Thursday, July 13, 2017

Jul 10 - 15

Monday - 20 min jog, 20 min stretch, water fasted all day, ate a good healthy dinner
Tuesday - 50 min walk, 10 min stretch, water fast until 2pm, big salad and good food, a little bite of Natalie's cake from yesterday. Done eating at 6. Want to watch "Eating You Alive" - trailer looks good, it's got all the Vegan doctors
Wednesday - 50 min walk this morning, rocked it with diet today. We watched Netflix as I cleaned the kitchen - first "In Defense of Food" and then "Sustainable", really good stuff!
Thursday - 60 minute walk with K&L, 10 min stretch.
Friday - 60 min walk with Lisa on DD equestrian trail
Saturday - Slept in, did 20 min treadmill run, did 4 sprints, good sweat

Summer Health Challenge -
Total points for the week: 198 points
Total percentage loss - 6.08% Yay! My weigh in on Mon 7/17 I reached a new low that I haven't been at since 2004 - 129.8, woot!

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