Thursday, July 27, 2017

Jul 24 - 29

Monday - one hour walk, Corey came with me! <3 I did a dry fast yesterday and a water fast today.
Tuesday - kinda drizzly this morning so I grabbed an umbrella and still went on a one hour walk, also an evening walk with Owen and Daniel for a half hour, plus I mowed the lawn too and broke a good sweat doing that, so 12 pts for exercising today. Water-fast most of the day, then ate dinner with my family, Korean noodles with broccoli and Asian salad
Wednesday - 50 min walk, 10 min stretch, plus 40 min stretch before bed, ate from 8:30 - 1:30 today, doing the Fast 5 thing (first learned about it in this video) for the rest of this week
Thursday - one hour walk/jog, I think it was about 4 miles, I went on a new trail in Dimple Dell that I hadn't been on before, Sleepy Hollow Trail, it was fun to explore! I want to bring the kids to see it, I think they'd love it. Had some ice cream today for Owen's birthday. Then I listened to Dairy Doubts by Michael Klapper, putting all his videos on my to watch list. I'm ready to say goodbye to ice cream. It's been nice knowing ya, kinda.
Friday - Sleepy Hollow in the morning by myself, then again in afternoon with kids, plus a walk around the block with Owen - total 110 minutes
Saturday - Didn't exercise this morning, but did sleepy hollow with Corey and the kids tonight. It was a good workout for me to piggy back Natalie up the hill when we were leaving!

Summer Health Challenge -
Total points for the week: 190 points
Total percentage loss - 5.93%, weight 130 this morning, I'm hoping I was retaining a lot of water or something, kinda unfortunate to happen at the end of the challenge, but that's okay. I didn't feel like fasting yesterday. My weight on Wed was 126.6, which was a new low, then Thurs 127.2, Fri, 128.6, Sat 132.8. Going to take this next week off with tracking points, but still going to eat healthy, not going to worry about fast 5 or not eating after 7. I've given up ice cream though - the last time I ate was on Friday as we finished up Owen's birthday ice cream. I'm glad to move on and I'm not looking back!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Jul 17 - 22

Monday - Up at 5:45, did lower body with two 25 lb dumbbells - 30 deadlifts, 30 calf raises, 30 hanging ab leg lifts, 60 walking lunges (for 30 each leg) - repeat, done at 6:25, did my last lunges on the way up the street, then 3 min planks (center, each side on hand) then 60 min walk with K&L on equestrian trail. Home for my weigh in - drum roll..... I reached a new low that I haven't been at since post Hyrum's in 2004, yay! below 130 just barely, but I'll take it, 129.8. Two more weeks of the summer health challenge. 41 points today.
Tuesday -70 min walk, 30 min stretch. Ate great today, lots of water too, 43 points
Wednesday - stretch 30 min, 10 min plank, then 60 min walk, 30 min more stretching while I read the Book of Mormon. Good day, 36 points
Thursday -  60 minute walk. Good day, 35 points.
Friday - 70 minute walk
Saturday - nothing

Summer Health Challenge -
Total points for the week: 213 points
Total percentage loss - 7.53 %, weight was 127.8 this morning, two more pounds gone for another new low, yay

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Jul 10 - 15

Monday - 20 min jog, 20 min stretch, water fasted all day, ate a good healthy dinner
Tuesday - 50 min walk, 10 min stretch, water fast until 2pm, big salad and good food, a little bite of Natalie's cake from yesterday. Done eating at 6. Want to watch "Eating You Alive" - trailer looks good, it's got all the Vegan doctors
Wednesday - 50 min walk this morning, rocked it with diet today. We watched Netflix as I cleaned the kitchen - first "In Defense of Food" and then "Sustainable", really good stuff!
Thursday - 60 minute walk with K&L, 10 min stretch.
Friday - 60 min walk with Lisa on DD equestrian trail
Saturday - Slept in, did 20 min treadmill run, did 4 sprints, good sweat

Summer Health Challenge -
Total points for the week: 198 points
Total percentage loss - 6.08% Yay! My weigh in on Mon 7/17 I reached a new low that I haven't been at since 2004 - 129.8, woot!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Jul 3 - 8

Monday - 40 min cardio, jog outside and some walk.
Tuesday - Happy 4th of July! Walked/jogged the fun run 3K with Lily, plus more walking during the day. 
Wednesday - 70 minute walk this morning. Finished listening to this video by Neal Barnard on avoiding Alzheimers. Then listened to this video on fasting vs. eating less. Interesting. Doing a water fast again today, maybe for a few days. Got to get my head back in the health game after a late dinner with friends on Monday and then the holiday yesterday.
Thursday - 12 min of planks
Friday - 30 min walk/jog, 40 min stretching.
Saturday - Scofield - a little bit of lake surfing! Did not eat well today though :(

Summer Health Challenge -
Total points for the week: 172 points
Total percentage loss - 4.92% - no weight change, same percentage as last week