Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ultimate Workout

Monday - Nada
Tuesday - I left the house! Snuck out at 6:45 for a quick 2.5 mile run. :)
Wednesday - Nothing
Thursday - Nada, two more days til Corey is back from Brazil
Friday - Nada
Saturday - I survived, Corey's home, back at it next week, going to do BFL and Marilu - 10 weeks til reunion

We've been cleaning the basement, and yesterday Joseph helped me and we cleared an area for our workouts, and we even drilled and screwed a place for the pull up bar to be down there, which I'm excited about cause I'm sick of it being in the door that goes to the basement, we can never close it. But Joe needs to do his pull ups everyday cause he's working on his Ninja Warrior. So I'm glad that we have a solution now that works for both of us.

So, now that we have an ultimate workout area, Joseph and I are gonna do some ultimate workouts together this summer!

Just had to share this video cause my kids loved it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 19 - 24

Monday - 2 mile jog, 250 walking lunges
Tuesday - 1.3 mile walk/jog, 1 sprint 2:17, best time!
Wednesday - nada
Thursday - nada
Friday - nada
Saturday - nothing. Blah (just one more week til Corey gets back from Brazil)

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12 - May 17

Monday - 1 sprint around the block, I feel so sluggish 2:30. I didn't have time to go for a longer run, so... I also did 500 mountain climbers right after that in the living room. 6:02. Haven't done those for a while, I trust my shoulders will be slightly sore tomorrow.
I still have my P90X dvds, maybe I'll do plyo sometime. 
Tuesday -3 mile jog
Wednesday - sprint 2:23, better. 12 minute circuit in the living room: 30/30 cardio/lunges 12 times
Thursday - 25 minute jog outside. 
Friday - nothing, doh - 20 year reunion is 12 weeks away, that could be a good end goal, gotta find time to make a plan
Saturday - upper body, 12 min planks (90 sec holds)

Week May 5 - May 10

Monday - 3 mile jog
Tuesday - 3 mile jog, 12 minutes of planks
Wednesday - rainy - nothing
Thurs - ditto
Fri - ditto
Sat - ditto.
I coulda/shoulda done a workout inside, I haven't had the mental power to face Zuzka though. I need to get back on it. For me, going for a 20/30 minute run is the easy way out. Need to take the hard way next week - and do some resistance training and bodyweight workouts. They're killers though. Got the weekend to prepare myself mentally

Friday, May 2, 2014


Monday 4/28 - It was a free day for me (birthday) so I played legos with the girls instead of cleaning or working out today. Plus I was still sore from Thursday's lunges, so there's another reason why I didn't exercise
Tuesday 4/29 - almost done being sore, plus it was a busy crazy day.
Wednesday 4/30 - went for a 2 mile run in the morning. Had to pause and walk a few times.
Thursday - 5/1 - went for a 2.5 mile run. I have a brief window to exercise from 7:30 - 8:00, inbetween school carpools. It's working out good with the sun coming up so early, makes it easy to not sleep in, provided it's not a rainy/cloudy day.
Friday - 5/2 - 3 mile run, Had a goal to not stop to walk the whole time, and I did it! Good job me. 30 minute workout, then did my 12 minutes of planks when I got home. Keep it up self!