Thursday, October 27, 2016

Oct 24 - 29

Monday - Upper body today - biceps: curls - 30 reps with 2/12 lbs, 30 with 2/15, triceps: 30 chair dips, 30 extensions with 1/30 lb, shoulders: 30 side raises with 2/10 lbs, upward press with 2/15 lbs. back: reverse push ups 60 reps. chest: push ups - 20 on toes, 40 on knees. My weight this morning was 160.2. Not what I was hoping, but I guess that is why Whole 30 tells you not to weigh yourself, cause then you let the number put you in a good or bad mood (it put me in a bad mood), so I'm going to try to force that out of my head and instead trust that as I keep following this nutritarian lifestyle the weight will come off even if it didn't this week. (...Although I've probably been eating too many dates and pecans...)
Tuesday - treadmill in the morning while Daniel was sleeping - .5 then check on him, .5 again and check on him. .1 and he woke up, nursed for a few minutes, he went back to sleep and the treadmill reset, so not positive on my time, but I was able to finish it up my 2+ miles for the day.
Wednesday - At night did 6 laps around the block, 22 minutes.
Thursday - nothing. My mental discipline has waned a little - ate some skittles and graham crackers today. Wish I would just throw it away, instead feed it to the kids. I don't want to buy it anymore... darn halloween coming up....
Friday - 5 min of planks, phone call, one more minute, phone call, 3 minutes, then Owen came and sat on my head, and then I gave up. for a total of 9
Saturday - nothing. I entered this UC Davis challenge which sounds just like Dr. Fuhrman's eat to live (more info on it here). Thus, I'm beginning a Fuhrman fast today for 21 days (per the challenge) I will make it through Halloween un-contaminated!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Oct 17 - 22

Monday - 159.4 today, woot! Glad to break 160! Eat to live is going AWESOME. So that's four pounds eliminated this past week, 9 pounds gone in the past 3 weeks. 18 lbs if you count the day after delivery. 2 mile jog/run on the treadmill after Wesley got home from school today - finished in 19:22. I think I'll finish my runs as is this week and then next week will put the treadmill on the first incline.
Tuesday - I was going to do upper body today, started with 6 eccentric reverse push ups, then the baby called and I never finished. At 10 pm I did 10 min of planks in my closet, first 8 min normal, the 1 min center and last min 30 sec of each hand
Wednesday - nothing. Feeling sad/frustrated with myself/life today, can't do anything
Thursday - sad again most of today, finally got to exercise at 6 pm and took a bath (with baby and toddler, but better than nothing). Felt a little recharged after that. Did 2 miles in 18:59, Sam's Town album helped me go fast, I was blasting it loud.
Friday - nothing
Saturday - held center plank as long as I could - which probably could have been longer if Owen hadn't been crawling on my head as I planked on the floor. Got 2:28. Then did 30 seconds up on each hand for side planks. Busy weekend, still eating really good. :)

Monday, October 10, 2016

Oct 10 - 15

Monday - Daniel is 3 weeks old and he's at his birth weight again, good job little guy. I'm officially beginning my 6 weeks of Eat to Live today. Weight this morning was 163.6. I'm going to start just weighing myself on Monday mornings again, like I did during the pregnancy. Ran 2 miles on the treadmill at 3:45 pm after the kids got home, a neighbor was holding Daniel for me :) I beat my last time and did it in 19:42!! 162.0 after workout, that's a new low, yay
Tuesday - 9 minutes of planks - 1 min center, 30 sec of side on each hand, 1 min table, 2 min center!, 1 min yoga, 1 min each side, 1 min table
Wednesday - 2 mile run at 3:45pm on Weslo treadmill no incline, 19:36 :)
Thursday - no exercise but eating is going awesome, and I don't feel the normal urgency to exercise to burn off calories when I'm eating so well
Friday - 2 miles this morning before the kids left to school (20 min break half way through to help Abi with spelling homework) 1st mile in 10 min, 2nd mile 11 minutes, good sprints
Saturday -

Monday, October 3, 2016

Oct 3 - 8

Monday - My angel Daniel is 2 weeks old today. Hooray for me, I exercised before 7 a.m. today! Did a 2 mile run on the treadmill, finished in 21:10, that's a new record :) did like 3 one minute sprints and a few 30 and 45 second ones when a minute felt like it would kill me.
Tuesday - Lower body - 12 minutes of planks in the regular circuit, then 3 circuits of 20 reps each of calf raises, squats, and Romanian deadlifts, all with two 30 lb dumbbells.
Wednesday - broke a sweat mowing the back lawn, then the day got away before I could get in a 2 mile run, so I did 100 push ups on my toes, had to take lots of pauses to get through all 100, took me 6:22 to finish
Thursday - 2 mile jog today on the treadmill at 3:45 - I was pushing hard and did 2 miles in 20 minutes! I spent most of the time at a 6 mile speed, but would walk briefly before and after a one minute sprint, which I did 4 times. Good workout!
Friday - nothing
Saturday - nothing
Sunday - almost finished reading Eat to Live, I'm starting my 6 weeks tomorrow