Friday, December 26, 2014

Dec 22 - 27 (8 weeks)

8 Weeks - cranberry bean
Monday - 8 weeks pregnant
Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - nothing
Friday - nothing
Saturday - shoveled snow

Monday, December 15, 2014

Dec 15 - 20 (7 weeks)

7 weeks - 
Monday - 7 weeks pregnant - did 100 push ups, most of them on my knees
Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - planks, just 1 minute each, but I held a side hand plank for a minute on my left side, 45 seconds on my right. Diet has been awesome this week, feeling good even though I haven't been stepping up the exercise much lately
Friday - nothing
Saturday - nothing

Monday, December 8, 2014

Dec 8 - 13 (6 weeks)

6 weeks pregnant - pomegranate seeds
Monday - 40 divebombers. Did them after I woke up at 5, going to try to wake up at 5 everyday. If I do then I might reward myself with a gym membership (5 am is the only time consistent time that would work for me to go to the gym regularly, so this is my test week to see if I could pull it off. Not too hard if I go to bed by 10:30, which I did last night, yay!)
Tuesday - 12 minutes of plank, 1 min each
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - 40 divebombers -
Friday - nothing
Saturday - nothing...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dec 1 - 6

Monday - nothing
Tuesday - AM - got up at 5:00 and did Yo Te Quiero workout
PM - Corey and I went to the gym together (planet fitness) he can take a guest for free. Did a 20 minute Body for Life high point cardio run on the treadmill. 10 mph for 1 min during that, was dying. I hate it, ...but I love it, ha. Just quoting Tony Horton there.
Wednesday - nothing. It's a Wednesday (Wednesdays are super busy, no me gusto)
Thursday - side plank on hand each side, 35 seconds
and I took a p test today and it came out p, so there is some new news for the record.
Friday - nothing
Saturday - little bit of cardio helping Corey rake the dirt for his ice rink

Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24 - 29

Monday - 12 minutes of 90 second planks. Started them at 11:50 pm in the closet. I waited until the last minute of the day to workout, but glad I got them in.
Tuesday - nothing, doh
Wednesday - nothing, up in Bear Lake, ate too many of the treats we brought for the kids.
Thursday - nothing, didn't overdose during our thankgiving meal, but still ate too much if I want to make any progress health wise.
Friday - WENT TO THE GYM with COREY for DATE NIGHT! Yay! I RAN on a treadmill - 20 minutes, did a BFL workout with high points, did a walk and then sprint 4 times, my first high point was 8 mph, 2nd high point was 9, 3rd high point was 9.2-1.9 during my one minute sprint, then for the last one, after taking a pause to gather a bit more strength, I did 10 mph for 1 minute. Good job! Felt so nice to workout!!!! Then I did lat pulls and back rows - eccentric style, then BFL deadlifts (two 30 lbs dumbbells, 2 35 lbs, two 35 again, then for the last 6 reps did 40 lbs, then 35 for the last 12, then some side pulls with 30 lbs. Last thing I did was 100 kettlebell swings. I could only do those 20 at a time, I blasted my arms. Gonna feel this tomorrow.
Saturday - 12 minutes of planks - 1 min each

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nov 17 - 22

Monday - nothing. Got the carpets cleaned and was cleaning the house all day. It was a good day
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks
Wednesday - 400 lunges inside
Thursday - nothing
Friday - nothing
Saturday - 12 minutes of planks. Yikes, I'm off my wagon, doh.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Nov 10 - 15

Monday - 6 eccentric pull ups - more like "let downs"
Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - nothing, I hate Wednesdays, I barely survived...
Thursday - nothing, recovering from Wednesday's beating. Actually I started to do planks in my closet at night but only got though 5 minutes (1 min each side and 3 min reverse plank) before the kids got me. Corey will be back from Brazil tomorrow! I think I will survive
Friday - nothing, but Corey's home. Tomorrow is a new day.
Saturday -500 mountain climbers, time - 6:37

