Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter Run

It's been a pretty mild winter. Yesterday, with the older kids home to babysit and Natalie asleep, I was able to go for a short 2 mile run. I made it along my route with pretty much dry pavement and only one run in with black ice, which I was able to catch myself before falling upon. Good to get outside, even with the inversion. I told myself that I was breathing the clean air coming out of the canyon instead of the dirty air in the valley.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Planks Work for Me

Haven't done zumba this week, not sure it works for me... time wise it's a 90 minute process and I don't have 90 minutes that I want to devote to one day of exercise. What does work is planks. I've done planks Tuesday, Wednesday, and yesterday. Going to do them again today. It's just 12 minutes to strengthen, tone and define. Diet is going well. I think I'll lose weight better by focusing on diet and not worrying about cardio, more than if I did cardio and didn't eat well. Once the weather warms up I'll be happy to go for a run, but until then, I'm just going to keep cleaning the house and being up and busy all day, with planks to top things off.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Last week I was busy cleaning house and planning a little family party, and thus I hardly exercised at all. I did planks on two days and stretched on 4 days, but no cardio and really not all that much for resistance training either with my just doing planks. Yesterday, now that the party's over, I was really planning on getting back on the exercise wagon, but I didn't make it. Going to go do it this morning, I shall be back by noon with a report...

...Did 12 minutes of 90 second planks. Good job me. Plus stretching and I did a wheel for 1:24

Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Vacation Over

We had the croup around here over the holiday. I did a few workouts here and there, average about every other day. Did Zumba once, two Zwows, planks, and two runs down the ski hill at Brighton. Holidays are over, now it's back to work and to a schedule. I did pretty good at stretching everyday. I have a weird goal for myself this year to learn to do the splits. Small and simple stretches that I do consistently each day should get me there, right? Weight is 146. Going to focus on protein and produce and the Hunger Scale to get below 145 this week. Anyone have advice about stretching and doing the splits?

Did 500 mountain climbers today (50 reps 10x) and then 300 jump squat turns or high knees (30 reps 10x) - about a 20 minute workout, plus stretching.