Thursday, December 27, 2012


So, we've officially told the kids and Corey's mother.  We told the kids there's another baby on the way on Christmas Eve.  Melodie is praying for twins, a boy and a girl, cause she wants to keep the boy-girl ratio even.  Funny.  Corey said "NO praying for twins!!"  Going to tell my mom in a little bit.  I am 11 weeks and 4 days along in my 40 week journey.  Due July 15th. 

I've been so sick this month, it's been quite miserable, but I almost feel normal today and I didn't cough at all last night.  Please let it be over.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Plank Rotations 1 minute

I've been sick the past 2 weeks, but felt I had enough energy yesterday to do 12 minutes of planks.

1 min center plank
1 min side plank left - on elbow
1 min side plank right - on elbow
yoga table

repeat 2 more times - total of 3 times for 12 minutes.

I already felt better after doing them, cause laying around being lazy was making my muscles ache,especially my shoulders, which is where I carry my stress I've been told.  I hate not being able to exercise.

So, 10 weeks along on Monday.  1/4th of the way there!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Repeat 4 times:
  • 10 divebombers
  • 10 push ups on toes
I did 2 sets around 4:00, then we had a busy evening, but are home now and I'm gonna do the next two sets before I go to bed, one set before I brush my teeth, the other set after.

Monday, December 3, 2012

400 Cleaning Lunges

I've been slightly off the wagon, but felt decent today and did 400 walking lunges around my bedroom as I picked up clothes/toys/clutter off the ground.  Along with my exercise program falling flat the past few weeks, my house is also a wreck.  Not a pretty combination, hence the "cleaning lunges"

Corey doesn't want to officially announcing anything till Christmas, but I'm gonna say it here with the assumption that people in my family don't read this exercise blog.  If any of you do, I shall announce something in the way Corey gave a teaser to his Mom yesterday, but she's sharp anyway and I think she already knew cause of my appearance and slightly sluggish demeanor which I tried to hid a little, but kinda hard.  Anyway, Corey was talking with Joe about facebook/instagram and we said "we'll give you $1000 when you're 18 if you don't use it", which Joe turned down, Joe said "Mom said $1000 is nothing." - "Well, not for us, but it's a lot for a teenager."  and Corey said "$1000 isn't a lot when you've got 9 kids..." and he gave his mom a little smile and she caught it (we only currently have 8 children).  Anyway, so I said "So can I tell people now?"  "No, not until Christmas."  blah, ok.  (I'm due July 15th)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Today my body is telling me what I already knew: I'm slackin'.  Last week I was definitely a slacker and I think I've been slacking for a couple of weeks, doing a little bit here and there, but not pushing all that hard or doing it everyday.  Yesterday I did one of my kinda regular workouts when I was being regular - was going to do 400 walking lunges but switched it to 300 lunges with 100 deadlifts, half of the lunges done holding 30 lbs, deadlifts with 60 lbs.  And now my legs are super duper sore.  doh!  I will do this workout again next Monday and see how much my soreness decreases.  Here's my basic weekly workout for the next 2 months, cause it's the holidays and I need something simple, basic, routine, cause holidays are always busy. 

Monday - 400 reps Lower body (lunges and deadlifts)
Tuesday - 40 divebombers & 12 minutes of planks
Wednesday - Yoga stretching
Thursday - 12 minutes of planks & bridge
Friday - 1000 stairs &
Saturday - 12 minutes of planks & handstand

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Body For Life Success Journal

I found and bought a totally unused Body for Life Success Journal at the local thrift store last week.  Pretty excited.  Probably mostly just excited to have another way of recording and trying again to make myself follow a plan, which said task I've been really slacking at the past 2 weeks.  Did my workout yesterday, didn't follow my diet plan, but the Halloween candy is almost gone, so another day and I'll be good.  I did 12 minutes of planks and a 2 mile run, going to do upper body today. 

60 push ups
60 assisted pull ups
60 bicep curls
60 chair dips
60 shoulder press

The BFL way of working out really is so simple and easy, it takes the hard part out of planning workouts, which since that seems to be half the battle for me would make it seem like it's the perfect solution right?  I just need to commit myself to do it and stop trying to be creative, since that leads to mediocre or no workouts.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Little Bit of This...

Little bit of that...

40 clapping push ups on knees
3 minute center plank
1 minute hand stand
1 minute hand side plank each side
60 deadlifts
200 walking lunges
Some Yoga Stretching...

How's the battle with Halloween candy going at your house?  Here we had 8 kids trick or treating for 2+ hours, so that's 16 hours of gathering junk food door to door... = Lots o junk
I'll probably let my kids pig out on their junk food tonight and get it over with / get it out of here.  It's ruining my efforts to not live in a unhealthy sabotaged environment.

Thanksgiving is next!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

40 & 400

Try to hold a one arm plank (up on your hand, not elbow) for as long as you can.  I was able to do each side for 45 seconds on Monday, going to try and improve my time.  Or if your a beginner, do the plank and rotate below for atleast 1 minute
Other thank some planks on Monday, I haven't done anything this week.  Been busy with the Reflections program at my kids school.  No better way to repent than with 40 divebombers and 400 lunges.  Here I go to make penitence. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

40 Divebombers

Timed myself for 40 divebombers -

First did 10 - 0:57
then to 20 - 2:59
then to 30 - 4:48
Finished 40 - 7:54

Going to try to beat my time next time!

ZWOW #39

Grab a dumbbell - Z used 15 lbs, I used 25 (didn't want to go downstairs to grab a different size)

3 rounds for time, 1 round =
  • 50 side hops over dumbbell
  • 20 Spider kick outs alternate
  • 10/ea leg - back lunge knee up hops
  • 10/ea leg - static lunge one arm press up
Z's time = 12:24
My time = 10:12

Then I did a bonus of 40 divebombers right after - time 7:54

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Yoga Morning Routine

Saw this on Pinterest - Like!  Going to have this be my Good Night Routine right now too ~

Monday, October 15, 2012

ZWOW 38 - Sweat Shred

Grab a 15 lb. dumbbell - Complete 3 rounds for time.  1 round =
  • 8x (5 jump lunges + 1 burpee)
  • 20 dumbbell swings left arm
  • 20 dumbbell swings right arm
  • 20 side crunch left
  • 20 side crunch right
My score:
round 1 - 4:40
round 2 - 9:45
round 3 - 14:58
I beat Z!  Her time was 15:45

