130s! Ate awesome today, 39 points
Friday - Did some stretching but no exercise. Also ate chocolate and a few other treats today - it was my free day cause of date night, we ate at Rodizio Grill, I kept eating even though I was full, I miss farofa. Points - 25
Saturday - Awesome workout this morning for an hour in the basement, my area is perfect! I did it as I listened to General Conference, it was my ideal morning. It's going to be a good day!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Apr 10 - 15

Monday - Total 176 points last week, weigh in this morning was 144.4, for a percentage weight loss .55. I didn't take a day off yesterday, eventhough I'd bought chocolate for myself to enjoy after a week of absolutely no treats! I don't think I've ever gone that long without any treats. I had a Kit Kat and was giving each of the kids a break, but when Hyrum said no (he's doing his own point thing), I decided to follow his example. 33 points today, no exercise
Tuesday - Weight this morning was a new low, 141.8. Would have been 1.9% weight loss if I went by todays weight. How I eat each day usually isn't reflected in weight for a week, so I'm going to stay focused, believing that this week I'll begin to see the rewards for my efforts last week! Went on a 2 mile jog this morning. Life is really good, I'm glad to still be on a post-Conference high. :)
Wednesday - nothing. 31 points today.
Thursday - nothing
Friday - 3 mile jog outside - 40 minutes. Another new low for weight - 141.6. 33 points today - ate out past 7 for date night. Also had some chocolate.
Saturday - Did awesome today - no carbs at all (no Easter treats, no bread) 36 points today. did planks for exercise.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Apr 3 - 8

Monday - Day one of the Healthy Habits Challenge, and I did great (27 pts). I warmed up over the weekend and learned how eating ice cream and cookies takes a toll on one's final points score. So I was on today and didn't miss a beat. Plus two sprints tonight - first one counter clockwise around the block scored 2:21. Then a minute or two of walking to try and catch my breath, second sprint totally struggled again but kept at it, 2:33. 
Tuesday - 2 mile run this morning for exercise, lots of veggies, didn't eat after 7, no junk food again, and drank 16 cups of water to get more points for the challenge, got 32 pts today.
Wednesday - one sprint clockwise - Hyrum timed me, 2:15!! Then he and I did 3 laps/a mile together. lots of veggies, 10 cups of water, total challenge points today: 28
Thursday - 40 minutes of stretching plus 12 minutes of planks, ate awesome and kept my other goals, 30 points today
Friday - stretched, 30 points today again. I'm going to keep 30 as my goal
Saturday - 40 minutes of stretching, ate awesome, 29 points

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mar 27 - Apr 1

Monday - weight 143.0 yesterday after 24 hour fast, new low! 142.0 this morning, oh yeah. I'm on my own here at home for a few days (just me and Daniel) everyone else is in Las Vegas until Wednesday. Raining, so no running outside. I don't have a stroller here anyway, they took it to Vegas. So, did
Tuesday - raked pine needles
Wednesday - one sprint around the block counter clockwise 2:23, totally shredded my throat to breathe that hard! Tried to do another sprint clockwise but couldn't do it, so I had to go three times around for a mile, time 9:21
Thursday - nothing, ate red button ice cream. Trying to cope until life gets back to normal
Friday - nothing
Saturday - 5 mile jog/walk, 60 min 730 pm - 8:30

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mar 20 - 25

Monday - 2 mile morning run outside, ran the whole time! Stretch with Abi after
Tuesday - 2 mile morning walk/jog outside, stretched with Abi and Mel in the evening
Wednesday - nothing but a little bit of stretching
Thursday - today was not my ideal day. Rainy morning, No exercise, just a lot of running around as chauffeur from 11:30 am - 9pm. Ugh, didn't even have a chance to nurse Daniel. Hope I don't lose my milk
Friday - 3 mile jog/walk this morning, yay, 7:45-8:15
Saturday - 12 minutes of planks

Monday, March 13, 2017

Mar 13 - 18

Monday -  10:45 pm, time to try to do something... so did 100 pushups - did 34 on toes, rest on knees, time was 3:38 then did stretching in my closet as I listened to General Conference :)
Tuesday - 2 mile jog outside this morningfrom 8:04 - 8:26, good way to make me push myself cause I had to get back to send the girls to the bus at 8:30!
Wednesday - 11p.m., 3x did: center plank, 30 sec plank on hand each side, wheel. Then stretched
Thursday - 2 mile jog outside 7:43 am, timed it 21:09
Friday - nothing
Saturday - 2 mile jog/walk outsede

Monday, March 6, 2017

Mar 6 - 11

Monday - woke up at 3 am and decided to shovel the driveway, boo to winter and broken snow blowers. It took me 30 minutes to do half of it, the half that needs it before it gets driven on by the black car when Joseph takes Corey to the airport at 5:30. So, mission accomplished, we'll see if I'm exhausted today or if I get to doing something else as a workout too. Later - I did stretch my legs and back
Tuesday - 1 min center plank, one wheel, repeat, stretched legs again plus laid on miracle ball
Wednesday - 2.5 mile jog this morning, stretched legs before bed for an hour
Thursday - nothing, busy day being chauffeur. Corey came home tonight. I know I'll do better once our guests are gone and I have my treadmill and stuff set up downstairs again.
Friday - nothing
Saturday - stretched legs for 45 minutes

