Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dec 21 - 27

Monday - 12 minutes of planks
Tuesday - shoveled snow, does that count?
Wednesday -  busy with holiday stuff, no workout, diet has tanked.
Thursday - Christmas eve, no workout, made poor food choices
Friday - Merry Christmas, poor diet again.
Saturday - Temple this morning, ate better today, started a fast at 6:30 pm, modified an old workout from my old Bodyrock notebook, did this at 11pm, - did 4 circuits of the following:
  • 1 minute treadmill sprint
  • 10 burpees
  • 10 froggy jump
  • 10 push ups on toes
  • 10 assisted pull ups
  • 10 tricep chair dips
  • 10 tuck jumps
  • 10 plank jacks
  • 10 jump lunges
  • 10 romanian deadlifts (two 30 lb dumbbells)
  • 10 dumbbell swings
Sunday - Owen is 5 months old today!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dec 14 - 19

Monday - sick. Lots of snow this morning. After clearing off our crazy huge driveway I decided to take the rest of the day easy.
Tuesday - sick. Cleared off snow again, that was about it for my workout.
Wednesday - 3 minute center plank. 30 second sides.
Thursday - two more days of school then we can take a break and try to get back on track. Feeling better, still have a cough. no workout.
Friday - no workout, ate junk. :(
Saturday - Hasn't been a good week. I did make a resolve to never by junkfood again. Going to stick to the fresh produce isle. Cause really, junk food and candy and chocolate just appear around here, it doesn't need any help from me to get into our home. With all the birthdays and holidays, it would be nice if candy and desserts really were a once in a while treat instead of a two or three times a day occurrence. It's just too much! No more. I've told the kids no chocolate kisses in their stockings this year, and yet somehow I'm sure they'll get plenty of junk food.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Dec 7 - 12

Monday - 12 minutes of planks in rotation - center side side 3x then 3 min reverse plank. Six 10 second let downs. Hyrum stayed home from school today sick, and during the course of the day our conversation turned to getting healthy, he's my new exercise buddy. He and Wesley did the planks with me, Hyrum did the let downs too. I shared some of my struggle with weight as a kid. I think I know enough that I can help him and me reach our goals.
Tuesday - Hyrum and I worked out today, and we had 3 friends join us who don't like to be left out of something fun (like having permission to use the treadmill) so Mel, Wes, and Abi joined us. Lily, Sophi, and Natalie all came down too, it was a cardio party. So the plan was 5 stations at 1 minute each:
  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Treadmill
  3. high knees
  4. jump knee tuck
  5. 180 jump turns with toe touch (I just call these "180s")
I didn't want to go upstairs to get my timer, so we had whoever was on the treadmill station keep time, which didn't work very well, some kids couldn't see it and called time after the distance said .59 miles, others added time here and cut down some time in other spots. But we all got an ok workout. They wanted to take a water break after each round and a few during, I just kept going, but I was also able to get in all the cardio I wanted by jumping ahead of the person in front of me and getting on the treadmill for another 1 min sprint, yay. So overall it was a 25 minute workout, I got in four 1 minute sprints, and all the kids were exhausted and sweaty.
Wednesday - Hyrum and I after school: plan was to do 500 mountain climbers, he couldn't figure it out, so I just told him to do Plank Jacks and he could be done when I finished my 500 mtn climbers. Took me a while - we started over twice. First 100 in :48, done with 200 at 2:08, and each 50 was about a minute for the rest of my time, finished 500 in 7:55. Hyrum did 200 plank jacks in that time, plus he had PE today and got some cardio there. Our arms are going to be sore tomorrow!
Thursday - Cize Full Out workout - that one was really fun! So much fun we did it twice
Friday - Full Out again, getting better at it
Saturday - 20 minutes on the treadmill, did five 1 minute sprints, then Abi and I did Full Out, Wes joined us half way through.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Nov 30 - Dec 5

Monday - Cize Crazy 8s, my diet has been way off. Need to kick it in gear
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks - 1 min each in rotations. Ready to hit reset with diet.
Wednesday - Diet back on track, ate perfectly. No exercise tough - just trying to focus on diet
Thursday - ate perfectly, for exercise I just did a handstand and two head stands for as long as I could (about 30 secs each). I would do Cize, but over the weekend a bunch of kids messed up my exercise area, so now it's covered in legos. When I tried to do it upstairs I was getting irritated with my older kids (Hyrum and Mel) commenting how weird it was. They weren't trying to offend but I can't do it around them anymore, except for Wesley, he likes to do it with me, he's my dancing buddy.
Friday - Ate perfectly. For exercise did six 10 second let downs (as opposed to "pull ups")
Saturday -

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nov 23-28 (4 months)

Monday - two 90 second center planks, 45 seconds on each side
Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - Started Cize - Crazy 8s
Thursday  - day 2 of Cize - You got this
Friday - Owen is 4 months old! - Crazy 8s again and 8 count abs (my effort during abs was pretty weak), six 10 second let downs
Saturday - nothing. Had a house full of guests all day

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Nov 16 - 21 (16 weeks)

Monday - Owen is 16 weeks old today. Did 20 minutes of cardio this morning on the treadmill - 1.5 miles walking with 4 one minute sprints during it. Got below 155 today, yay! Ate perfectly
Tuesday - Ate perfectly, 3 minute center plank, 45 second side planks
Wednesday - nothing. Ate perfectly except for a few graham crackers
Thursday  - 4 sprints in the morning on the treadmill plus six 10 second let downs
Friday - nothing, ate a poppy seed muffin = junk food. Also didn't get in my 10 veggies.
Saturday - 2 mile jog outside. Begin fast at 12:30

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Nov 9-14 (15 weeks)