Friday, October 12, 2012

Game On

I've been off my game this week.  I think it's partly Nicole's fault - cause she's on her game and been going to spinning class every morning, I think she somehow absorbed all my umph through the phone.  I also slightly attribute it to being female and it being the week of the month, but I'm going to get moving again today.
Clearing my mind of "Can't" (...for a few weeks anyway.)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Three 40s

40 divebombers
40 assisted pull ups
40 hanging knee raises
took me 16:57

Thursday, October 4, 2012

ZWOW #37

Do 6 rounds - Set gymboss to 30 sec intervals, this workout is 12 minutes
Do each exercise for 30 seconds back to back

1 round =
  • Santana Push Ups 
  • Side Hops 
  • Santana Push Ups 
  • Squat Jumps
Video here

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cardio Purgatory

I just did these exercises throughout the day - 10 here, 10 there, until I reached 100 for each:
  • 100 burpees
  • 100 jump lunges
  • 100 deadlifts
  • 100 assisted pull ups
I seem to be having a harder time setting apart a time to workout, so this strategy worked good today!  I'm done with the burpees and jump lunges, off to finish the rest.  :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sleeping Baby Workout

We have a guest sleeping in the basement for the next month, so my morning workout area had to be moved to our bedroom. This morning my baby was still sleeping but I was able to do ZWOW 36 from yesterday without waking up my baby by changing the 4 point hops into 4 point lunges.  Give it a go, it's a silent low impact workout. 
Sophi giving me a "you can do it" cheer with her fist in the air

It really doesn't take much to get in shape cause it's mostly diet!  Watch what you eat, and with regards to that, it's not about will-power, it's about creating the right environment.  Get your home food environment right to help you resist temptation (aka don't buy it!)  

Monday, October 1, 2012

ZWOW #36 - Push it to the Max

Last week was crazy busy, so I pretty much slacked with working out.  Hooray for new week's resolutions cause today (tonight, it's 10:00 pm) I'm getting back on the wagon with ZWOW #36

Time yourself for 3 rounds
1 round =
  • 10 Four point hops (Insanity globe jumps)
  • 10 Four point punches (punch to each foot then across your chest with each arm)
  • 10 One arm & One Leg planks (alt)
  • 10 weighted thrusters (low squat then thrust up into shoulder press)
Zuzka's time = 11:20
Video Here

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ZWOW 5 Revisited

Just did ZWOW 5 again.  I used two 15 lb dumbbells.  But instead of doing 4 rounds of this:
  • 10 Bicep Curls with Shoulder Press
  • 30 Medicine Ball Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Sumo Deadlift w/upright row
  • 5 Competition Burpee

I did 2 rounds of this (cause I didn't feel like counting rounds, I would have just gone straight through if I as able to do 40 reps of the curls/presses):
  • 20 Bicep Curls with Shoulder Press
  • 60 Medicine Ball Mountain Climbers
  • 20 Sumo Deadlift w/upright row
  • 10 Competition Burpee

My time was 10:48.  And I also did a 3 minute 6 count burpee buy in before I started, so since I did that first, the 10 burpees at the end of each round wasn't so bad. Pretty sweet.  The bicep curls/shoulder presses were brutal. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Healthy Habits

I was busy today with life, but mostly decorating, I was spray painting lots and making fall decorations.  So, it's time to get ready for bed, so while the kids were having a snack of rolls and milk before bedtime I did a quick 10 minute workout - repeat the following circuit set 10 times:
  • 50 mountain climbers
  • 10 deadlifts (I held two 30 lb dumbbells)
It took me about a minute to do a set, so took me 10 minutes.  500 mountain climbers and 100 deadlifts total.  Quick workout, but I did it. 

I agree with Zuzka who said once that exercising is a hygiene like brushing your teeth, you just gotta do it and I don't feel complete if I don't do it.  It's an important habit to establish.  And speaking of habits, here's a good quote I heard at church on Sunday from the book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg:

Habits, scientists say, emerge because the brain is constantly looking for ways to save effort. Left to its own devices, the brain will try to make almost any routine into a habit, because habits allow our minds to ramp down more often.

Habits aren’t destiny. Habits can be ignored, changed, or replaced. But the reason the discovery of the habit loop is so important is that it reveals a basic truth: When a habit emerges, the brain stops fully participating in decision making. It stops working so hard, or diverts focus to other tasks. So unless you deliberately fight a habit— unless you find new routines— the pattern will unfold automatically.

Anyone can use this basic formula to create habits of her or his own. Want to exercise more? Choose a cue, such as going to the gym as soon as you wake up, and a reward, such as a smoothie after each workout. Then think about that smoothie, or about the endorphin rush you’ll feel. Allow yourself to anticipate the reward. Eventually, that craving will make it easier to push through the gym doors every day.
So, go make a plan, establish a new habit, and you'll feel great cause you'll also be helping your brain relax.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

ZWOW #35 - Sweat Everywhere

Another great workout from Zuzka ~
3 rounds for time - 1 round =
  • 10 overhead squat with leg lift (with two 15 lb dumbbells)
  • 10 competition burpees
  • 10 pistol squats (5 each leg alternating)
  • 40 chair hops
  • 10 dive bombers

video here
zuzka's time - 3 rounds in 12:39
My time - 12:58

As I started my last divebombers it was 12:00, so I was just shooting to finish before 13, pushed hard and did it :) And now I definitely need to go stretch out my arms/shoulders, holy schmoly, woo.

You ready?  Steady - go!

(btw, I think putting divebombers right after the chair hops is pure cruelty for our arms!)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pull Ups

The P90X program incorporates a lot of pullups.  When I did P90X, at my best I was able to do 3 unassisted pull ups.  Yesterday I was able to do one.  Going to see how long it takes me to work myself up to 3 and see maybe if I can do even more, like 5 maybe? 
I hadn't done them for quite a while, but then did 50 assisted pullups yesterday which was great, I can feel my back got a good workout.  The dumbbell pulls from ZWOW 34 work the same muscles in a different way, and I enjoyed those, so I think I'll incorporate those too.