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Feb 27 - Mar 4

Monday - shoveled the driveway. Stupid snow blower broken, probably from it being used on the ice rink, great. Hopefully shoveling was a good back workout? I ordered a yoga wheel last week, came in the mail today. 
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks, one wheel, need to stretch and loosen up these stressed out muscles...
Wednesday - 3 mile run outside 5:41 pm - 6:09. I ran (jogged) the whole time, only stopped once to switch music albums from killers to Brandon Flowers cause I really like to mix it up! ha
Thursday - did this yoga video to stretch my back
Friday - nothing. Corey came home tonight though, yay!
Saturday - 3 mile run outside. Jogged the whole time, but against he wind for most of it, it was kinda hard

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Feb 20 - 25

Monday - 3 mile jog walk outside, yay! Spring is almost in the air
Tuesday - One assisted pull up and let down. Plus got a dolly and my kids to help me move a dryer out and a dryer in, which took a bit of strength. Abi gave me a back massage, my back has been killing since San Diego. Not sure if it was the bed there or the too soft pillows, but something happened and my back has been hurting bad. So much for spring, snowed tonight, oh well.
Wednesday - nothing. Still having pain in between my shoulders and neck area. I think I'm stressed out/maxed out right now. I think it's time to take up yoga
Thursday - Abi gave me a massage again, then we stretched together for about 20 minutes :)
Friday - Abi and I woke up at 6:30 and did yoga and stretching for an hour, it was a great way to start the day. Then I made it even better by drinking my very healthy green shake made of: lots of spinach, handful of baby carrots, half a banana, lots of frozen blueberries and water. Good start to the day! Then I shoveled the driveway by hand cause it snowed a lot our snowblower isn't working for some reason. :/
Saturday -

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Feb 13 - 18

Monday -  Guests from Chile arrived today. Busy day. Did12 minutes of planks during Studio C :)
Tuesday - New low 145.0, it's 11:40 pm, should I just go to bed or try to do something? (Sorry Trice!) Maybe I'll atleast stretch. Give me a minute... hm... Ok, I just did 2 sets of this: 50 dumbbell swings with a squat using one 30# weight, followed by one wheel (counted to 58) and one center plank (2:07) both for as long as I could hold it. 2nd set wheel was timed for 60 sec, center plank 90 seconds
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - traveled to San Diego. Does walking around an airport with Daniel strapped onto me count for something?
Friday - 2 miles on treadmill, went on a virtual walk through Bryce Canyon, Emerald Pool, Toadstool something, it was pretty cool
Saturday - Walking to and around Balboa park

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Feb 6 - 11

Monday - around 9 tonight I finally got in a workout. I was ready to just blast music and run to relieve some stress, but decided I probably couldn't run for 20 minutes, so I quickly made up this workout. Did 6 rounds for total time of 31:30
  • 30 second walk (this was up to 90 seconds on some of the rounds)
  • 1 minute sprint (for last 2 rounds was just 40 seconds)
  • 6 clean and press with deadlift with two 20 lb dumbbells
  • 6 push ups, 6 high knees each leg
  • 6 back lunge each leg with twist with straight arm out of 1 dmbbell 20 lbs
  • 1 let down - 20 seconds each time
  • 60 mountain climbers
1st round in 4:28
2nd - 8:50
3rd - 13:18
4th - 19:35
5th -25:40
6th - 31:30

Tuesday - nothing. Corey leaving to Brazil tomorrow morning, a bit frazzled today
Wednesday - 12 minutes of planks, .5 walk outside.
Thursday - nothing but some stretching today. Did great with diet today tho. Weather is warm, would have been nice to go for a jog outside, just too busy with Corey gone. Maybe this weekend I'll get out for a few
Friday - nothing, was super stressed today about getting the house ready for 3 Chileans who are going to stay here through April, they arrive Monday. A good few calls to vent thing out helped me have a pretty good evening, but I was grumpy mad all day
Saturday - 145.6 this morning, a new low!! Exercised around 11am, did 4 rounds of the following:

  • 1 min walk
  • 1 min sprint
  • 1 letdown
  • 1 min center plank
  • 1 min mtn climbers
  • 1 min high knees