Monday - ate perfectly over the weekend. I've made some new goals for myself. 2 mile jog outside, jogged (and shuffled!) the whole distance, not walking. good job me
Tuesday - ate perfectly, 3 min center plank, 3 min reverse plank, 44 seconds each side hand plank
Wednesday - ate perfectly, little bit of stretching but no real workout, but what can I say, it's a Wednesday.
Thursday -  ate perfectly, 2 mile jog outside after the kids got home from school so they could watch Owen - jogged the whole time. Saw an infomercial for Cize today... Wesley and I were pretty convinced it's the answer to all our problems. ;) just what we need to make it through the coming winter months.
Friday - ate perfectly, only exercise I did was six 10 second "let downs" - the only thing close to a "pull up" that I can do right now. I also watched an infomercial for Cize and it sold me, except I'm pretty sure it'd end up never being used with all my other exercise DVDs. Still might be worth the 60 bucks if it kicks me in gear for a few months. Weight has plateaued at 156 for the past 3 weeks.
Saturday - nothing. ate perfectly, began a fast at noon, will finish at noon tomorrow. I think I'm going to do a 24 hour fast every Saturday to Sunday, cause I can always find something to fast and pray for, and cause I have like 16 years of not fasting very much to make up for.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Nov 2 - 7 (14 weeks)

Monday - Owen is 14 weeks old today. I did not have any Halloween candy this weekend, go me. Bad night with Owen crying last night. I look forward to the day when I get to have 4-5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Made it through the day without a nap and without a bad attitude. For workout today I broke out my old Bodyrock Notebook - Did the Pull up Challenge (But my pull ups were "let downs" each 10 seconds long. 5 let downs = 1 set, did 3 sets. Also did 60 hanging knee raises, then 20 minutes of cardio on the treadmill with four 1 minute high intensity intervals.
Tuesday - A bad night last night again. Working on my attitude. 3 min center plank, 90 sec reverse plank, 90 sec yoga table, 40 seconds left side hand plank, right side 37 seconds, 20 min stretching
Wednesday - stretching
Thursday - 15 minute workout - 1 min walking lunges, 1 minute wall sit, 1 min stretch, repeat 5 times
Friday - 2 mile jog outside, jogged the whole time without stopping, yay
Saturday - nothing, ate perfectly

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Oct 26 - Oct 31 (3 months old)

Monday - Owen is 13 weeks old today. Did a 2 mile jog on the treadmill. Would much rather run outside - treadmill is kinda painful. Did 2 miles in 25 minutes. Plus a 3 minute center plank
Tuesday - Owen is 3 months old, He's a cutie.
Upperbody pulse workout w/ 5lb weights
Wednesday - 3 min center plank, 100 romanian deadlifts, 30 min stretching. Ate apple pie at church activity
Thursday - no exercise, did some stretching. Fasted the whole day - no food or water
Friday - 2 miles on the treadmill, continued fast until 4 pm. (longest I've ever fasted! 44 hours)
Saturday - stretching, 5 lb superman holds back and front for chest, back, triceps, biceps. Began a fast for Fast Sunday at 2:30, going to do 24 hours, should help me be good on Halloween night

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Oct 19 - 24 (12 weeks)

Monday - Owen is 12 weeks today. 12 weeks - seems like a good time to start a 12 week program, hmmm, I'll look into that. Today I ate perfectly again, yay. For exercise today - get this: I held a center plank for 3 minutes! I haven't done that since back in the Kristi Approved days of 2010. I thought it was crazy then, still do, but I was able to do it! I was dying and it rocked my hips to the ligaments, but felt pretty empowered afterwards. Then did side planks for as long as I could - 30 seconds, on right, 45 on left, then did each side again to complete 60 seconds total.
Tuesday - ate perfectly. 2.5 mile walk/jog outside, lovely rainbow! tmi, had major time in the bathroom last night and this morning from the cup of wheat berries I've started to have daily - first serving Sunday, then yesterday and it is definitely a digestive cleanser. Witch hazel is my current bff.
Wednesday - ate perfectly, no workout (it's our typical busy Wednesday)
Thursday - 2 mile jog outside (6 laps around block)
Friday - ate almost perfectly, 3:17 center plank, side planks for 35 and 45 seconds
Saturday -

Monday, October 12, 2015

Oct 12 - 17 (11 weeks)

Monday - Owen is 11 weeks today, he's getting big. Ate a few PB Snickers... I'm not in the zone! How can I get back? C'mon Tiff. Did 2 laps around the block to try and repent - 2:30 at my best sprint (throat hurt after and was coughing a lot) and 3:00 at a jog pace. Then 12 minutes of planks
Tuesday - Ate perfect today - Haven't done great the past 4 days. But back on it. (started a personal fast after lunch.) Did 100 Romanian Deadlifts and 6 pull up hangs for 10 seconds each (before I try to do pull ups I thought I should start by trying to help my hands be able to grip the bar to hold me!)
Wednesday - Ate perfect. No workout - was going to do it after the kids were home from school but a trip to the ER for stitches threw off the evening of an already busy Wednesday night.
Thursday - ate perfect, no exercise
Friday - ate perfect, no exercise
Saturday - ate perfect, 3 mile walk/jog outside this morning, Have lost 15 pounds since I started Sep 10th.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Oct 5 - 10 (10 weeks)

Monday - Owen is 10 weeks old today. 12 minutes of planks, BFL upperbody workout, and 60 walking lunges (I gotta start over from scratch and work my way up to 400 again) Ate some cookies last night at a family gathering (cream cheese and chocolate chips, had 3, they were pretty yummy.)
Tuesday - 2 mile jog outside, 19 minutes, jogged the whole time! just a smidge sore from the lunges.
Wednesday - two sprints around block. First time time 2:31, that's really good! second time I had to pause and walk for a few seconds - 3:01. Then did 120 walking lunges.
Thursday - nothing
Friday - nothing, ate treats at a neighbor's surprise party.
Saturday - 2 mile morning jog outside, little bit of walking, plus 200 walking lunges

Monday, September 28, 2015

Sept 28 - Oct 3 (9 weeks)

Monday - Owen is 9 weeks old today. 12 minutes of planks
Tuesday - 2 mile jog/walk outside
Wednesday - no exercise. Weighed 161.8 today, so I've lost 10 pounds since the 10th, pretty good!
Thursday - no exercise except some stretching with the miracle ball. Still haven't had any cereal, sugar, cookies, cake, desserts or processed food for 3 weeks now. Heard a good live BYU devotional on Tuesday about how important it is to sweat the small stuff to reach your goals, couldn't agree more. Today my little sister started an exercise blog to help her be accountable to herself as she loses weight with the goal of being more healthy and increasing her chance of getting pregnant. They've been married 4 year and really want to start their family but are having a hard time. prayers are with you Beka!
Friday - 12 minutes of planks
Saturday - nothing - listened to General Conference all day, loved it