Today was crazy busy and it's late and so I'm just going to do 40 divebombers as quickly as possible and planks while the kids floss and brush.  Doing a 400 lunge workout tomorrow.  :)

Dr. Oz's Green Drink

We had a great lesson at church this past Sunday about the Word of Wisdom which basically is the Lord's law of heath - simple rules to the wise for a longer life.  There are several things we are taught NOT to do, but doesn't stop there, there are things you SHOULD DO too!  So that was what the lesson focused on - DO eat herbs, fruit, meat sparingly and with thanksgiving, and grains.  She printed up Dr. Oz's green drink recipe for us, so I added it to my grocery list and I always run errands on Monday so yesterday I got all the goods and am going to made this drink everyday.  Yesterday I got Joe to try it, but that was it for the older kids.  Younger kids - Lily wasn't around, she would have tried it.  But Sophia -

She gives it two enthusiastic chubby cheeks up.
She was lappin' it up!

I did add a few drops of stevia, and I didn't just do the lime and lemon juice, I peeled it and threw the whole thing in, seeds and all.  Mmm!  Glad I have a power blender (my kids love the Will it Blend? videos)

Here is the recipe for it that he has on his website:
Make the breakfast drink that Dr. Oz swears by! This "green drink" is high in fiber, low-calorie and rich in vitamins:
Dr. Oz's Green Drink
2 cups spinach
2 cups cucumber
1 head of celery
1/2 inch or teaspoon ginger root
1 bunch parsley
2 apples
Juice of 1 lime
Juice of 1/2 lemon
Combine all ingredients in a blender. This makes approximately 28-30 ounces, or 3-4 servings.

but - the "head" of celery confused me - he didn't say a stalk of celery, but that would be just way to much to put the whole head in, right?  This was a helpful facebook comment by Maureen Burns, she said this was the recipe that Dr. Oz originally gave to Oprah:

Dr. Oz Green Drink Recipe.
2 apples, cored.
2 big handfuls of spinach.
1/2 cup of chopped parsley.
1 celery stick, chopped.
1 thumbnail length of ginger root, peeled.
1 lemon - juice only (use peel slice for zest).
1 medium cucumber.
Place ingredients in a blender, add 4 oz. spring water or a handful of ice cubes, then puree quickly for one minute. Makes two glasses of Dr. Oz’s green drink.

The green drink has a strong taste and if you are used to drinking soda or sweet tea, the taste will take some getting used to. Dr. Oz suggests adding other items at first to sweeten the green drink to your taste.

Green drink – Optional ingredients:
2nd cucumber
raw carrot
unsweetened fruit juice.

I'm going to try to keep her eating healthy her whole life, we'll just avoid that whole fruit-loops route that throws off all their good baby habits.  Go Sophi!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MWO & Vivace

So, for My Work Out for today (MWO) I did

50 dumbell swings (with one 25 lb dumbell)
50 push ups on my toes (went slow, but I did it!)
50 hanging knee raises with a twist (I've got these "perfect pull up" hanging thingys below)
50 assisted pull ups (forearms were burning)

Then, as I blog-surfed over to Fitness in Reverse, where I linked to Vivace fitness, so I just did one round of Vivace #26

Good stuff!  And I'm done for today!

Monday, September 17, 2012

ZWOW #34 - Beg For It To End

This workout is a shoulder burner for sure!!

3 rounds for time, 1 round =
  • 20 Squat Hops (two 15 lb dumbells)
  • 20 Bent Over Rows (two 15 lb dumbells)
  • 20 Walking Lunges (two 15 lb dumbells)
  • 20 Plank Pulls (one 40 lb dumbell) 
Video here
Zuzka's time 14:02
My time: 14:03  :)
I did 40 lbs for all 3 rounds of the plank pulls, but I think mine slid a lot easier on the carpet than Zuzka's did on that rubber floor she was working on. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Staying Young

One of the reasons exercise is important to me is so that I can stay trim and strong enough to keep up with my kids.  That's for right now - the bonus will be that hopefully I'll still be able to still keep up with them and their kids too in another 40 years.  40 years from now will put me at 76 years old.  A friend from high school who I played soccer with posted these pictures of her parent's, 73 and 75, hiking Rattlesnake Gulch with her through Ashdown Gorge - that's a 10 mile hike!  

That's gonna be me, baby!  Staying young to me means being able to move your body in the ways your brain tells it to, so keep those muscles strong and stretched and your joints moving, don't get stiff, stay young and limber.  

I'm going to go do some yoga now ~ :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

ZWOW #33

15 Minute AMRAP

10 Side Lunge Burpees (alternate side lunges, so 5 each side)
10 Pulse Squat Jumps (10 pulses + 1 jump = 1 rep)
10 James Bond Lunges
15 Side Plank Leg Lift - plank up on your hand, not elbow - (move your lifted foot to back then front again = 1 rep, do 15 each side)

video here
Z got 3 rounds + 1 side lunge burpee

I didn't do it along with her, I'm going to do it tonight and I'm gonna beat her score!!!  (fingers crossed)

~~ Later ~~

Ok, those pulse jumps were brutal.  I think my form wasn't perfect with the james bond lunges, and re-watching her video I also probably should have kept my legs straighter during the leg lifts, but still, I did pretty good!  In the 15 minutes I finished 3 rounds, 10 burpees, and 6 pulse jumps.  I finished up that round and so did 4 rounds in 17:09.  Great workout!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Killer 600

Today's workout: do this 150 rep circuit 4 times
  • 50 walking lunges with bicep curls (two 12 lb dumbells)
  • 30 Supergirl planks
  • 50 deadlifts (w/two 30 lbs dumbells)
  • 20 Spider Woman Push ups
Here's the Spider Woman Push Ups

and the Supergirl Plank & Reach
Good luck!
--- Later after the torture---
Ugh, sometimes I wish I do it before I post it, cause after 2 rounds I was ready to bailout. I was thinking "2 rounds, 14 minutes, that's good enough" but then I said "no, keep going" then I almost died during the 3rd round and kept getting interrupted by kids (was kinda grateful for the interruptions though so I could catch my breath and ease my muscles), so 3 rounds I was at 24 minutes.  The Push ups were the hardest for me, good thing there was only 20 of them.  Come on, that's really good enough right, but my conscience wouldn't let me quit then cause I titled this Killer 600, not killer 450. (stupid title), so I finished it up at 34 minutes.  And I was shaky and so glad it was over!!!  Wasn't quite feeling like a soldier this time, felt wasted. I was frowning and I meant it, hence today's workout song.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

12 Minutes of Planks

Been a little off the wagon with my planks lately, but I did them last night as I waited for the kids to brush teeth and get in pjs before scripture reading.  I did 3 min center plank on carpet, not the yoga mat, which is harder cause my toes want to slide, so I think it works a few extra muscles.  Then 1 minute side planks alternating 3 times, so 6 minutes there, then a 3 minute reverse plank,
...which I sometimes switch to table top and table with leg lift to help the time pass, it's a burner for sure.  I also usually let my head hang back/relax when I do it.
I found those images on Sensational Yoga Poses - looks like a good site!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

100 Burpees Like A Soldier!

My workout for the day, doing burpees to the Killers and feeling like a soldier!