Monday, November 3, 2014

Nov 2 - 8

Monday - 50 cleaning lunges (walking lunges around the house while I picked up clutter and junk off the floor...) then 450 walking lunges after dinner around the neighborhood - total of 500, I think I'm going to be sore. Plus eccentric pullups - with a 10 second count on the way down and did 7 reps.
Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - 6 eccentric pullups
Thursday - 6 eccentric pullups, 2.5 mile walk/jog/dance, planks - 3 min center (2 90sec) yoga table (3 min) and left and right side planks on hand (35 sec each)
Friday - nothing
Saturday - 500 mountain climbers, 6 eccentric pullups

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Oct 27 - Nov 1

Monday - 3 minute center plank, 30 second left hand plank, 35 second right hand plank, 3 minute yoga table
Tuesday - 1 mile jog, 1.5 mile walk.
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - nothing, doh
Friday - Halloween, nothing. I'm in such a slump right now! help!
Saturday - trying to redeem myself a little bit from slacking the past 3 days - had a little family hike with kids (carried Natalie up Ensign peak, that got my heart going) at home did eccentric pulls ups and then 500 mountain climbers in 5:35.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Oct 20 - 25

Monday - I did a pull up today! woo-hoo! then 6 eccentric pull ups holding on the going down for 10 seconds each.
Tuesday - 400 lunges after Lily got on the bus. Sophi walked while I slowly pushed Natalie in the stroller.
Wednesday - 12 minutes of planks - 90 seconds each 8 times
Thursday - 2.5 mile jog
Friday - 2.5 mile jog
Saturday - short hike with kids, raked a LOT of pine needles, eccentric bicep curls and a few eccentric pull ups.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Oct 13 - 18

Monday - nothing. doh. Tried to do cleaning lunges but only got to 14 before Natalie sabotaged me.
Tuesday - I wasn't totally exhausted this morning when I woke up the kids for school this morning, so I went on 2 mile jog (6 times around the block) at 6:15 in the morning! I was very happy to have the energy to get up and get going
Wednesday - I've been in the cleaning house zone the past 2 days, but not the exercise zone. But I'm trying to be diligent. 10 pm and I made it outside for a night time walk with Natalie in her stroller, did 400 walking lunges as I pushed her.
Thursday - I was on facebook and ran across a post from Zuzka and found this great 5 minute workout - wasn't even planning on working out at that moment, but instead of writing it down to go do it downstairs, I got on the floor and did it with her. Happy to say I was able to keep up! I haven't been good at following her online for a while, I think I'll go back to doing her workouts.
Friday - 3 minute center plank
Saturday - 1 hour hike with the kids to Doughnut Falls. I carried Sophi again. It was an okay workout.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Oct 6 - 11

Monday - 350 lunges.
Tuesday - Bad night, Natalie is testing me. Kinda bad day. Didn't exercise, spent too much time at the computer getting my monthly vt reports all done and new assignments sent out. Ate brownies.
Wednesday - 12 minutes of planks - did a 3 minute center plank - haven't done that for a long time, struggled and almost died. 3 minute reverse plank, 2 min side planks then 1 minute side planks to finish it off.
Thursday - 1 sprint 2:25, ugh, it's so hard!
Friday - practiced a few pull ups with Hyrum
Saturday - 3 hour hike with the kiddos - about 2 miles I think. Slow going, but I did carry Sophi on my back for half the time, so I think that should count for some kind of workout. Then at night I went into Mel's room and told her "Plank-off! GO!" and we both dropped to the floor for a plank challenge. It was slightly excruciating, but I did 3 minutes again. After doing that on Wednesday I was nicely sore all along my abs for two days, so I thought I'd give it a go again and get those babies stronger. Also did 3 minute reverse plank. Arms on fire. Good day.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sept 29 - Oct 4