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sept 21 - 26 (8 weeks)

Monday - Owen is 8 weeks old today. 12 minutes of planks
Tuesday - 2 mile jog/walk on treadmill
Wednesday - stretching and laying on miracle ball
Thursday - nothing, weight was same as last week, 165.0, Haven't had sugar for 2 weeks! And only have had bread or carbs like 3 times. No cereal, been eating super healthy, like unnaturally healthy, but my goal is unnatural (not natural for an almost 40 year old mother of 10 to have a 6 pack, right?) so I'm gonna keep at it. I liked this SANE video with Mr. Bailor - learned that "unnatural" thing from him in here where he talks on how to lose the last 10 pounds.
Friday - nothing
Saturday - hike up Red Pine Trail, lovely!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sept 14 - 19 (I'm in the zone!)

Monday - Owen is 7 weeks old today. I did 12 minutes of planks. This morning I weighed 167. That, my friends, means that I have removed 5 pounds since last Thursday. I didn't exercise it off, I'm just letting my body do the work itself since by me finally eating healthy and helping my sink get unclogged. In a nutshell (well, kind of...) things that have helped things click in my brain:

Last Wednesday afternoon, I only caught snippets of the 11:00 BYU devotional on channel 11, cause I was taking out garbage for trash day and coming going out of the house. He spoke on the "Skills of a Saint" and mentioned that we have habits that we do without thinking. I decided I was going to start helping my day start off right by renewing the habit of getting up and reading my scriptures. Then I decided I'd do 20 minutes of oil pulling as I studied. My new wake up time: 5:40

Later that night, after feeling stressed out, and frazzled, I ate a quick small bowl of cinnamon toast crunch (to get rid of it, it was leftover from the reunion and donated to us) and then downed a tube of mini MnMs before I went upstairs with my crying baby where I plopped myself on the bed and watched tv again (a frequent occurrence around here) It was around 9 pm. I watched some PBS station where they were doing their fundraising and had different health specials going on. The guy who wrote "Eat to Live" was talking, and the host asked him what are the 3 things he recommends to help people become healthy or something to that effect. I was expecting some kind of advice on exercise or eating, but he said "#1 thing is: Stop Deceiving Yourself ~ stop telling yourself that one cookie or one serving of ice cream won't make a difference. It does make a difference..." Oh no! I'm being deceived!!! And worse, I'm deceiving myself!?!?! That's not good... I'm "deceived"!! That's a word that I don't want to be associated with, cause one of the things that differentiates the 5 wise virgins from the 5 foolish is that the 5 wise "have not been deceived..." (D&C 45:57). So that hit me. It's not other people deceiving me, I'm deceiving myself. I know I have rationalized that in regards to all the sugary stuff in the world - just one thing and that's it and one thing will be okay. But I've been deceiving myself. NO MORE. So that was one thing.

Then on Thursday morning, I checked my email. I had an email from the Power of Moms. I'm on their mailing list, and if things are busy and crazy I usually just delete these without looking them, but I opened it up and lo and behold - they are talking about losing weight. And they're joining up with Jonathan Bailor! I know him and I like his stuff. I've read one of his books and I loved his clogged sink analogy. I clinked the link - they have some new program they're selling. But I've read his stuff, and I already knew what I needed to do. I do not need to diet, I need to eat and eat lots of vegetables.

I decided to go by Costco and load up on good food. I had my 6 week appointment today and Costco is on the way there. For my appointment, I knew my weight wasn't going to be pretty (I didn't look at the scale to see my weight, purposely avoided it. I didn't look at it at all during my last 5 months of pregnancy) I don't know what it read at his office, but at home it was 172. After Hyrum, when I was on target with diet back in 2003, I was 144 at my 6 week. I was like 164 before I delivered him - and he was a 8.10 baby! Pretty amazing. I've been wondering for a few years "Why/How was I able to do it? Why can't I do it now?" Well something clicked that Wednesday night and I'm in the zone and I went to Costco before my dr appointment and got 3 bags of Romaine lettuce and 3 things of tomatoes and I've been eating fruits, veggies and protein since last Thursday. No bread, no sugar. I feel SOOOOOOOO much better mentally, I've got energy, and I'm in the zone, loving it.

And then Friday morning I started to read an amazing book that is helping preserve this "go get 'em" attitude and I've been starting to clear out out home of all the junk and clutter we have. I'm not going to totally do the program yet, cause I don't want to go through my clothes until I've reached my goal, which will be by January for sure if not earlier (if the past 5 days are an indicator, than the 2 pounds a week that I planned for will be lost faster than by January). I've been perfect on my diet each day since last Thursday. I haven't been hungry, cause lucky for me I actually really like eating fruit and my chicken and egg salads. I love how I'm feeling right now, Diet - it does make a difference!
Friday night another PBS special was on about diabetes - sugar isn't just "empty" calories - like they don't make a difference either way... they are bad and dangerous calories.

So there are some of my thoughts from the past few days that have helped me get on the wagon and I'm not falling off this time. I've got this, I'm staying on target.
Tuesday - 166.4 today, ate perfectly again for the 6th straight day in a row. 1 mile jog followed by 1.5 mile walk. Beautiful rainbow this evening!
Wednesday - nothing, ate great, prob a few too many nuts though
Thursday - nothing, ate perfect
Friday - ate perfect, 12 minutes of planks, upper body eccentric exercises, 2 mile walk/jog/sprint on treadmill, 26 minutes
Saturday -

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sept 7 - 12 (6 weeks old)