Do 10 rounds
1 round =
  • 10 burpees
  • 10 high knees 
  • 10 jump lunges
  • 10 jumping jacks
I had several interruptions from the kids as I did this, so I didn't time myself, and overall it took me 45 minutes to finish all 100.  I'm going to work on making sure I do the recovery squat properly when I do burpees - Here is a video showing proper form for a 6 count burpee, which is what I'm referring to if I say "burpee"

Monday, September 3, 2012

ZWOW #32 - Show Me Your Strength

Equipment: Two 25 lb. dumbbells, chair, exercise mat

Do 3 rounds
1 round =
  • 60 Side Hops (over your dumbbells)
  • 10 Chair Dips
  • 10 Broad Jumps
  • 5 Thrusters w/weights (10 mini pulse with 1 Thrust = 1 rep)
  • 10 Russian Twists (heels on ground holding 1 weight)
* Bonus *  1 mile or 8 minute run

Zuzka's time 9:55 for workout, then add the 8 min run
Video Here

Friday, August 31, 2012

500 Mountain Climbers & Planks

Here's another quick workout - 10 minutes, set your gymboss for 1:00

Each minute on the minute do 50 mountain climbers, then hold a center plank or side plank (alternate sides) for the rest of the time until the gymboss beeps, then do 50 mountain climbers again, repeat for 10 minutes or 500 mountain climbers.  Here's a good video showing how to do Mountain Climbers properly:

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

180 Jump Squats

I was sick Monday thru this morning, but I'm feeling better now so did a quick 400 lunges workout without weights:

Set gymboss to 1:00 and start your timer - Each minute on the minute do 3 burpees - or - 10 "Run Squat 180 Jump Switch" (that's a P90X move)
Then keep track of your lunges in between and keep going till you've done 400 lunges. 

I finished 400 lunges at 18:03, but then did 10 more Burpees just to top it off.

Good workout, hoping to feel back on the wagon cause I've been feeling lethargic and hammered, no fun to feel lousy.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Be Content With Your Body

I loved the last paragraph of this post over at Angry Trainer Fitness -

"I know how hard we can be on ourselves, but really, will you be any better as a person if your stomach is tighter? Do you think people will like or love you more? I know what you feel, really I do. I just wish we would all learn how to love what we have rather than focus on what we don’t."

Love it!  That's something I've learned but am still trying to master, and an idea I hope to share with this blog - your body is great, love it!  Go ahead and strive to make it even more awesome, but love it everyday along the way.

I had my breakthrough with this idea last year when my friend Shannon passed away.  She had been active for years hiking, biking, running marathons, you name it.  She was strong and in great health (especially considering she was a breast cancer survivor) but didn't have an amazing body or killer abs like I was coveting on others.  Still, she was still my hero in every way.  Then her cancer came back and she was so sick, she lost all her energy and also lost a lot of weight.  She now had that "thin" body on the outside, but her vibrant active life was over. She passed away a few months later.

When she died, I was working off the baby weight of my 4 month old.  Even though I was carrying an extra 30 pounds, I could do everything and anything I wanted, except fit into my small tight fitting clothes.  And was that really that big of a deal?  My friend was skinny now, but I was sure she'd trade me places to have her active and healthy functioning body back.  Was I happy to be where I was?  It made me think - what do I need to be happy?  Would I rather be carrying around an extra 15 pounds but be able to go running and hiking?  Or would I rather be thin and skinny and fit into size 4 jeans, but be sick and frail?

It was a wake up call for me and I finally really got it - I understood a little bit more how to be content with my body.  Enjoy where you are!  Enjoy what you can do! Choose to be happy now.  It's good to strive and work, it's also good to be content and focus on what you have over what you lack. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

ZWOW #31 - Circuit Sweat

Did this one today and ugh, I was feeling super sluggish and didn't have a lot of gusto to do it, but I just kept moving and pushed, and slowly but surely finished it - yippie!

Loved the style of the workout - with 10, 20, 30 etc increased reps. 

3 rounds for time - 1 round =
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 20 Burpees
  • 30 Jump Squats
  • 40 Mountain Climbers
  • 50 Sit Ups

Zuzana got about 16 minutes, I got 27.  Pretty slow.  But we've had visitors in town and have been making cookies and eating chocolate chips.  I know, excuses excuses. 

Video here.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

ZWOW #1 with Pistols!

I did it, I did ZWOW #1 and I did it with the pistol squats this time, pretty proud of myself.  My time was 24:02

They were modified pistol squats, mind you - I sat down on the couch after pulling off a cushion, so it was really low.  I know I'll have to work up to doing it without being able to sit at the bottom of each rep.  Still, like I said, proud of myself for doing it!  Definitely harder than a 1 minute wall squat.

and I got that image above from a blog I just stumbled upon "God In Fitness" which I am going to explore around but I think I'm gonna love it!  I've got a spiritual blog and a fitness blog, I love that they combined them in one, God and Health are two of the things I am most passionate about.  Like!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

20 Exercise

For my workout today I did a 20 minute workout by doing each of the following exercises for 1 minute (with a quick break to write down my reps after each minute) - I tried to do an "on the floor" exercise followed by a standing or cardio exercise:

  1. Dive Bombers
  2. Jump Lunges
  3. Mountain Climbers
  4. Jumping Jacks
  5. Plank Jacks
  6. Deadlifts (two 30 lbs)
  7. Wall Touch
  8. 180 Jump Touch
  9. Plank Rows (30 lbs)
  10. High Knees
  11. Left Side Plank Lift
  12. Skaters
  13. Right Side Plank Lift
  14. Burpees
  15. Dragon Lunges
  16. Mule Kick w/Jump Squats
  17. Squat Jumps
  18. Center Plank hold
  19. Walking Lunges
  20. Plank Row/Knee Tuck
It was a good workout and I'm feeling happy and fit.  Going to do some Boat Pose Yoga tonight too, hoping to improve my posture ~

Monday, August 20, 2012

20 Minute Lunge & Deadlift Challenge

Even though I was sore for 5 days, I did enjoy my 400 lunges challenge last week that I gave myself.  Going to do a repeat of it today but alternating in Deadlifts with two 30 lbs dumbbells.  Looks like this:

Set Timer for 20 minutes

Set Gymboss to 1:00

Every minute, on the minute, do 5 Half Burpees (or 3 standard burpees (that means with the push-up))
Then after your burpees, do walking Lunges. then ~
Beep - do burpees again, followed by Deadlifts
Beep - do burpees again, followed by walking lunges again
Beep - do burpees again, followed by Deadlifts again

Get the picture? 