Monday - 400 cleaning lunges (walking lunges around my house picking up things off the floor - good workout and house looks better after too!)
Tuesday - 12 minute super planks- repeated this circuit 3 times:
  • super plank (feet on couch, palms on floor, arms straight)
  • left side
  • right side
  • yoga table
Wednesday - rain stopped long enough for me to enjoy a quick run outside. I think I have a stress fracture on my left foot though from my two sprints last Thursday. I can't walk around the house barefoot or it hurts. Have to wear my running shoes all day.
Thursday - mowed the lawn, hope that counts for something. Feeling a little mom trapped (Natalie is super clingy)
Friday -
Saturday -

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sept 22 - 27

Monday - Killer 600 - 100 each (2 rounds of 50)
  • deadlifts
  • hammer curls
  • ab ball pass
  • tricep extensions
  • shoulder press
  • squat w/front kicks.
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks
Wednesday - 2.5 mile jog/walk
Thursday - nothing, Natalie is taking toddler hood to the next level, I hardly get a moments rest. Ok, it's only 10:30, I guess I'll go do 2 sprints, even though it might kill me... (7 minutes later) ...ok, that did almost kill me. 1st lap - sprint walk Hiit, time 3:00, 2nd lap, sprint jog 2:40
Friday - Hike to Rocky Mouth with Mom and Beka. Short exercise wise, but very good for the spirit!
Saturday - Nothing. Did run through the rain to the grocery story carrying two little girls. Does that count for something? I think I got a stress fracture in my foot from my Thursday sprint, hurts when I walk about barefoot. And I didn't do my 400 lunges this week, doh. Will do those first thing on Monday.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sept 15 - 20

Monday - Did a sprint this morning, AND it was my fastest time yet at 2:13!!!! I felt very proud of myself! ...and could hardly breath. I haven't timed myself for a few weeks - last time I did I felt like I went really fast but when I clicked stop I discovered that it hadn't been started, I was pretty bummed. Since then I usually can't find my timer when I go out, so I've just done sprint and walk Hiits around the block. So today I had the timer and wanted to do well, and was very pleased with 2:13. I'll do another sprint later tonight during the Ninja Warrior special. :) and 3 minutes of planks too
Tuesday - 2.5 mile jog,
Wednesday - finished off planks - 9 minutes, 100 walking lunges at the bus stop with Lily
Thursday - 300 walking lunges to finish those off from yesterday along with three 30 second sprints
Friday - Nothing
Saturday - Nothing. I'm feeling frazzled and irritable (and I have unfortunately turned to cheesecake)

Daily Meal

For the past 3 weeks this has been my diet (except for date nights and a couple of PIs - Personal Indulgences) ~ When I ate this "food combining" way in 2003 during Hyrum's pregnancy and after (along with exercise) I weighed 125. That's my goal this time.

Morning (Between 7 - 9 am): FRUIT Usually two apples or a bowl of slightly thawed frozen pineapple and blueberries

Then wait for 2 hours -

Lunch - CARBS - slice of toast with butter and garlic salt,
slice of bread with peanut butter and honey
small bowl of healthy cereal with rice milk

then wait for 3 hours -

Veggie snack - usually tomatoes and a bag of steamed broccoli
Protein - bowl of cottage cheese

then 2 hours-ish later:

Dinner - something with veggies and protein:
Egg salad with pico de gallo and avocado
Chicken Curry
chicken burrito with black beans (if you are food combining, legumes can "fix" a meal of carbs and protein)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sept 8 - 13

Monday - 2.5 mile jog, 6 min of planks
Tuesday - 2 sprints, 6 more mins of planks
Wednesday - 400 walking lunges, BFL biceps, shoulder, triceps
Thursday - 2 Hiit sprints, BFL hamstrings - deadlifts
Friday - 2.5 mile morning jog (7:30-8:00)
Saturday - nothing. I went to the temple this morning instead of working out first thing and didn't get to it. Mowed the lawn though. :)

Diet has been super clean this week, minus a few indulgences at a church party on Thursday. I've been eating Marilu Style, aka food combining. For me that means a fruit breakfast, carb lunch, and protein dinner. Two apples each morning has been key in starting each day off right.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sept 1 - 6

