Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mar 27 - Apr 1

Monday - weight 143.0 yesterday after 24 hour fast, new low! 142.0 this morning, oh yeah. I'm on my own here at home for a few days (just me and Daniel) everyone else is in Las Vegas until Wednesday. Raining, so no running outside. I don't have a stroller here anyway, they took it to Vegas. So, did
Tuesday - raked pine needles
Wednesday - one sprint around the block counter clockwise 2:23, totally shredded my throat to breathe that hard! Tried to do another sprint clockwise but couldn't do it, so I had to go three times around for a mile, time 9:21
Thursday - nothing, ate red button ice cream. Trying to cope until life gets back to normal
Friday - nothing
Saturday - 5 mile jog/walk, 60 min 730 pm - 8:30

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mar 20 - 25

Monday - 2 mile morning run outside, ran the whole time! Stretch with Abi after
Tuesday - 2 mile morning walk/jog outside, stretched with Abi and Mel in the evening
Wednesday - nothing but a little bit of stretching
Thursday - today was not my ideal day. Rainy morning, No exercise, just a lot of running around as chauffeur from 11:30 am - 9pm. Ugh, didn't even have a chance to nurse Daniel. Hope I don't lose my milk
Friday - 3 mile jog/walk this morning, yay, 7:45-8:15
Saturday - 12 minutes of planks

Monday, March 13, 2017

Mar 13 - 18

Monday -  10:45 pm, time to try to do something... so did 100 pushups - did 34 on toes, rest on knees, time was 3:38 then did stretching in my closet as I listened to General Conference :)
Tuesday - 2 mile jog outside this morningfrom 8:04 - 8:26, good way to make me push myself cause I had to get back to send the girls to the bus at 8:30!
Wednesday - 11p.m., 3x did: center plank, 30 sec plank on hand each side, wheel. Then stretched
Thursday - 2 mile jog outside 7:43 am, timed it 21:09
Friday - nothing
Saturday - 2 mile jog/walk outsede

Monday, March 6, 2017

Mar 6 - 11

Monday - woke up at 3 am and decided to shovel the driveway, boo to winter and broken snow blowers. It took me 30 minutes to do half of it, the half that needs it before it gets driven on by the black car when Joseph takes Corey to the airport at 5:30. So, mission accomplished, we'll see if I'm exhausted today or if I get to doing something else as a workout too. Later - I did stretch my legs and back
Tuesday - 1 min center plank, one wheel, repeat, stretched legs again plus laid on miracle ball
Wednesday - 2.5 mile jog this morning, stretched legs before bed for an hour
Thursday - nothing, busy day being chauffeur. Corey came home tonight. I know I'll do better once our guests are gone and I have my treadmill and stuff set up downstairs again.
Friday - nothing
Saturday - stretched legs for 45 minutes

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Feb 27 - Mar 4

Monday - shoveled the driveway. Stupid snow blower broken, probably from it being used on the ice rink, great. Hopefully shoveling was a good back workout? I ordered a yoga wheel last week, came in the mail today. 
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks, one wheel, need to stretch and loosen up these stressed out muscles...
Wednesday - 3 mile run outside 5:41 pm - 6:09. I ran (jogged) the whole time, only stopped once to switch music albums from killers to Brandon Flowers cause I really like to mix it up! ha
Thursday - did this yoga video to stretch my back
Friday - nothing. Corey came home tonight though, yay!
Saturday - 3 mile run outside. Jogged the whole time, but against he wind for most of it, it was kinda hard