I'll be listening to this song during my workout, on repeat for 20 minutes -

Then I'll go take a shower and get dressed and get to the million things I should do today (since it's almost 1pm, yikes!) ~ have a great day!

Update - my arms are sooo sweaty.  I had a telephone call after 10 minutes, paused my timer, thought I started it again after I was off the phone but I didn't so I think I added 4 minutes in there without being timed - 24 minutes baby!  Ooh I'm drippin', woo, gonna go stretch.

Nicole, I'm training you when you get here, so watch out!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Angry Trainer Workout

This is a workout from the Angry Trainer that I modified just a little bit (I am going to do both sides of an exercise (like gladiator) rather than do one side each round cause if I tried it that way I know I'd forget if I'm on the left or right side.)

Set your gymboss for 10/20 and do each
1 round (7 minutes) -
  • Little People (stay in low squat, low left lung forward
  • Hip Drive (dumbbell swing)
  • Gladiator
  • - other side Gladiator
  • Bottom Burpee
  • One Legged Jumps (back lunge with knee up jump)
  • - other leg One legged jumps
  • Swiss Ball Twist Roll Ins
  • Dumbbell Snap (pull with the elbow in a row, then press up)
  • - other side Dumbell Snap
  • Rocking Abs
  • Bird Dogs (knee to elbow under and extend)
  • - other side Bird Dogs
  • Burpee Jump Squats
Rest 10 seconds and repeat 2, 3 or even 4 sets if you can handle it!

Friday, August 17, 2012

ZWOW #30

My legs are still sore from my 400 lunges on Monday.  Guess I haven't been keeping up with keeping them worked as much as I thought.  But I was able to do Zuzka's workout of the week (Zwow) today - Zwow 30 today which is a "beat your time" of Zwow 1.

Complete as 3 rounds for time
1 round =

  • Dive bombers (10x)
  • 5 Burpees
  • Squat with Side Leg Lift (20/20)
  • 5 Burpees
  • Side Plank Lift (10/10)
  • 5 Burpees
  • Pistol Squat (10x)
  • 5 Burpees
I didn't do pistol squats, I did a 1 minute wall squat each round instead.  But I think my hips have issues that could be helped if I did do pistol squats, so I'm gonna start doing them modified and try to work my way up.  I'll just do them on the stairs.
As for my time... my timer got stopped by the baby at the end of round 2, then I got pulled away so there was a 10 minute interruption in the middle of it.  Annoying, but sometimes I annoy Sophia too, as you can tell by the look she's giving me here.
haha - So we just grin and bear it.  :)  Still, love short and intense workouts that just use your bodyweight, you can even do a lot of them barefoot like this guy did ~ His pistol squats are awesome, great job!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Here's my hubby in 2002 when we were both Body-for-LIFE-ing together. He was pretty proud of his abs. I was too. I've told him I'd like them this year for my Christmas present (giving him a few months to get on it)
He's always been a slender fellow, still is lean looking, but his shoulders are a little slumped these days from years of crouching over a lap top and having a heavy yoke to bear. I keep trying to get him to workout with me - "It's just 20 minute of torture, sweetie, that's all!" He'd rather go to the gym though, where he can zone out his brain watching tv as he runs on the treadmill. His poor little brain is already so overworked. Still, we'll see if I get my Christmas wish!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blueberry Protein Shake

These are my new favorites -

1/2 c. water
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
2 c. blueberries
5 drops vanilla stevia
6 ice cubes (or 12 half filled for easier blending)
2 tsp Konsyl

protein powder 90 cal
2 cups blueberries 140 calories
Konsyl 6 calories
Total - 236 calories

(side note - I read blueberries might help me overcome my thorn in the flesh. I drink tons of water and exercise, doesn't make a difference. Hoping these blueberry shakes work, plus adding some Konsyl psyllium.)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Walking Lunge and Burpee Challenge

Time yourself for 400 Lunges with 3 burpees each minute on the minute - GO!

My time 16:44, so that means I did 400 walking lunges (no weights) and 48 burpees total. And I'm sweatin'! Finally I can go shower for today before hubby comes home from work

Do It!

"Welcome the task that makes you go beyond yourself and you will grow."
-Sister Julie B. Beck's mother's Motto - reference here.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Pyramid Workout

5 minute bodyweight only workout

3 minute buy in of Burpees
1 minute each of ~
  • Crab
  • bicycle
  • T-up alternate
  • Plank wall touch
  • Mountain climber
  • Wall Squat
Then repeat it all 1 minute each in reverse order
  • Wall Squat
  • Mtn Climber
  • Plank Wall Touch
  • T-up alt
  • Bicycle
  • Crab

4 Week Workout Program

Ok Hermana, this one is for you ~ Get your gymboss ready



Monday - Repeat this circuit 3x
  • Mountain Climbers (20 sec)
  • Burpees (20 sec)
  • Prison Squats (20 sec)
  • Regular Push Ups (20 sec)
  • Rest 30 seconds
Tuesday - High Intensity Cardio
Run on Treadmill our outside - repeat this circuit 3x
  • 1 minute at max speed (8 mph) or High intensity
  • 2 minutes at moderate speed (5 mph)
  • 5 minutes at slow pace/walk (2 mph)
  • rest 30 seconds

If doing this in your home, you can do this circuit 3x:

  • 1 minute jump knee tucks
  • 2 minutes high knees
  • 5 minutes jog in place
Wednesday - repeat Monday
Thursday - repeat Tuesday
Friday - repeat Monday
Saturday - active rest