Monday - Labor Day, no school (hooray!) I went for a morning sprint and lunge walk. Sprint was 2:30, 400 lunges. I did great with my diet over the weekend, cause I'm making the kids suffer and eat dinners like a "chic on a diet" (can't get away with that when Corey's around) Let's see if I can get a pound or two off during this week! :) 138 this morning, first time I've been there since pre-Natalie.
Monday evening - did two sprints during the commercials of Ninja Warrior.
Tuesday - mowed the lawn
Wednesday - 12 minutes of planks
Thursday - 2 sprints around the block
Friday - nothing
Saturday - weight this morning... 136.6!!! Pretty stoked about that. I haven't exercises much this week, but I have been focused like a laser with diet. Didn't eat any of Abi's birthday cake or ice cream on Wednesday, not going to have any of Sophi's today. My diet this week has gone back to a bit of Marilu Henner dietology: fruit for breakfast, carb lunch, protein dinner. I've had 2 apples for breakfast every day (pink lady apples, the best apples in the world), then wait 2 hours, then I have 2 slices of toast and another slice of bread with pb and honey for lunch, then wait 3 hours, then a protein dinner - last night it was eggs and pico de gallo. :) I'm so glad to be in the eating healthy zone and be in control of myself, yay!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Aug 25 - 30

School has started, and Corey is out of town for two weeks, so I'm not sure if I'll get in any runs outside, but that's okay, I can do sprints (even though I hate them)

Monday - sprint 2:23
Tuesday - 2 sprints 2:24, then 2:50 (walked a bit to catch my breath on sprint 2) 12 minutes of planks
Wednesday - mowed the lawn and pulled weeds, should count for a bit of cardio I think.
Thursday - 2 sprints, 2:21 (counter), then 2:43 (clockwise), stretching
Friday - nothing. lots of house cleaning.
Saturday - nothing. painted a dresser through and rearranged furniture. I'm having fun playing house. :) I haven't worried about dolling myself up (since Corey is gone) so I've been a lot more productive getting stuff done. :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Aug 18 - 23

Monday - 2 sprints. I really don't enjoy running, and I especially dislike sprinting. I would much rather go for a 2 or 3 mile slow jog than do one sprint around the block. But I did it tonight, cause it was late and sprints are quick workouts. So I did two sprints during two commercial breaks during Ninja Warrior. First time was 2:31. Second sprint was 2:29. I walked twice for like 5 seconds on the first sprint (cause I really don't like sprinting) Didn't eat well today. too many bad carbs, blah.
Tuesday - 400 walking lunges on a morning walk (morning lunge?) around the neighborhood
Wednesday - 2.5 mile jog/walk
Thursday - nothing
Friday - 12 minutes of planks
Saturday - 2 sprints 2:24, 2:28

Monday, August 11, 2014

Aug 11 - 16

Monday - 2.5 mile jog/walk
Tuesday - nothing. Hyrum's birthday. Ate too much cake. But I cleaned the basement a lot.
Wednesday - 2.5 mile jog
Thursday - Upper Body Body for Life Style
Friday - nothing
Saturday - 2.5 mile jog

Friday, August 8, 2014

Aug 4 - 9

Monday - 2.5 mile jog
Tuesday - Killer 600: 6 exercises, 100 reps each of
  • deadlifts
  • hammer curls
  • sumo squat w/side or front kick
  • ab ball pass
  • shoulder press
  • tricep extensions
Wednesday -  morning 2.5 mile jog. Sore everywhere from yesterday's workout (but not unbearable).
Thursday - 400 walking lunges around the neighborhood at 11 pm
Friday - nothing, busy with reunion stuff today and tomorrow! I ate really well this week, up until today. Then the stress eating kicked in a little bit.
Saturday - nothing, although my hike to the reunion building holding a bin full of framed pictures and other decorations about killed me, biceps were burning. That should count for something! ;)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 28 - Aug 2

We're up at Park City this week with Corey's family. Even though there is a gym here and it's a 10 second walk, I probably won't make it over there since don't have a minute to myself. I'm on high alert kid duty 24/7, cause littles one escape as the big kids come and go and the doors are constantly opening and closing.