Monday, January 30, 2017

Jan 30 - Feb 4

Monday - Did 4 rounds of the following - 5 min each, total 20 minutes
  • 1 minute walk
  • 1 minute sprint
  • 1 minute center plank
  • 1 minute 180 jump turns (each time I did 40 jumps)
  • 1 minute superman (lay on ground on tummy and hold arms out in above your head or or down at sides while holding two 5 pound weights)
Tuesday - 12 minute of planks and 2 wheels
Wednesday - 6 letdowns
Thursday - 1 minute walk, 1 min jog, 1 min sprint, 50 walking lunges then did first half of this workout video
Right Side - donkey kicks
R kick outs
R straight leg lift
1 minute walk, 1 min jog, 1 min sprint, 50 walking lunges
Left Side - donkey kicks
L kick outs
L straight leg lift
1 minute walk, 1 min jog, 1 min sprint, 50 walking lunges
Friday - A little sore from yesterday. Then did this 40 minute glute workout.
Saturday - I was up several times during the night on Thursday night with Owen. He had a fever, same thing last night, so I was a little low on energy, didn't get a workout in

Monday, January 23, 2017

Jan 23 - 28

Monday - 2.6 miles in 36 minutes around noon today. Owen was taking a nap, I put Daniel in the swing, he watched me for a bit then fell asleep after 15 minutes. I walked most of the time, just one 20 second sprint. After I finished 2 miles, I told myself I either had to do another mile or just one 1 minute sprint. After 35 minutes, I finally had the umph to do it, then I was done. Yay. Also did two hangs - one before and one after my walk - 60 sec 1st time, 70 seconds second time
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks plus one 30 sec-ish wheel
Wednesday - 2 miles at 5:30 am, go me! 5 sprints, jogging and walking - total 24 minutes, then shoveled the driveway without a coat for my cool down. Weight after 147.8, yay, broke 148
Thursday - 6 let downs and one assisted pull up with Hyrum, then dried to do a hang but my palms were already done, only lasted 30 seconds.
Friday - Last night Patrice texted me about doing one of these workouts together, so I did it. Pretty good now that it's over, I was cursing her during it though. Just kidding Trice. I do very much dislike burpees though.

50 seconds on, 10 sec rest, repeat 3 times, how many reps I did each set recorded after the exercise:
  • Burpees 8, 10, 10
  • Jump Lunges with arm swing 24, 26, 27
  • mountain climbers 81, 93, 85
That took 9 minutes, then same thing for this set:
  • Burpees 9, 11, 9
  • Skater Jumps 49, 48, 52
  • Plank Jacks 38, 48, 43
Total time 18 minutes, sweating pretty good!
Saturday - stretched. Good workout yesterday, I'm sore in places that I haven't been sore in for a while.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Jan 16 - 21

Monday - 2 miles. 80 second hang
Tuesday - nothing. My thorn in the flesh has returned
Wednesday - nothing. Big pain day, I think I'll take the week off...
Thursday - 10 pm, pain is now about 60% compared to yesterday. So I did 12 minutes of planks in a circuit
Friday - 2 miles, walking, jogging, a few sprints, 23:50
Saturday - Got a lot of snow last night and this morning, exercise today: shoveling

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Jan 9 - 14

Monday - 2 miles. mostly walking with 4 minutes of sprints
Tuesday - instead of doing plank rotations, I just did one of each plank for as long as I could:
Center plank - 2:27
Left hand - :33
Right hand - :33
Reverse plank - 2:08 (wrists give out)
Wheel - :44
Wednesday - 2 miles. Back is sore from that center plank yesterday. I'm really not feeling excited or energized with my cardio lately, I'm just going through the motions - tell myself I don't have to sprint, just put on my shoes and turn on the treadmill and start walking. jogged a bit, one sprint
Thursday - nothing. Doh. Can raking pine needles yesterday count for something here?
Friday - 2 miles
Saturday - 6 let downs and one 61 second hang

Monday, January 2, 2017

Jan 2 - 7

Monday - Weight 150.0. 2 mile run in 19:40. School schedule and busy life starts again tomorrow
Tuesday - I really don't want to do planks... I thought if I type here I'm going to do it, it will help me start... It's 8:44 pm, I could be cone by 9 if I start now... Ok Tiff, get your yoga mat... Ok, had to fold some clothes on the closet floor here first (I've moved my laptop into our closet...) 8:48, ready, set... music ready.... go! Yay! I did it! My wheels were pathetic again. I missed planks last week, don't miss Tiff, it just makes it harder to do. Now you did it, it's 9:05 and I'm going to go read scriptures to the kids and say prayer and we can be done with this day. Thank you, my little exercise blog, for helping me feel like I have a workout buddy to keep me accountable :)
Wednesday - I finally got sick with the bug that's been being passed around here. I've been up since 5 feeling lousy. But I thought a little movement would make me feel better, so I put the treadmill at an incline and walked on the treadmill, did 1 and a half full sprints, but walked the rest of the time at about a 3.5 pace. Finished 2 miles at 7:15 am, took me 28 minutes.
Thursday - 11:30 pm... time to do the "that'll do for today" workout - 6 letdowns (held each for 10+ seconds, one for 20 seconds! I might almost be ready to do a pull up!) and a 64 second hold (did that after the let downs and my hands were already shot)
Friday - treadmill still on incline, 2 miles walk with 4 sprints, 25 minutes. 100 second hold!
Saturday - shoveled snow off the ice rink, good back workout? I don't know, but that's gonna count for today.