Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Feb 20 - 25

Monday - 3 mile jog walk outside, yay! Spring is almost in the air
Tuesday - One assisted pull up and let down. Plus got a dolly and my kids to help me move a dryer out and a dryer in, which took a bit of strength. Abi gave me a back massage, my back has been killing since San Diego. Not sure if it was the bed there or the too soft pillows, but something happened and my back has been hurting bad. So much for spring, snowed tonight, oh well.
Wednesday - nothing. Still having pain in between my shoulders and neck area. I think I'm stressed out/maxed out right now. I think it's time to take up yoga
Thursday - Abi gave me a massage again, then we stretched together for about 20 minutes :)
Friday - Abi and I woke up at 6:30 and did yoga and stretching for an hour, it was a great way to start the day. Then I made it even better by drinking my very healthy green shake made of: lots of spinach, handful of baby carrots, half a banana, lots of frozen blueberries and water. Good start to the day! Then I shoveled the driveway by hand cause it snowed a lot our snowblower isn't working for some reason. :/
Saturday -

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Feb 13 - 18

Monday -  Guests from Chile arrived today. Busy day. Did12 minutes of planks during Studio C :)
Tuesday - New low 145.0, it's 11:40 pm, should I just go to bed or try to do something? (Sorry Trice!) Maybe I'll atleast stretch. Give me a minute... hm... Ok, I just did 2 sets of this: 50 dumbbell swings with a squat using one 30# weight, followed by one wheel (counted to 58) and one center plank (2:07) both for as long as I could hold it. 2nd set wheel was timed for 60 sec, center plank 90 seconds
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - traveled to San Diego. Does walking around an airport with Daniel strapped onto me count for something?
Friday - 2 miles on treadmill, went on a virtual walk through Bryce Canyon, Emerald Pool, Toadstool something, it was pretty cool
Saturday - Walking to and around Balboa park

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Feb 6 - 11

Monday - around 9 tonight I finally got in a workout. I was ready to just blast music and run to relieve some stress, but decided I probably couldn't run for 20 minutes, so I quickly made up this workout. Did 6 rounds for total time of 31:30
  • 30 second walk (this was up to 90 seconds on some of the rounds)
  • 1 minute sprint (for last 2 rounds was just 40 seconds)
  • 6 clean and press with deadlift with two 20 lb dumbbells
  • 6 push ups, 6 high knees each leg
  • 6 back lunge each leg with twist with straight arm out of 1 dmbbell 20 lbs
  • 1 let down - 20 seconds each time
  • 60 mountain climbers
1st round in 4:28
2nd - 8:50
3rd - 13:18
4th - 19:35
5th -25:40
6th - 31:30

Tuesday - nothing. Corey leaving to Brazil tomorrow morning, a bit frazzled today
Wednesday - 12 minutes of planks, .5 walk outside.
Thursday - nothing but some stretching today. Did great with diet today tho. Weather is warm, would have been nice to go for a jog outside, just too busy with Corey gone. Maybe this weekend I'll get out for a few
Friday - nothing, was super stressed today about getting the house ready for 3 Chileans who are going to stay here through April, they arrive Monday. A good few calls to vent thing out helped me have a pretty good evening, but I was grumpy mad all day
Saturday - 145.6 this morning, a new low!! Exercised around 11am, did 4 rounds of the following:

  • 1 min walk
  • 1 min sprint
  • 1 letdown
  • 1 min center plank
  • 1 min mtn climbers
  • 1 min high knees