Monday - 12 minute planks, 90 sec circuits
Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - nothing again, I'm on a roll
Friday - 400 lunges up and down the hotel halls, 60 BFL deadlifts and quad extensions
Saturday -

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 21 - 26

Monday - 2.5 mile jog in the morning, 2 runs around the block during 2 commercials as we watched American Ninja Warrior - love that show - lots of healthy inspiration coming from those people.
Tuesday - 400 walking lunges
Wednesday - 1 sprint 2:21, 12 minutes of planks
Thursday - Did a Killer workout today, Killer 550. I haven't done a killer in a long time. slight variations, for #2 I did the first 20 pushups on my toes, then 30 on knees, #8 did ab ball pass instead of star crunch, and for #9 I used one 15 lb weight as my box
Friday - 2 mile jog, .5 walk
Saturday - yardwork

Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14 - 19

Monday - 400 walking lunges, 1 sprint
Tuesday - 2.5 mile jog/run (little walk) and after I got home I mowed the front AND backyard, go me. I was super hot and sweaty. Weight after that was my lowest since before I got pregnant with Natalie - 140.2. Would really love to get below 140 sometime this year, should be a realistic goal, right? Just another fifth of a pound, do it Tiff
Wednesday - little bit of stretching.
Thursday - morning walk
Friday - walk
Saturday - chasing kids

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 7 - 12

Monday - Busy "on the go" day, but it's only just past midnight now and I just finished 12 mins of planks and did some stretching.
Tuesday - Yo Te Quiero workout, 1 sprint 2:20
Wednesday - 2.5 mile jog
Thursday - Upper body, similar to BFL but was in a circuit, 2x 30 reps each muscle group
Friday - pathetic 2.5 mile walk/jog
Saturday - water skiing

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June 30 - July 5

Monday - 1 sprint, 12 minutes of planks
Tuesday - 2.5 mile jog, jogged the whole time and didn't stop, good job. Plus I carried Natalie around at scout camp for 6 hours, so that was a good bicep workout.
Wednesday - short hike in Millcreek canyon (carrying Natalie again!)
Thursday - 400 walking lunges around the neighborhood while pushing Natalie along in a stroller.
Friday - 4th of July 3K with our community. Fun. Didn't notice my time. I was like the 5th female to finish.
Saturday - nothing, doh! broke my streak.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 23 - 28

Monday - BFL Upperbody workout in the moring, then I ate too many cupcakes for Lily's birthday. Tried to redeem myself with a 2.5 mile jog after lunch. Then at night did 1 sprint around the block with Joseph (he's too fast!) during a commercial break of American Ninja Warrior (go Brian Arnold! so inspiring, love it)

Tuesday - Yoga stretches, 12 minutes of planks

Wednesday - BFL lower body - jump lunges, calf raises, romanian deadlifts, and Ab ball pass

Thursday - 2.5 mile jog (& a little bit of walking)

Friday - 1 sprint 2:29, upper body BFL circuit: 12 of each exercise (pull ups, bicep curls, shoulder press, push ups, chair dips) then 10 of each, then 8 of each, 6 of each, then 24 each. Just finished and my arms are shaking as I type, wasted...

Saturday - 2.5 mile walk/jog and did 400 lunges during that route.

First time in a while that I haven't missed a day! Yay, good job me

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 16 - 21

Monday - nada.

Tuesday - rainy day - held onto a pull up bar for as long as I could (not quite in true hollywood style, since I used two hands) 1:14, 1:06, 1:20. Ouch each time

Wednesday - little bit of yoga at a church activity

Thursday -  one sprint 2:17

Friday - 400 lunges and a morning walk, BFL style pull ups

Saturday - 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9 - 14

Monday - 2 mile jog, I got out before the kids were up, such a pretty morning! This is going to be a great summer! I had Piano Guys on my ipod when I started out, and with the sun just about to rise and as I walked by the gorgeous roses and flowers along the sidewalk, I got choked up ~ life is just beautiful!

