Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Jul 3 - 8

Monday - 40 min cardio, jog outside and some walk.
Tuesday - Happy 4th of July! Walked/jogged the fun run 3K with Lily, plus more walking during the day. 
Wednesday - 70 minute walk this morning. Finished listening to this video by Neal Barnard on avoiding Alzheimers. Then listened to this video on fasting vs. eating less. Interesting. Doing a water fast again today, maybe for a few days. Got to get my head back in the health game after a late dinner with friends on Monday and then the holiday yesterday.
Thursday - 12 min of planks
Friday - 30 min walk/jog, 40 min stretching.
Saturday - Scofield - a little bit of lake surfing! Did not eat well today though :(

Summer Health Challenge -
Total points for the week: 172 points
Total percentage loss - 4.92% - no weight change, same percentage as last week

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