Monday - Repeat this circuit 3x
  • Plank (20 sec)
  • Squat Hold (20 sec)
  • Explosive Push Ups (20 sec)
  • Ball Pass Crunches (20 sec)
  • Rest 30 seconds
Tuesday - High Intensity Cardio - repeat 4x
  • Hook - Upper Cut - Front Kick (20 sec)
  • High Power Jumps (20 sec)
  • rest 30 seconds

Wednesday - repeat Monday
Thursday - repeat Tuesday
Friday - repeat Monday
Saturday - active rest


Monday - Repeat this circuit 3x

  • Dreya Roll (20 sec)
  • Side Plank Left (20 sec)
  • Side Plank Right (20 sec)
  • Crunches on Ball (20 sec)
  • Diamond Push Ups (20 sec)
  • Rest 30 seconds
Tuesday - High Intensity Cardio - repeat 4x
  • Power Jacks (20 sec)
  • High Knees (20 sec)
  • rest 30 seconds

Wednesday - repeat Monday
Thursday - repeat Tuesday
Friday - repeat Monday
Saturday - active rest


Monday - Repeat this circuit 3x

  • Jack Knife on Ball (20 sec)
  • Plank on Ball (20 sec)
  • Spiderman Push Up (20 sec)
  • Crunchy Frog(20 sec)
  • Rest 30 seconds
Tuesday - High Intensity Cardio - repeat 4x
  • Squat Jumps (20 sec)
  • Jump Rope (20 sec)
  • rest 30 seconds

Wednesday - repeat Monday
Thursday - repeat Tuesday
Friday - repeat Monday
Saturday - active rest

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Before and After

In 2002 we took a vacation to Disney World.  After we got home, we watched a video of our adventure, at which time I experienced my first smack in the face of "Oh my gosh, is that what I LOOK LIKE!?! oh no..."
"Please tell me that is not what I look like, cause that person in that video is not who I see in the mirror... is that what everyone else sees? That is NOT me..."
Having babies has definitely been the main factor in me realizing I didn't know how to be healthy. And I needed to figure it out pronto, cause I did not want to look like that person in the vacation video.

I seriously didn't know how to be healthy. After my 3rd child was born, my lack of knowledge was becoming very evident in my face and body.
With the first 3 babies I had just continued my high school and newlywed way of diet and exercise which basically was eat fat-free food as much as I wanted (like fat free fig newtons, pretzels, and redvine licorice, yeah - I was clueless) and go jogging now and then if I ate fattening chocolate. I was a size 12 all through high school and was happy when I got back to size 12 after the first 2 babies.

After baby 3, I read Marilu Henner's book Total Health Makeover that taught me how to eat, and it was a way that really worked for me. I exercised the Body for Life way, and experienced a total paradigm shift and was amazed with myself when I reached a size 6. As a teenager I had labeled myself "I am a big boned soccer player, I am size 12, that's who I am." I was totally on the ball after that and with babies 4 and 5 (top weight pregnant with 4 was 164, with #5 was 167

After my 8th, I got to size 4/6 again - no full body shot but think my face here shows that I'm figuring it out and working at it.

In summer 2015 I had my 10th. We spent about 4 months of that pregnancy in Brazil. I got up to 190 this last pregnancy. Baby was 8.1. He's almost 3 months old and I weigh 157 now and am slowly getting it off - slow and steady. I've been eating super healthy the past month but baby doesn't like my skim milk much so he's not nursing much.

As the cute kids kept coming, I tried out different things - gym membership, Pilates, Spinning class, a half marathon, P90X, Kristi Approved/Live the Live, Insanity ~ I was always in search of a workout program that would work as a lifestyle for me as busy mom.
I enjoy Zuzka workouts that I can do at home and usually do some modified version of those now. Keeping my workouts to about 20 minutes and eating healthy to clear my clog.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tiff's 250 & Planks

Instead of doing 12 minutes of planks Mon/Wed/Fri, I'm doing 6 minutes each day. Did center and reverse planks yesterday, each 1x for 3 minutes. Today I did left and right side planks 1x for 3 minutes each, (those are killer.)

Then I did this workout creation by yours truly:
  • 50 Half Burpees
  • 50 Deadlifts w/two 30 lb dumbbells
  • 50 Divebombers
  • 50 Plank wall Touch (1 rep = touch wall 2x, once with each hand)
  • 50 Jump Lunges
My time was 18:48 and I'm beat!

This is how my reps went (if this makes sense ~ I just did as much as I could of an exercise then did whichever different one until I completed 50 of each)

1) 25 Half burpees
2) 10 Divebombers
3) 25 Jump Lunges
4) 10 Divebombers
5) 25 Deadlifts
6) 25 Plank Wall Touch
7) 25 Jump Lunges (done)
8) 10 Divebombers
9) 25 Deadlifts (all done)
10) 10 Divebombers
11) 25 Plank Wall Touch (done!)
12) 25 Half Burpees (done!)
13) 10 Divebombers (ALL done!!!)

Monday, August 6, 2012

130 LB Hurdle

I am pleased to announce that I broke through the 130 lb barrier yesterday, I weighed in at 129.6! This is a great place to be. Also impressed with myself that I got here after a week of vacation. Of course I was sick with some nasty bug that cleansed out my digestive system very well, so that probably contributed. yesterday I participated in my church's monthly 1st Sunday of the month fast, so I'm sure not eating for 24 hours helped too, but still... Woohoo!!

I'm committed to being fit, I love it.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

ZWOW #28 - Bodyweight Bombshell

Love love love these workouts - intense, quick, and effective!

I was just here at my computer watching this video and writing it down so I could go do it, then Zuzka started and even though I was here barefoot and in my pj pants, I tried out each one and could do them okay, so I did it too with her. I just followed along with whatever she was doing - I could do the dragon kicks faster but was slower on the reptile push ups, so I'd get ahead and keep going, or keep going to try and catch up. I did 3 rounds. :)

10 minute AMRAP
(As many Rounds as Possible in 10 minutes)

1 round =
  • 20 Dragon Lunge Kicks - 10 reps each leg
  • 20 Alternate Jump Lunges
  • 15 Pike Jumps (like a Mule Kick with a Jump Squat)
  • 10 Reptile Push Ups (right knee, left knee, & push up)

Go do it RIGHT NOW!