Tuesday - Natalie was awake, so I left her with Corey while I did one sprint around the block - 2:14! (Boy, running that hard though sure makes my throat burn, leaves me coughing the whole morning...) And then I came back and got her and went out and did 400 lunges. I think/hope I've gradually increased by way up to it and I'm hoping I won't be sore... we'll see I guess.

Wednesday - Upper body *(evenly sore all over on Friday)

Thursday - 2.5 mile jog, Lower body (deadlifts)

Friday - one pathetic sprint, got 2:28

Saturday - 2 mile run (6x around the block)

Friday, June 6, 2014

June 2 - 7

Monday - 2 mile jog
Tuesday - Upper Body BFL style
Wed - 1 sprint
Thursday - 300 walking lunges with Natalie in stroller for lower body
Friday - nothing (busy day, first day of summer!)
Saturday - 12 minutes of planks

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ultimate Workout

Monday - Nada
Tuesday - I left the house! Snuck out at 6:45 for a quick 2.5 mile run. :)
Wednesday - Nothing
Thursday - Nada, two more days til Corey is back from Brazil
Friday - Nada
Saturday - I survived, Corey's home, back at it next week, going to do BFL and Marilu - 10 weeks til reunion

We've been cleaning the basement, and yesterday Joseph helped me and we cleared an area for our workouts, and we even drilled and screwed a place for the pull up bar to be down there, which I'm excited about cause I'm sick of it being in the door that goes to the basement, we can never close it. But Joe needs to do his pull ups everyday cause he's working on his Ninja Warrior. So I'm glad that we have a solution now that works for both of us.

So, now that we have an ultimate workout area, Joseph and I are gonna do some ultimate workouts together this summer!

Just had to share this video cause my kids loved it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 19 - 24

Monday - 2 mile jog, 250 walking lunges
Tuesday - 1.3 mile walk/jog, 1 sprint 2:17, best time!
Wednesday - nada
Thursday - nada
Friday - nada
Saturday - nothing. Blah (just one more week til Corey gets back from Brazil)

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12 - May 17

Monday - 1 sprint around the block, I feel so sluggish 2:30. I didn't have time to go for a longer run, so... I also did 500 mountain climbers right after that in the living room. 6:02. Haven't done those for a while, I trust my shoulders will be slightly sore tomorrow.
I still have my P90X dvds, maybe I'll do plyo sometime. 
Tuesday -3 mile jog
Wednesday - sprint 2:23, better. 12 minute circuit in the living room: 30/30 cardio/lunges 12 times
Thursday - 25 minute jog outside. 
Friday - nothing, doh - 20 year reunion is 12 weeks away, that could be a good end goal, gotta find time to make a plan
Saturday - upper body, 12 min planks (90 sec holds)

Week May 5 - May 10

Monday - 3 mile jog
Tuesday - 3 mile jog, 12 minutes of planks
Wednesday - rainy - nothing
Thurs - ditto
Fri - ditto
Sat - ditto.
I coulda/shoulda done a workout inside, I haven't had the mental power to face Zuzka though. I need to get back on it. For me, going for a 20/30 minute run is the easy way out. Need to take the hard way next week - and do some resistance training and bodyweight workouts. They're killers though. Got the weekend to prepare myself mentally

Friday, May 2, 2014


Monday 4/28 - It was a free day for me (birthday) so I played legos with the girls instead of cleaning or working out today. Plus I was still sore from Thursday's lunges, so there's another reason why I didn't exercise
Tuesday 4/29 - almost done being sore, plus it was a busy crazy day.
Wednesday 4/30 - went for a 2 mile run in the morning. Had to pause and walk a few times.
Thursday - 5/1 - went for a 2.5 mile run. I have a brief window to exercise from 7:30 - 8:00, inbetween school carpools. It's working out good with the sun coming up so early, makes it easy to not sleep in, provided it's not a rainy/cloudy day.
Friday - 5/2 - 3 mile run, Had a goal to not stop to walk the whole time, and I did it! Good job me. 30 minute workout, then did my 12 minutes of planks when I got home. Keep it up self!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Post Vacation

We spent last week in Newport CA for spring break, and I brought along my ipod and timer, but I didn't do anything, not even my default exercises of mountain climbers and planks.