Monday - 2 mile jog around block, 6 laps at 9:30pm (9:37 - 9:58) We got back from our holiday weekend at 8:55 tonight, I was impressed with myself that I made it out. Here's Owen up at the Heber reunion with his sweet cousin Mallory - look at those baby blue eyes!
Tuesday - 6 minutes of planks, then got interrupted and didn't get back to them. 
Wednesday - nada, had my 6 week appointment and that about did me in having to leave the house, Owen is colicky, I'm about ready to surrender and give up on diet, exercise, laundry, making the bed, etc...
Thursday - Did 12 minutes of planks. And I just want the me in the future to know that today was the first day of my new life. I've received the motivation I needed and am changing my environment. Actually several things have fallen into place. I might even begin recording my weight here every week - it was 172.0 this morning. Kristi Approved says loosing 2 pounds a week is good. I ate AWESOME today - no bread carbs, just eggs, chicken, two apples, and lots of veggies. It's amazing what a difference that makes. I do believe I am/have been addicted to sugar. No more. Did 12 minutes of planks. I think my foot has a stress fracture again from my jog on Monday. I'm going to take it easy exercise wise but it will be okay because abs are made in the kitchen, right? Yes! 70% diet, 30% exercise, so I'm going to focus on that 70 % and stop deceiving myself (got that from a fun raising infomercial on PBS today - Eat to Live!) and I'm not going back (until the Triple Whammy of hormones does me in again)
Friday - A good friend from high school turned 40 yesterday, and it made me think of when I'm going to turn 40 in a few months (April)... and that made me think that my 40th birthday would be a great date to have my six-pack abs by! Oh yeah, that's an awesome goal. 40 with abs! Diet was great today, go me, and did some yoga and stretching for my workout. Weight: 171.0
Saturday - No exercise, some stretching, Diet was rockin on the ball and get this - I got below 170 today: 168.8, wahoo!!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Aug 31 - Sep 5 (5 weeks old)

Monday -  Owen is 5 weeks old today. I was able to do a 1 mile jog on treadmill but then he woke up and I couldn't get back to finish. Then tonight he was fussy, went on a 1 mile walk around the neighborhood - 3 laps around the block
Tuesday - started to do an upper body workout, little bit of shoulders and biceps, then Owen needed me. Didn't get back to it. Hasn't been a great day...
Wednesday - feeling a little trapped today. I'm either feeding Owen or protecting the sleeping Owen from his sisters. Finally at 11:11 tonight did 12 minutes of planks. Hasn't been a good week so far, not feeling in the zone mentally and circumstances aren't making it easy to try and get there.
Thursday - went on a jog outside, and get this, I jogged the whole time! 6 laps around the neighborhood, which a neighbor told me is 2 miles, but I was faster than I've been on the treadmill - took me 21 minutes. So maybe it's not 2 miles, or maybe I have the treadmill on too much of an incline. Jogged from 9:51 to 10:12, thank you Melodie for watching Owen, and thank you Owen for sleeping the whole 20 minutes. (it's been a rough week so far!)

Friday, August 28, 2015

Aug 24 - 29 (4 weeks old)

Monday - Owen is 4 weeks old today. I did an upper body workout - Shoulders BFL style, 100 modified pushups, 6 eccentric hangs (since I can't do a pull up yet) and then 100 superman hold pulses each for biceps and triceps
Tuesday - 2 mile treadmill jog, and I did it in the morning right after I got home from taking Joseph to band
Wednesday - did a modified ZWOW#3 workout, did the following 5 times

  1. Jump Lunges (1st time 10 reps, next 20, 30, 20, 10)
  2. Single Leg lunge - back leg on chair (5 each leg, then 10, 15, 10, 5)
  3. 100 mountain climbers (100 each time)
  4. 180 jump turns (10, 20, 30, 20, 10)
  5. 1 minute center plank (1 minute each time)
So when I was done I was dripping with sweat, did 500 mountain climbers and 5 minutes of planks! Good workout

Thursday - Our little Owen is one month old!! That went a lot faster than the last month of pregnancy. Tried to workout on treadmill but only got in .4 miles before Owen needed me. So I went and got batteries for his swing. But they were dead, so I gave up and did a 300 rep workout so I could manually give him a push in the swing every 30 seconds. 10 exercises, 30 reps each with 30 high knees after each exercise - I need to go look up my notes tho cause I can't remember all of them...

  1. Jumping Jacks 
  2. Plank wall touch
  3. Back Lunge w/knee up (15 each leg)
  4. Half Burpees 
  5. Speed Skater Touch
  6. Mountain Climbers 
  7. Jump Lunges
  8. Jump Knee tuck 
  9. Floor Jacks 
  10. 180s

Friday - 2 mile jog/walk on treadmill, 26 minutes

Monday, August 17, 2015

Aug 17 - 22 (3 weeks old)

Monday - My angel baby is 3 weeks old today, I'm still in love ~
I did 12 minutes of planks this afternoon around 2 and then did 2 miles on the treadmill in 25:15, I finished the first mile in 12 minutes, so gotta work on my endurance to keep that second mile just as strong... still, got a little better on my time, little by little!
Tuesday - nothing - doh. The day got away from me doing our little school years eve party.
Wednesday - made up for yesterday with upper body BFL style for shoulders, bicepts, and triceps, eccentric for back and chest, then did a 2 mile walk run in 26:35
Thursday - 400 walking lunges around the front room
Friday - 2 mile jog on the treadmill after the kids got home from school (so they could hold Owen for me, who has done an amazing job at making me useless the past 3 days) 25:30
Saturday - 12 minutes of planks

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Aug 10 - 15 (2 weeks old)

Monday - My angel baby is 2 weeks old today, he is so freakin' cute!
In an attempt to get ready for the school year hours, I woke up early (6:45) and went downstairs and walked and jogged 2 miles on the treadmill. Took me 27 minutes. I was able to do 1.25 miles (compared to last week) in 16 minutes. Will try to keep improving that time. I also went 7.1 miles as my fastest speed today, will try to improve that each time too. Have a goal to run three times this week, going to workout Body for LIFE style.
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks & 100 deadlifts with 20, 25, and 30 lb dumbbells, then 400 walking lunges in the evening in the basement. 
Wednesday - 2 mile walk/jog/run on treadmill - finished 1.25 in 16:10, 1.5 in 19:40, 1.75 in 22:50, and 2 miles finally done in 26:22. Ugh, I was kinda dying
Thursday - 12 minutes of planks, upperbody - did BFL style for shoulders, biceps, triceps, then chest and back eccentrically per Jonathan Bailor's book recommendations.
Friday - 2 mile walk/jog/run, took me 27:30
Saturday - 1 mile walk, 1 minute center planks 3x, 60 deadlifts BFL style