Diet Tips

I'd say the #1 key to keeping diet on track is ENVIRONMENT! You've got to create the right environment in your home/office if you want to lose weight (which is why I took a small sample of the delicious chocolate brownies at Costco today but did not buy the container dozens of them, or I would have eaten them all). In my own words, here's great advice from Dr. Phil's book The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution

It's not about motivation or will power - you've got to create the right environment for yourself or you will not succeed. Make a Plan! Dr. Phil gives this example in his book: Imagine if you were traveling on a plane and the pilot suddenly passed out and YOU were the one who had to land the plane safely or you and everyone would die. You would be HIGHLY motivated and have a lot of will to want to land that plane, right? Yes. But without the proper skills and knowledge, that "will power" isn't going to get you there and you are going to crash and burn.

Same thing with diet.

You've got to have the skills and knowledge to succeed. One of those keys is ENVIRONMENT. You've got to have the right environment at home. Buy vegetables and buy fruit, buy healthy food and DON'T BUY THE JUNK food or things that you know you crave or are a weakness for you. I can resist the foods on the grocery shelf when I'm shopping much more than I can if it's in my pantry, so don't put it in your pantry!
Which brings us to tip #2 - Earlier this year while watching Biggest Loser (the kids and I kinda like that show) the nutritionist took them to the grocery store and told them all this:

When you go shopping, pretend your cart is your stomach. You want to fill it up first with fresh produce, your veggies and fruit, so put those in your cart first, then your proteins and healthy oils, and last the carbs.

...or pretend your basket is your stomach - if you're not feeding a big family like me :)

That tip has totally helped me to stay on target when I go grocery shopping so I don't make things harder for myself here at home. Fill it with the produce first! Before I'd wait till the end to do that cause I don't want to squish the tomatoes or grapes, but that let me to overloading on unnecessary stuff - better to get the essential veggies and fruit first and really load up on them.

Let's get that fat off. And remember, it's possible to get there with Z's intense 10-15 minute workouts, because Abs are 70% diet, 30% Exercise (or gym or whatever you do to keep your heart healthy):

I'm back to my pre-baby body (baby #8 thank you! No excuses for you mothers!) but I still need to get down to my all time most fit ever, still have 5-8 lbs to go to reach that goal and I'm going to go get it, this is my year!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pregnant and Working Out

Here is a great article about working out while pregnant. I've got 8 kids and while exercising during pregnancy doesn't help much with how much weight I do or don't gain, I did notice a huge different this last pregnancy where I worked out the up to the day of delivery and started anew the day of delivery doing some planks in my hospital room. Planks this time helped me so much, helped my hips and back not hurt like they did with pregnancy's 6 and 7 and I had SUCH an easy delivery, it really didn't seem fair, I know so many women have such difficult labor. I'm super lucky.

I can't really remember much of the detail from my other pregnancies, but will try if anyone's interested in my experience.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Tight Shoulder Relief

Here's a great stretch for tight shoulders and neck (that's me - that's where I carry my stress)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

ZWOW #27 - No Girly Workouts

3 Minute "Buy In" of Overhead squats w/weight (get really low)


10 minute workout: 10 round of walking lunge with 3 Burpees each minute on the minute
Zuzka held two 20 lb dumbbells during her lunges.

Video Here

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kodjo's Planks and Burpees

Just stumbled across this video from the Body Warriors Website and I like Kodjo!  I'm doing this tonight after I put the kids to bed.

Gymboss 10/30

1) Plank & Stand with Burpee
2) Side Plank w/Side Raise & Toe Touch (alternate left and right side in between Stand Burpees)

Do these 3x a week 15 to 20 minutes

I like!  I will be following this guy - quick, simple and effective workouts, love!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fixed Firm Pose

I had to google a few different things to find the name for this stretch/pose.  So I guess it's called Fixed Firm Pose or "Supta-Vajrasana"

I've been doing this pose everyday - Just lay down backward with my feet both pointed outward or I sit on my heels and lay back.  Feels good to stretch and release tension. I think I'll get a book about Yoga.  Any recommendations?

Friday, July 20, 2012

ZWOW #26

This is a 10 minute workout.  If you have a timer set it for 10 x 30/30.  One round will take you 5 minutes, so complete 2 rounds of the following

1 round =
  1. Left - Plank with Leg Lift and Jump Up
  2. Left - Side Crunch
  3. Right - Plank with Leg Lift and Jump Up 
  4. Right - Side Crunch
  5. Side to Side Squat
  6. Side to Side Push Up
  7. Knee Hugs
  8. Elbow Plank
  9. Pike Press
  10. Plank Jump

Here's an online timer if you need one, but if you just follow along in the video then you'll know when to change exercises.  :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fruit Fast

"All of the vitality and energy I have comes to me because my body is purified by fasting."

I've been fasting today.  I'm still nursing my 10 month old baby girl, so I usually eat something to make sure she's got some milk if she wants it (for my fast today I ate apples and watermelon and drank water). 

But she's also old enough that she's eating enough other foods to keep her little chubby legs nice and fed. :)

Everytime I fast I am once again amazed at how wonderful it feels to say "no" to all the foods that call out "YES!" to me during the normal day.  It feels great to be in control of my mouth.  It also once again teaches me that I can do it, I can be in control.  If I can be in control while I'm fasting, why don't I just stay in control even when I'm not fasting?  Maybe that's what it means to LIVE the law of the fast. - and, for my own personal reference, here's a blog with stuff about fasting that looked interesting.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Side Plank Lift Challenge

I haven't been doing much cardio lately, I've been enjoying doing lots of stretching and resistance holds AND I fasted for the first time for a long time yesterday so I really feel lighter and better, amazing how just one day of fasting makes you feel so much in control of your body - spiritually stronger.  I'm grateful for the spiritual benefits that come with fasting along with the physical aspect. 

I'm upping the intensity of my side planks.  Last week I was able to hold the side plank on my elbow for 3 minutes.  This week I'm doing side planks for 1 minute on my hand two times for each side.  That is a lot more intense, I can barely do the minute!  So here's our challenge:

200 reps of the Side Plank Lift - 100 on each side

I'm guessing this will be a 10-12 minute workout, but not sure... let's go find out!


Ok, my time was 12:22 but I just did 100 total reps, 50 each side, and that was enough to make me sweat and get a good workout.   I did 10 at a time for each side, then took a breather.  On my 61-80 reps I did the elbow to plank lifts 10 in a row then followed by the 10 side plank lifts right side, then 10 elbow to planks again with 10 plank lifts left.