I forced out a good workout yesterday to kick it in gear again with a 3 minute center plank, 90 second side planks (2 times each side) and then a 3 minute yoga table. Then around 9:30 pm Joseph went running with me for a mile and then I did another mile on my own. He's a little speed demon.

Going to do another run tonight and some weight training - not sure if I'll do upper or lower body.

I'm feeling so over my head with life, if I can survive another month then summer will be here for me to catch my breath. Summer home with kids is a welcome relief and break. I can handle them. I have a hard time handling all the demands their schools and schedules put on us.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

3 Minute Center Plank

Did planks today and then 500 mountain climbers. Those are two of my default exercises that I do when I need to just try and get it in quick. I did a 3 MINUTE center plank, thank you, and felt pretty tough after than. Then 90 seconds left, 90 seconds right, repeat that for my sides, then a 3 minute Yoga table. After doing those planks, it was hard to crank our 500 mountain climbers, but a little bit of Imagine Dragons always helps with that. They are my current workout music that I love.

Other that that, I didn't do anything this week. My 9 month old baby has been sick with a cold the past few days. She's been up a lot at night cause she's really congested, and thus can't breath through her nose when she's nursing. Makes for a difficult situation and for a long night. So I'm kinda feeling like the walking dead and thus will not give myself a hard time over my poor showing with exercise.

Monday, March 31, 2014


I'm still store from the 300 lunges I did on Friday. But it's not so bad today. I went for a 2 mile night run in the rain. Life is busy right now, somethings gotta give, hope it's not my sanity...

What am I busy with right now? Oh, it's the usual stuff, life in general, plus still nursing a baby, and the extra stuff is that I'm helping plan our 20 year high school reunion, and just got a new assignment for church that won't push me over the edge but is gonna try. But I got in my exercise! Woot, go me.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sprint, Lunges, Jog

This should have been "Sprint, Lunges, Sprint" but the second sprint was so pathetic I started to walk and jogged the rest of the way. Still, here was my workout this morning:

Sprint around the block - 2:19!!
300 Lunges (50 at a time with a little walk in between) - 14 minutes
Sprint, walk, then jog - 3:00

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sprint Around the Block

Did two sprints this morning, first time around was a record for this post-pregnancy life at 2:20! Go me. And then I walked back over to our house for a 20 minute break and helped Wesley finish some homework, then out for another quick sprint before they left for the bus, and I got 2:27 that time. Pretty good. I didn't exercise yesterday, so the sprints this morning are to make up for yesterday, and I'm going to do planks too to count for today. :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Going for Golden

I did a good job last week at working out almost everyday. On Friday I did Zuzka's Full Body Blast workout here - goes like this:

  • High Knees 100x
  • Push up w/ knee tuck, alt legs
  • High Knees 100x
  • One leg deadlift w/ 5 leg pulses (5 sets each leg)
  • High Knees 100x
  • Leg lift toe touch - lying down, 30x

My time for the first round 5:51, by the end of second round was 12:01, 3rd round 17:55. I loved and was motivated by what she said at the end of the video at 9:40 ~

"Just workout like this once a day, you really don't need more than that to keep yourself in great shape. The only other thing that you need to pay attention (to) is your diet, so if you can be good with your diet and do 15 minute workout that are this intense... You're GOLDEN!" - Zuzka

I know I can do the workouts, and so I'm half way there! Now I just need to keep my diet clean. And she had another video that I watched last week (but can't find now) where she says to make broccoli, spinach, and carrots the base of each meal, so I'm doing that too. And when those sneaky sugary treats come around, I'm following her advice to turn away and not give them any attentions and say ~
"It's just not worth it." 
And here's one more quote I've got on my wall:
"The junk food you've wanted for an hour (or day or week or whatever) or the body you've wanted for years." 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Planks with a Friend