Monday, August 3, 2015

Aug 3 - 8 (1 week old)

Monday - 10:45 am -12 minutes of planks - did center, left, center, right, center at the beginning to really try to get the center core plank strong, then rotations of the rest to finish up the 12 minutes. We decided on a name today. Owen Levi Wride, he's doing great, (isn't he cute?!?!?) 
Then to make up for missing two days last week, at 6:15 when the 2 kids at home with me were both sleeping - 400 walking lunges around the house as I picked up stuff off the floor, aka "cleaning lunges"
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks
Wednesday - nothing, the kids didn't take naps at the same time, so uncooperative!
Thursday - 12 minutes of planks (my default workout this week) plus BFL Upperbody - Shoulders, Chest, Triceps, and Biceps,
Friday - Nothing
Saturday - 2 miles on treadmill. Did .75 miles on the incline, then stopped to nurse the baby, Took it off the incline, and finished 1.25 while Corey held Owen. Was able to do 1.25 in 17:30 minutes, so going to try and improve on that number next time.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July 27 - Aug 1 (39 weeks)

39 weeks - small watermelon
Monday - 39 weeks today, Just finished my 400 lunges. I'm calling the hospital in 20 minutes, praying they haven't been busy during the night and that I can go in to be induced.
~ Later ~ Checked in at hospital at 12:20, baby born at 4:48! 8 lbs 1 oz, 21 inches
Tuesday - nothing, feeling a bit more pain than I remember after the last delivery.
Wednesday - 20 minutes of planks - 7 minutes, then had to run errands so I started over later and did 13 minutes to make it an even 20.
Thursday -40 minute/ 2 mile walk at midnight on treadmill at an incline (it's manual, so not sure how much of an incline but I really felt it) was sweating a ton. I've been in quite a bit of pain today, I thought maybe some endorphins might help me sleep and I did feel a lot better afterward. Kinda jogged for 1 minute intervals 4 times - jog speed averaged 4.5, walked at 3.0 most of the time.
Friday - nothing
Saturday - nothing, lots of housework though. Feeling well and meant to get in a workout, just a busy day.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 20 - 25 (38 weeks)

38 weeks - long as rhubarb
Monday - 38 weeks today. Did 400 lunges this morning, go me~ After my typical night of uncomfortable rest, I got up and did my lunges around 6:30 a.m. I did it! And I'm still alive. Actually I told God I'll go do my lunges if you'll let me go into labor. Helped me mentally to think if I did it I could deliver today. But I'll keep being patient. :)
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks at 12:20 am - barely got them in - took a picture today. I'm ready for this little man to move out.
Wednesday - nothing, did lots of yard and housework though
Thursday - 3 mile walk (I hope? ...took 75 minutes. Grateful I found an open restroom at the park or I might have had an accident)
Friday - 12 minutes of planks
Saturday - Temple session in the morning, might still get a workout in...

Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13 - 18 (37 weeks)

37 weeks - long as swiss chard

Monday - 37 weeks today, doctor appointment today went fine (aside from the 45 minute wait, but hey, I was able to finish the Old Testament!) I'm scheduled to be induced in two weeks on the 27th, yay. Did 400 lunges tonight at 9:30. I am totally hating them right now! I feel so big, gotta start working up my determination now if I'm going to do them next week - the last time before baby comes (unless I do my lunges early in the morning on delivery day)
Tuesday - nothing. Bought a treadmill though, great deal, $50 bucks and I love that it has a dial to control speed, not buttons
Wednesday - 12 minutes of planks
Thursday - nothing
Friday - 3 mile walk (hope it was atleast 3 miles since it took me an hour and 15 minutes, ugh!)
Saturday - 12 minutes of planks

Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6 - 11 (36 weeks)

36 weeks - canary melon
Monday - 36 weeks today, back in the USA. Kinda took the weekend off recovering from our trip home. Today went on a morning walk down to the elementary school and did 400 lunges on the way back. Weight this morning 183.6
Tuesday - went for 2 mile walk (little over 2 miles)
Wednesday - 12 minutes of planks. Didn't do planks last week and I could tell, I was struggling!
Thursday - nothing
Friday - nothing - left for a weekend with friends in Scofield
Saturday - 12 minutes of planks at Scofield, pretty weak tho

Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29 - July 4 (35 weeks)

35 weeks - honeydew
Monday - 35 weeks today. Woke up this morning and remembered I didn't charge my phone, so I didn't have any music. And I can't do a 3 mile walk when I'm 8 months pregnant without music. So I did the 400 lunges around the porch here at home. Glad I got those over with. We are heading home to Utah this week - leave Brazil Wednesday night, arrive in Utah on Thursday night.
Tuesday - 3 mile walk, my last one in Brazil. Good bye Parque Portugal, I'll miss you!
Wednesday - No exercise. Spent the day packing, caught our plane to the US at 11:30 at night
Thursday - No exercise, arrived in Orlando at 7:30 am, crashed for the afternoon in the Hyatt hotel there at the airport, left for SLC at 6:09 pm, arrived in Salt Lake at 8:45, yay, we're home!
Friday - Recovery day, no exercise, weighed myself for the first time since March, 186, doh, I think that's the most I've weighed for a long while.
Saturday - 4th of July fun run (walk for me) :) 1.5 miles

Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 22 - 27 (34 weeks)

34 weeks - cantaloupe
Monday -  Finished 34 weeks today. Last night the kids were laughing at my non-ankles, said it looks like I have Hobbit feet. They looked better this morning. I think it was mostly cause I had been on my feet all day without a chance to put them up. Went on a 3 mile walk around Parque Portugal
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks at 9:45 am in my closet
Wednesday - 3 mile walk. Getting harder to put on my shoes.
Thursday - 12 minutes of planks
Friday - 3 mile walk. Though I must say I feel like this baby is bigger than a cantaloupe.
Saturday - Temple this morning. Didn't exercise. Meant to do my lunges but didn't, will put them on for first thing next week.

