Monday, March 28, 2016

Mar 28 - Apr 2 (Whole30 Week 1)

Monday -  Mar 28 - Whole30 Day 1!
Weighed myself this morning: 154.8. 14 weeks pregnant today. Then said goodbye to the scale for 30 days, which I think will be a very good thing!
Breakfast 8am - 2 boiled eggs, sweet potato with coconut oil, sugar snap peas
Lunch 1:45 - grilled steak, 1/2 microwaved butternut squash with little bit of coconut oil, large banana, almonds
Dinner 5:30 - chicken and avocado salad with salsa, some zucchini with coconut oil.
8 pm - finished off the zucchini
It's snowing outside, was going to do planks but didn't get to it. Some good news though, I cleaned a lot, the laundry room desk is all cleared off, I actually painted with Abi tonight (something she requests very often that I don't have/make the time for) and almost played a board game with the kids. I'm hoping as we learn to reward ourselves with something other than sugary treats that we'll make more family memories together.

Tuesday - Mar 29 - Day 2
Breakfast 8 am - pink lady apple, 3 kiwi (trying Whole30 with a Marilu twist today)
Brunch 10 am - 2 boiled eggs, sugar snap peas, handful of almonds
Lunch 2 pm - chicken avocado from last night with big bowl of yellow squash w/coconut oil
Snack 4pm - Lara Bar and 14 almonds
Dinner 7:30 - Salmon and steamed broccoli and stir fry veggies
Mood is pretty good, house is clean
12 minutes of planks
took a nap around 3, Owen still doesn't give me a full night

Wednesday - Mar 30 - Day 3
Breakfast 6:30 am - one pink lady apple and 3 kiwi
9:00 - 2 boiled eggs and yellow squash
12:00 - sauteed onions, peppers, squash and steak with salt and lime
3:00 - a few almonds and an egg
6:00 - 5 prunes, almonds, sweet potato with coconut oil and a boiled egg
8:00 - raw red pepper
At 4:00 I went for a walk outside but it was too cold, so came back for a scarf, then decided to just walk on the treadmill, 2 mile walk and a little jogging listening to Imagine Dragons Smoke + Mirrors

Thursday - Mar 31 - Day 4
Breakfast 7 am - 3 kiwi
9:30 - yellow squash with coconut oil, 3 boiled eggs
12:00 - sauteed onions, peppers, squash and steak with salt and lime, raw carrots
3:00 - Apple Lara Bar
4:30 - small bowl of blueberries with unsweetened coconut milk

Monday, March 21, 2016

Mar 21 - 26

Monday - 13 weeks. Got my Whole30 book on Saturday, and I was 100% today. 2 mile walk on treadmill in 36 min, 60 deadlifts with 30 lb dumbbells, 100 back flys with 3 lbs. The book has helped me to do better knowing why they say to do things, like eating just 3 meals a day, which goes against Body for Life and Kristi Approved and most other lifestyles I've tried in recent years. We'll see how it goes though, good stuff
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks (at 11:30 at night, but I did it! two days in a row, yay)
Wednesday - 2.5 mile walk outside. Cold but pretty. Listened to John Denver's "Annie's Song" most of the walk, love ~ "like the mountains in springtime...."
Thursday - 12 minutes of planks
Friday - stretched for 60 min as I read Whole30, prepping myself mentally to stay away from the chocolate treats at a family Easter Egg hunt tomorrow. 
Saturday - Ate totally Whole30 perfect, didn't give into any treats, go me, I can do this, just have to have my mind focused, which will probalby be a daily task. My little sister Beka is starting Whole30 on Monday with me. 20 minutes of stretching

Monday, March 14, 2016

Mar 14 - 19

Monday - 12 weeks, Day 1 of Whole30, almost perfect, 12 minutes of planks
Tuesday - 30 min of yoga, day 2 of Whole30, not perfect but did pretty darn good
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - 2.5 mile walking - pushed the 3 toddlers in the stroller, not fun but I guess it was a good workout, and probably good prep for Trek this summer when we get to go push handcarts.
Friday - 12 minutes of planks, stretching
Saturday - brisk walk downtown on our date to and back to our parking lot after seeing Brian Regan

Monday, March 7, 2016

Mar 7 - 12

Monday - 11 weeks today
Tuesday - 1 mile walk/jog to school with Wes, 12 min of planks
Wednesday - nothing, bought easter candy for a neighborhood hunt next week, had to make 12 eggs for each kid. I ate more than I should of. I'm ready for this metal cottonmouth to be gone, I do not like it. Wish I got some relief from something else besides eating. Maybe I just need to chew and then spit out, cause I'm not hungry, but keep eating to just try to get this taste our of my mouth. Maybe I'll chew ice chips...
Thursday - 100 back flys with 5 lbs weights
Friday - nothing
Saturday - 12 minutes of planks 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Feb 29 - Mar 5

Monday - nothing. but thought I'd mention that today I'm 10 weeks along, we're expecting again, due in September
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks 
Wednesday - 500 modified mountain climbers (didn't tap my toes or bring my knees up, just did toe pulses up and down as I kept my legs straight)
Thursday - nothing
Friday - 3 mile walk/jog
Saturday - 12 minutes of planks