My BFF is here from Maine for a day or two, or maybe five. We were talking about getting back on the wagon. She's going to start when she arrives back home next week, I'm going to do 12 minutes a day this week, everyday, and I really mean it this time. She agreed to help me onto my wagon today and did planks with me. 12 minutes of 1 minute planks and we're done! Yay! I need to figure out how to have an exercise pal or two here in my neighborhood.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


The past two weeks I've improved a little with my exercising habits. They digressed big time during the winter, but looks like it's about over. I've tried to log it here, but lately when I link over to this blog address, google Chrome gives me some warning and a page comes up saying that this website has been inserted with a malware distributor or something like that. So I haven't been posting. But then it just barely let me on fine, so not sure if by typing this I'm going to have my identity stolen or something. Hope not.

I'm really really going to get back on the wagon this week, cause all the snow is gone now now I can go for a jog. Just got our family pics taken. I'm not as trim as I would like, but I'm being patient with myself. I'll get there. I have before, I know I can, and I will!

Monday, February 3, 2014

12 Minutes A Day

I talked to my little sister this past weekend. She's been bodyrocking ever since I told her about it two years ago. Made me realized I need to stop being a slacker. I can give exercise 12 minutes and still have home be my main focus. So, my new goal is: 12/6. Translation: 12 minutes a day 6 days a week.

Day 1: When Natalie went down for her nap this afternoon, I did the following 12 exercises for 1 minute each (tried to alternate a resistance exercise with a cardio).

1) Push Ups (eccentric style)
2) High Knees
3) Dead Lifts (two 30# dumbbells)
4) Mountain Climbers
5) Ab Ball Pass
6) Jumping Jacks
7) Bicep Curls
8) Fast Feet (kinda like a quick sprint in place)
9) Chair Dips
10) 180 Jump Squats
11) Superman T w/ two 5# dumbbells
12) Jumpy Frog

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter Run

It's been a pretty mild winter. Yesterday, with the older kids home to babysit and Natalie asleep, I was able to go for a short 2 mile run. I made it along my route with pretty much dry pavement and only one run in with black ice, which I was able to catch myself before falling upon. Good to get outside, even with the inversion. I told myself that I was breathing the clean air coming out of the canyon instead of the dirty air in the valley.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Planks Work for Me

Haven't done zumba this week, not sure it works for me... time wise it's a 90 minute process and I don't have 90 minutes that I want to devote to one day of exercise. What does work is planks. I've done planks Tuesday, Wednesday, and yesterday. Going to do them again today. It's just 12 minutes to strengthen, tone and define. Diet is going well. I think I'll lose weight better by focusing on diet and not worrying about cardio, more than if I did cardio and didn't eat well. Once the weather warms up I'll be happy to go for a run, but until then, I'm just going to keep cleaning the house and being up and busy all day, with planks to top things off.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Last week I was busy cleaning house and planning a little family party, and thus I hardly exercised at all. I did planks on two days and stretched on 4 days, but no cardio and really not all that much for resistance training either with my just doing planks. Yesterday, now that the party's over, I was really planning on getting back on the exercise wagon, but I didn't make it. Going to go do it this morning, I shall be back by noon with a report...

...Did 12 minutes of 90 second planks. Good job me. Plus stretching and I did a wheel for 1:24

Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Vacation Over

We had the croup around here over the holiday. I did a few workouts here and there, average about every other day. Did Zumba once, two Zwows, planks, and two runs down the ski hill at Brighton. Holidays are over, now it's back to work and to a schedule. I did pretty good at stretching everyday. I have a weird goal for myself this year to learn to do the splits. Small and simple stretches that I do consistently each day should get me there, right? Weight is 146. Going to focus on protein and produce and the Hunger Scale to get below 145 this week. Anyone have advice about stretching and doing the splits?

Did 500 mountain climbers today (50 reps 10x) and then 300 jump squat turns or high knees (30 reps 10x) - about a 20 minute workout, plus stretching.