Friday, June 19, 2015

June 15 - 20 (33 weeks)

33 weeks - pineapple
Monday - 33 weeks today, and happy birthday to Corey! 3 mile walk around the park. They haven't been as restful the past few times - I'm feeling pretty big and I'm feeling like I'm waddling more than walking, I think I'm about ready to be done...
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks, plus 500 up plank pulses - kinda like doing mountain climbers but without the toe taps - I just kinda rocked myself up doing toe lifts kinda, hoping it will help my upper back, which is feeling a little cramped lately.
Wednesday - 3 mile walk
Thursday - 400 lunges around the patio. Only one more time before we leave! I was dreading doing them again today, but survived yet again, baby steps, 50 at a time.
Friday - 3 mile walk, nice cool and windy morning - 60 degrees
Saturday -

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8 - 13 (32 weeks)

32 weeks - napa cabbage
Monday - Officially 8 months today! Yay! 3 mile walk around the park.
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks and some stretching
Wednesday - 400 lunges back and forth on the front porch
Thursday - 3 mile walk
Friday - nothing. Corey was gone in Rio with the older kids, so I took the day off too.
Saturday - 3 mile walk in the morning, evening walk in the park with Corey and all the kids - carried Natalie, I was sweating!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 1 - 6 (31 weeks)

31 weeks - long as a leek
Monday - 31 weeks today. And today is June, so that means I'm due "next month!" yay! I went on a short walk this morning - made it short cause Corey's gone. But it wasn't enough to really call it a workout out, so I also did 12 minutes of planks tonight.
Tuesday - last night I gave Wesley a heads up that I was going to go for a morning walk. But I was worried about leaving them, so I jogged most of the time (3800 of the 4800 meters) ~ I was home in 40 minutes. 3 miles in 40 minutes, not bad for an almost 8 month preg lady.
Wednesday - Corey and the kids are back, yay! Did 12 minutes of planks tonight
Thursday - Morning walk - 3 miles, and did my 400 lunges during the route. Beautiful morning.
Friday - 3 mile walk tonight for our date night. It wasn't as nice as it is in the mornings, my feet were killing me, probably cause I've been on my feet all day and needed a rest? but glad to get my workout in, and it was nice to spend time walking and talking with Corey.
Saturday - I wanted to go on a walk to see if my feet would hurt again, so I'd know if I really had a problem or stress fracture or something, or if it was just cause my feet were tired. But I didn't want to go on a walk just to avoid doing planks (would rather go for a 3 mile walk than do 12 minutes of planks!) so I did both - first planks, and then a walk, and my feet didn't hurt. So walking in the mornings is a good thing.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 25 - 30 (30 weeks)

30 weeks - large cabbage

Monday - 30 weeks today, yay, down to the last 9 weeks. Seems like I've been pregnant forever. 3 mile walk this morning.
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks. On the side planks during the last round, I did 35 seconds on my hand for each of the sides, then finished on my elbow. My upper back is killing me lately in the mornings... I need a massage. Might try to lay on the miracle ball. I brought them here to Brazil but there is no carpeted area to lay on, not sure how my pregnant body will handle laying on the hard floor. we'll see.
Wednesday - 3 mile walk
Thursday - 400 lunges around the yard. Really was not feeling up to it, but glad I got 'er done, 10 at a time, then 50, then eventually little by little all 400. Trying to keep up with this habit.
Friday - 3 mile walk
Saturday - 10 minutes of planks (did my side planks on hands, so only had to do 30 seconds, thus rewarded myself by cutting off 1 minute of time for each side). I really didn't think I would and didn't want to do them, but got them in at 11:30 pm. Corey's gone with the older kids until Wednesday next week, so on slight survival mode.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 18 - 23 (29 weeks)

29 weeks - large butternut squash
Monday - 29 weeks today. 3 mile walk. My ipod shuffle wouldn't work. It's 10 years old and has been having issues for the past year. Maybe I'll finally put music on my phone. Felt like more of a struggle today, I felt like I was walking really slow and I know I was lacking the usual morning upbeat attitude. Hopefully will be better tomorrow.
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks
Wednesday - 3 mile walk
Thursday - nothing, slept in knowing I was going to have a long drive ahead of me in the afternoon. Planned to do planks when we got at our hotel, but was too busy killing mosquitos
Friday - nothing, drive home from Sao Sebastain
Saturday - 3 mile walk around 5 pm and did my 400 lunges on the last 1000 meters.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

May 11 - 16 (28 weeks)

28 weeks - kabocha squash
Monday - 28 weeks today, yay! Baby about 2.5 pounds. Officially done with 7 months, can say I'm in my 8th month, yay. Now I won't feel quite as bad when people comment how grande I am, although I guess I am still a little self conscious. 3 mile walk around the park, jogged about 5 minutes of the hour walk.
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks, but the mosquitos were trying to get my arms and ankles after I started, to had to stop after 4 min and go get repellent.
Wednesday - 3 mile walk around the park. Beautiful sunrise this morning.
Thursday - 400 lunges at the park on the far east side
Friday - 3 mile walk
Saturday - 12 minutes of planks at 11 pm, glad I got it in.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

May 4 - 9 (27 weeks)

27 weeks - head of cauliflower
Monday - 27 weeks today. Went on a 3 mile walk this morning. During my walk on Saturday evening, my left outside ankle started hurting, it was hurting again today. Hope it gets better, not sure what happened to it.
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks, then 100 push ups: first 10 on toes, rest on knees, time 5:19.
Wednesday - 3 mile walk, ankle feels a little better but still tender
Thursday - 12 minutes of planks, then did walking lunges ~ went back and forth across the front deck, did 50 at a time, and after each 50 I did 50 calf raises/pulses - total 400 lunges and 400 raises
Friday - 3 mile walk, beautiful sunrise this morning!
Saturday -

Monday, April 27, 2015

Apr 27 - May 2 (26 weeks)

26 weeks - zucchini
Monday - 3 mile walk around the park. 50 minutes. I love my mornings here in Brazil!
Tuesday - 5 minute stretch to wake up, 12 minutes of planks, then 25 minutes of stretching and a few yoga warrior poses. Nice cool morning, yay
Wednesday - 3 mile walk around the park
Thursday - 100 push ups, first 5 on toes, rest on my knees, 4:55 time
Friday - 3 mile walk around the park and did 400 walking lunges during the walk.
Saturday - 3 mile walk around park