Friday, July 13, 2012

ZWOW #25

This ones on the list for tonight's workout

First, do 30 burpees (competition burpees or regular burpees) to "buy in" to the workout :)

Then complete 3 rounds for time of the 4 exercises listed below

1 round =
  1. Ply Fly - 20 reps
  2. Squat Overhead Press - 15 reps
  3. Lateral Jump Touch w/knee up Jump - 10 reps
  4. Abs Splitter (toes, straddle, ankles) - 5 reps

Zuzka's time (including her burpees): 13:21
Video Here

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quick 600 Challenge

I've been taking it a little easy this week exercise-wise, but doing lots of stretching for my personal year long challenge.  But I did do this good workout yesterday and my glutes are just a little sore, so that's good to know they got hit hard but also nice that I can walk without a lot of soreness.

Here's a quick 600 challenge I did last night - 500 mountain climbers and 100 jump lunges.

1 round =
  • 100 mountain climbers
  • 20 jump lunges

Do 5 rounds as fast as possible.

My time was 8 minutes and 20 seconds

Saturday, July 7, 2012

ZWOW - Sweet and Simple

This is Zuzka's simple and sweet ZWOW for us this week :)  I watched the video quickly then ran upstairs to do it, my time was 4:27 and knew that was too fast, came down to the computer and watched the video again to discover I only did 2 low jacks not three. Going to go do the whole thing over again right as repentance.

Complete 50 sets as fast as you can

1 set =
  • 3 low jacks
  • 1 pike press
  • 1 jump up
see video at :19 for her demonstration of the exercise

My time: 5:11 (not too shabby!)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Mini Tabata Workout

Here's one of my favorite pics of Zuzka - look at that toned core, that's incredible to me, inspirational.

For today's workout... let's do some tabatas!

Tabata training involves working as hard as you can on any given exercise for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest, usually repeated for 8 rounds. (That's only four minutes of work!) Tabata is a type of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) - a study from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Japan found that the 20 seconds on/10 off training method improves cardiovascular fitness by working both aerobic and anaerobic systems (read: major calorie blast).

For this workout there are four exercises.  Complete each exercise individually four times (do four 20 seconds on 10 sec rest intervals) then move on to the next execises 4x, etc, to equal a total workout time of 8 minutes:

  1. Air Squats or Jump Squats
  2. Half Burpees (Burpees w/o pushup)
  3. Reptile Pushups (Pushups w/ Knees to Elbows)
  4. Footloose (Run in place as fast as your feet will move for 20 seconds)
*Again, perform all four rounds of each exercise before moving onto the next one.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Better Side of Bodyrock

I haven't been going to Bodyrock that much this year, but did visit their site last night and was encouraged by this video and that they are listening to people's suggestion/request that they not be so provocative with their videos and picture.  I still don't recommend you to visit their site, as they still have pictures on the side bar that are inappropriate and make me have to shield the computer screen from myself and my kids, but I was glad that the picture of this youtube video was modest enough that I could post it here without feeling embarrassed, although I still won't post most of them because of the titles of the videos.  Don't care for "booty" either tho.  So, here's a good Bodyrock workout, follow along in real time - (starts at 2:08)

Gymboss 10/50
6 exercises in around, complete 2 rounds for 12 minutes

1 round =
  1. Switch Lunges and 2 Low Jack
  2. elevated push ups
  3. Side lunge touchdowns
  4. Jump Squats
  5. Dive bombers
  6. Tricep Dips or Half Burpee w/back row

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fun Run

Well, the big race was today.  I had a dream that I came in 25th place.  Not sure what place I came in overall, but in the women's division I came in 3rd.

I was doing pretty good and got passed up by a girl after minute 10 and I gave up and walked a little to catch my breath, then jogged to see if there was a 2nd wind somewhere inside of me, but it didn't come, so I walked again, then waited for Joseph and he and I finished it together, he got 13:47, I got 13:48.  The girl that won got 12:48 (she's in the red shirt behind Ethan's head in the first pic above).  That is better than my best time of 13:11, so reason #1 why I lost is: she was faster than me, a worthy opponent.  Not ashamed to lose to her.  I don't know her name, I think it was a daughter in law of someone in the neighborhood, a young wipper snapper.  That's reason #2 why I lost.  I saw her and thought "Oh, blast!  These college young'uns!" So, I didn't get to teach the kids my preferred lesson of setting a goal, working for it, and achieving it.  Instead the lesson is how to be a gracious loser and not have our hearts set on things that of the world that at times are out of our control.  (7:35 - oh that elusive Golden Ticket!!!)

After I finished I ran back to see where my children were, saw Ethan doing great, he was running with his friend Brox and they got 16:43, great job Eth!

I ran further and found Hyrum pushing along, he ran the whole time.  He did great, he told me he got "17:something".

After finding Hyrum, I kept going back to find our little family caboose Wesley.  Wesley woke me up at 3:00 in the morning telling me that his legs were hurting him and it kept waking him up.  We went downstairs and I had him lay on the couch while I rubbed his legs.  He said it felt better when I rubbed them, then he said his arms hurt too, so I'd rub them.  I basically massaged him with my eyes closed and with my body half asleep the rest of the morning - reason #3 why I lost.  But it's a good reason and a good sacrifice to make (see 5:45-6:05)  Around 6:00 a.m. we ate a little bit of food and googled his Asthma medicine to see if it was a side effect from that, but it wasn't.  After a bit more googling I think we found the diagnosis: growing pains!  None of my other kids have had this, so this is new to me, I didn't know that was an actual disease, I thought "growing pains" was a little saying for the emotional pain caused by growing up and by change.  Anyway, after suffering through the night we got up and after breakfast he was feeling better and wanted to go on the run, so we gave him Corey's bib and we were off for the race!

You can tell from the mountains in the distance in the picture above, that the air quality wasn't the best... there was a big fire in Alpine yesterday, I was having a really hard time keeping my breath during the race.  My throat is still really hurting and I've been coughing, maybe I've got asthma too.  So I'll add that as reason #4 why I didn't win.  I know, excuses excuses.

Anyway, Wes did great.  He was so proud of himself, cause at the end of the race he got some pressure put on him when Julia (who was walking) passed him up, and you could tell by his body language that he was like "Oh no you don't!" and then he pushed it, baby!  And the rest of the morning he was bragging how he beat a 6th grader!


It was cute.  Little Wes is taking a nap now, I think I'll go do the same...