Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nov 23-28 (4 months)

Monday - two 90 second center planks, 45 seconds on each side
Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - Started Cize - Crazy 8s
Thursday  - day 2 of Cize - You got this
Friday - Owen is 4 months old! - Crazy 8s again and 8 count abs (my effort during abs was pretty weak), six 10 second let downs
Saturday - nothing. Had a house full of guests all day

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Nov 16 - 21 (16 weeks)

Monday - Owen is 16 weeks old today. Did 20 minutes of cardio this morning on the treadmill - 1.5 miles walking with 4 one minute sprints during it. Got below 155 today, yay! Ate perfectly
Tuesday - Ate perfectly, 3 minute center plank, 45 second side planks
Wednesday - nothing. Ate perfectly except for a few graham crackers
Thursday  - 4 sprints in the morning on the treadmill plus six 10 second let downs
Friday - nothing, ate a poppy seed muffin = junk food. Also didn't get in my 10 veggies.
Saturday - 2 mile jog outside. Begin fast at 12:30

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Nov 9-14 (15 weeks)

Monday - ate perfectly over the weekend. I've made some new goals for myself. 2 mile jog outside, jogged (and shuffled!) the whole distance, not walking. good job me
Tuesday - ate perfectly, 3 min center plank, 3 min reverse plank, 44 seconds each side hand plank
Wednesday - ate perfectly, little bit of stretching but no real workout, but what can I say, it's a Wednesday.
Thursday -  ate perfectly, 2 mile jog outside after the kids got home from school so they could watch Owen - jogged the whole time. Saw an infomercial for Cize today... Wesley and I were pretty convinced it's the answer to all our problems. ;) just what we need to make it through the coming winter months.
Friday - ate perfectly, only exercise I did was six 10 second "let downs" - the only thing close to a "pull up" that I can do right now. I also watched an infomercial for Cize and it sold me, except I'm pretty sure it'd end up never being used with all my other exercise DVDs. Still might be worth the 60 bucks if it kicks me in gear for a few months. Weight has plateaued at 156 for the past 3 weeks.
Saturday - nothing. ate perfectly, began a fast at noon, will finish at noon tomorrow. I think I'm going to do a 24 hour fast every Saturday to Sunday, cause I can always find something to fast and pray for, and cause I have like 16 years of not fasting very much to make up for.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Nov 2 - 7 (14 weeks)

Monday - Owen is 14 weeks old today. I did not have any Halloween candy this weekend, go me. Bad night with Owen crying last night. I look forward to the day when I get to have 4-5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Made it through the day without a nap and without a bad attitude. For workout today I broke out my old Bodyrock Notebook - Did the Pull up Challenge (But my pull ups were "let downs" each 10 seconds long. 5 let downs = 1 set, did 3 sets. Also did 60 hanging knee raises, then 20 minutes of cardio on the treadmill with four 1 minute high intensity intervals.
Tuesday - A bad night last night again. Working on my attitude. 3 min center plank, 90 sec reverse plank, 90 sec yoga table, 40 seconds left side hand plank, right side 37 seconds, 20 min stretching
Wednesday - stretching
Thursday - 15 minute workout - 1 min walking lunges, 1 minute wall sit, 1 min stretch, repeat 5 times
Friday - 2 mile jog outside, jogged the whole time without stopping, yay
Saturday - nothing, ate perfectly