Friday, April 24, 2015

Apr 20 - 25 (25 weeks)

25 weeks - acorn squash

Monday - 25 weeks today. 12 minutes of planks and 24 minutes of stretching. Woke up and my shoulders, neck, and back just felt tight, the stretching felt good, but I need a massage.
Tuesday - 3+ mile walk - went all the way around the park to the round about that's on the east side. Got up early at 6 and saw the sun rise! Beautiful big sky here in Brazil!
Wednesday - Got up early to see the sunrise again, but it was cloudy, so I went to bed for another hour. At 7 am I went on a walk to the round about and back, did 400 lunges on the way, then some stretching after I got home.
Thursday - 2.97 mile morning walk around park, my favorite part of the day
Friday - Saw a workout on facebook (can't find it now) but I did a modified version of what she did ~ 4 rounds of the following:
  • 15 reps - center plank with knee taps
  • 15 reps - tricep dips
  • 30 reps - plank with alt touch shoulder
  • 15 reps - push ups (or pike press)
  • 1 minute center hold
  • 30 minute right plank on hand
  • 30 minute left plank on hand
I did a 7 minute warm up and stretch, I did 3 minutes of stretching after each round, and 15 minutes of stretching after I was done with all 4 rounds. 1 round - 4:10, 2nd - 4:00, 3rd - 3:57, 4th - 3:30. I loved exercising this morning by the dining room patio, a great way to start the day
Saturday - Went to the temple this morning. Did my workout tonight, 2.97 mile walk/jog around the park from 5:45 to 6:35.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Apr 13 - 18 (24 weeks)

24 weeks - "long as ear of corn"
Monday - 24 weeks today. Went on a morning jog/walk around the park, about 3 miles. Went clockwise this time, I think I like counterclockwise better, cause the sun isn't in my face as much. I forget to put sunblock on my face and I'm a little worried about getting my pregnancy mask again. It was a little harder to jog, oh well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. But I was able to do it still a little. :) And I did some stretching, yay
Tuesday - Went for a walk around the inside path of the park, found the beginning/end of the meter markers and one lap is 2725 meters, or 1.69 miles - so I underestimated how long it was, I was thinking just a mile. I went about a mile on the outside of the park and then entered in through the west gate and finished up my lap inside, and did 400 walking lunges once I was inside. Took me an hour
Wednesday - 12 minutes of planks (Thursday morning, making up for Wed)
Thursday - two laps around the lake path - 3.38 miles. Did my little shuffle jog most of the time to try and hurry, I started late at 7:15, got back at 8:05, not bad for time for a pregnant lady
Friday - 12 minutes of planks (Sat morning, I'm counting it for Friday though)
Saturday - 2.97 miles - one lap on outside of park. Only was able to jog a little bit, I might be getting too big, 20 minutes of stretching

Monday, April 6, 2015

Apr 6 - 11 (23 weeks)

23 weeks - Eggplant
Monday - 23 weeks today. Went for a walk/jog this morning, one lap around the outside of Parque Portugal is 4782 meters, which I found out is 2.97 miles, cool. We had a big group of Brazilians over for a FHE. One of them, who has a 9 month old baby, said I look big for 6 months. Yup, I am. Ya can't say that in the US to a prego woman, but if anyone did say it to me, I wouldn't take offense. I know I'm big... this is my 10th kid. My body knows the routine. "Ok, let's get this over with... Gain 40 pounds pronto!"
Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - 3 mile evening walk around the park pushing Natalie in her umbrella stroller, which I did not like, hard to stand up straight when I have to push the stroller, so not going to do that again. Plus she got mad at me if she saw me with my headphones in, so I couldn't listen to music either, little stinker.
Thursday - nothing
Friday - 3 mile morning walk with 100 walking lunges.
Saturday - nothing. Was going to do planks, doh. Swam around in the pool for a while with the kids.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Mar 30 - Apr 4 (22 weeks)

22 Weeks - Papaya
Monday - 22 weeks today. This is our first week in Brazil. Nice to have time to relax a bit now that we made it here alive. I was going to go on a walk this morning but couldn't figure out how to unlock the door. So did 12 minutes of planks today instead.
Tuesday - went for an hour walk with a little bit of jogging this morning, plus 300 walking lunges during the walk. We went for another walk with the kids at night. So kinda did a double workout today.
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - two laps on the inside dirt path of the park across the street. Don't know how far it was, but I walked and jogged, went from 7:40 to 8:30. Took me 25 minutes a lap. Good workout. I feel fine jogging, but am sure I look ridiculous. Glad I don't have to see myself.
Friday - 12 minutes of 60 second planks
Saturday -

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mar 23 - 28 (21 weeks)

21 Weeks - "As long as a carrot"
Monday - 21 weeks today. Leaving for our adventure around 5:00, no time to exercise.
Tuesday - Walked around Universal Studios
Wednesday - same as yesterday plus went on a few kiddie roller coasters.
Thursday - stayed at our hotel and swam with my little girls.
Friday - Nothing. Did push a huge load of luggage through the Miami airport, broke a nice sweat.
Saturday - Arrived in Brazil. No exercise

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mar 16 - 21 (20 weeks)

20 Weeks - Artichoke
Monday - 20 weeks today, my baby is an artichoke. Had a lousy week last week, and I don't like how it makes me feel. No more, did 100 push ups first thing this morning. Feel normal again, energy wise. Taking Cool+ stuff that was on sample at Costco last week and digest zen and lemon essential oils - haven't been constipated from the iron, yay
Tuesday - nothing, the day got away from me
Wednesday - 12 minutes of planks first thing in the morning
Thursday - nothing
Friday - 2.5 mile walk
Saturday -

Friday, March 13, 2015

Mar 9 - 14 (19 weeks)

19 Weeks
Monday - 19 Weeks
Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - nothing - having a hard time adjusting to day light saving time. Feeling muy tired.
Thursday - nothing. Maybe I'm anemic again... taking 2 irons more consistently
Friday - nothing. 2 iron pills
Saturday - 400 lunges - feel a bit of energy.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mar 2 - 7 (18 weeks)

18 Weeks
Monday - "sweet potato" size, but still haven't felt any strong movements from the baby.
Tuesday - Shoveled snow a lot, good upper back workout, (was sore Wed). Had ultrasound today, our baby is a boy. They said there is more than normal water in the kidneys. She told me not to google it but I did, it's a marker for Downs Syndrome, but could clear up and might be nothing. Don't feel too worried.
Wednesday - no exercise, tried to clean. OB's nurse called to schedule another ultrasound before we leave for Brazil, said something about Nucal fold, which I googled to see it's also a marker for downs - which has now made me a little worried, I've been a bit emotional.
Thursday - nothing. still worried about the baby, but finally have felt him move today and more than once.
Friday - 400 lunges at Liberty park while I waited for Melodie to finish her flute lesson. First time doing that, it was nice to be outside. Dr called last night and scheduled me for a blood draw to have DNA tested to see if baby is downs or not, will come back in 2 weeks, hopefully before we are boarding the plane to Florida.
Saturday - nothing, we all cleaned a lot today, it was nice to have everyone's help.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Feb 23 - 28 (17 weeks)

17 weeks - pear
Monday - 17 weeks. Did this Uptown funk abs workout that I saw on facebook, but for all things that I couldn't do (like be on my tummy) I just held a center plank.
Tuesday - Shoulders sore from yesterday's short (barely over 4 mintues) workout. (Those push ups totally killed me!) 300 walking lunges in the house. Tried to keep up a pace of 50 lunges every 2 minutes. Had to pause the timer a few times, but did pretty good.
Wednesday - nothing.
Thursday - nothing
Friday - nothing, not even date night! Peaks festival
Saturday - 12 minutes of planks, started at 11:35 pm as I waited for Joseph to come home from a stake dance. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Feb 16 - 21 (16 weeks)

16 weeks - avocado
Monday - 16 weeks. No exercise, most of my focus today was on getting our little "February party" together. It was fun.
Tuesday - nothing, at Marilu style today and had no sugar, yay. I'm recommitting myself to diet
Wednesday - 12 minutes of planks. Marilu day #2, no sugar except one PI (Personal indulgence) I get 3 a week) cheesecake dessert after dinner, leftover from Monday
Thursday - 16 year anniversary, did 100 push ups, first 10 on my toes, rest on my knees, 10 at a time, took me 7 minutes (7:21 to be exact)
Friday - nothing. Anniversary getaway
Saturday - nothing

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Feb 9 - 14 (15 weeks)

15 weeks - apple
Monday - 15 weeks. nothing
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - nada
Friday - nada
Saturday - 2 mile walk/light jog at night, did 6 laps around the block with 50 walking lunges on the east stretch of each lap, total 300 walking lunges.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb 2 - 7 (14 weeks)

14 Weeks - Nectarine
Monday - 14 weeks, baby the size of a nectarine, uterus size of a grapefruit. My weight 150.0 lbs. 12 minutes of planks at 10 pm.
Tuesday - 150 lunges, yay, two days in a row - but this time going to make it three (unlike last week)
Wednesday - raking pine needles in the back yard (broke a sweat), 12 minutes of planks
Thursday - 2 mile walk jog!! First time I've gone for a walk outside for a long time. Went 6 times around the block, jogging on the long stretches, walking on the short. Listening to the Killers, From Here On Out is a good one to jog to.
Friday - 200 walking lunges during a 1 mile walk. I love it when the kids don't have school,  cause I'm able to enjoy my morning and get a workout in.
Saturday - We slept over at our friend's cabin , didn't get home til 9, no workout, but 5 out of 6 this week... that's my best yet!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jan 26 - 31 (13 weeks)

13 weeks - meyer lemon
Monday - 13 weeks done today, baby the size of an egg or a meyer lemon. My weight is 148.6 lbs.12 minutes of planks with Natalie and Sophi crawling on top of and under me while I tried to do them. They thought I was a slide or bridge or something.
Tuesday - 100 lunges - yay, I got two days of workouts in a row! Starting over and working my way up to 400 lunges again. If I'm not sore tomorrow I'll do 150 on Thurs.
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - nothing again, doh
Friday - nothing, Corey comes back tomorrow
Saturday - nothing

Monday, January 19, 2015

Jan 19 - 24 (12 weeks)

12 weeks - Passion fruit
Monday -  12 weeks today. 12 minutes of 60 second planks, then 34 minutes of stretching my legs (I still have a dream of being able to do the splits someday)
Tuesday - nothing, I gotta figure out a way to do cardio, kinda low energy, am taking iron pills cause I tend to get anemic when I'm pregnant, hoping it will help.
Wednesday - 12 minutes of planks, 24 minutes of stretching legs.
Thursday - nothing
Friday - nothing. Corey left for Brazil today. I really want a treadmill since I've told myself that will help me get back on the cardio wagon again. Been looking on the classifieds for a few weeks, hope to get one after Corey gets back.
Saturday -

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jan 12 - 17 (11 weeks)

11 weeks - brussel sprout
Monday - 11 weeks done. I did 12 minutes of planks! Yay, I exercised! Still have a bad cough that likes to attack at night, boo
Tuesday - nothing, still have cough
Wednesday - 12 minutes of planks, lingering cough
Thursday - feel a bit sick today
Friday - nothing
Saturday - 12 minutes of planks

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jan 5 - 10 (10 weeks)

10 weeks - kumquat
Monday - 10 weeks done
Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - nothing, I think I finally caught the flu that all my kids have had
Thursday - nothing, had dr. appointment, waited over an hour, I really don't like dr. appointments. We are not having twins.
Friday - nothing, sick with a bad cough
Saturday - nothing, still sick, slept a lot

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dec 29 - Jan (9 weeks)

9 weeks - cherry
Monday - nothing - 9 weeks today
Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - carried around Natalie 24/7 - she's sick and super clingy, ugh, kind of exhausting!
Thursday - Same clingy baby workout as yesterday.
Friday - I really consciously exercised!12 minutes of planks! 60 seconds each
Saturday - nothing