Monday, September 22, 2014

Sept 22 - 27

Monday - Killer 600 - 100 each (2 rounds of 50)
  • deadlifts
  • hammer curls
  • ab ball pass
  • tricep extensions
  • shoulder press
  • squat w/front kicks.
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks
Wednesday - 2.5 mile jog/walk
Thursday - nothing, Natalie is taking toddler hood to the next level, I hardly get a moments rest. Ok, it's only 10:30, I guess I'll go do 2 sprints, even though it might kill me... (7 minutes later) ...ok, that did almost kill me. 1st lap - sprint walk Hiit, time 3:00, 2nd lap, sprint jog 2:40
Friday - Hike to Rocky Mouth with Mom and Beka. Short exercise wise, but very good for the spirit!
Saturday - Nothing. Did run through the rain to the grocery story carrying two little girls. Does that count for something? I think I got a stress fracture in my foot from my Thursday sprint, hurts when I walk about barefoot. And I didn't do my 400 lunges this week, doh. Will do those first thing on Monday.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sept 15 - 20

Monday - Did a sprint this morning, AND it was my fastest time yet at 2:13!!!! I felt very proud of myself! ...and could hardly breath. I haven't timed myself for a few weeks - last time I did I felt like I went really fast but when I clicked stop I discovered that it hadn't been started, I was pretty bummed. Since then I usually can't find my timer when I go out, so I've just done sprint and walk Hiits around the block. So today I had the timer and wanted to do well, and was very pleased with 2:13. I'll do another sprint later tonight during the Ninja Warrior special. :) and 3 minutes of planks too
Tuesday - 2.5 mile jog,
Wednesday - finished off planks - 9 minutes, 100 walking lunges at the bus stop with Lily
Thursday - 300 walking lunges to finish those off from yesterday along with three 30 second sprints
Friday - Nothing
Saturday - Nothing. I'm feeling frazzled and irritable (and I have unfortunately turned to cheesecake)

Daily Meal

For the past 3 weeks this has been my diet (except for date nights and a couple of PIs - Personal Indulgences) ~ When I ate this "food combining" way in 2003 during Hyrum's pregnancy and after (along with exercise) I weighed 125. That's my goal this time.

Morning (Between 7 - 9 am): FRUIT Usually two apples or a bowl of slightly thawed frozen pineapple and blueberries

Then wait for 2 hours -

Lunch - CARBS - slice of toast with butter and garlic salt,
slice of bread with peanut butter and honey
small bowl of healthy cereal with rice milk

then wait for 3 hours -

Veggie snack - usually tomatoes and a bag of steamed broccoli
Protein - bowl of cottage cheese

then 2 hours-ish later:

Dinner - something with veggies and protein:
Egg salad with pico de gallo and avocado
Chicken Curry
chicken burrito with black beans (if you are food combining, legumes can "fix" a meal of carbs and protein)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sept 8 - 13

Monday - 2.5 mile jog, 6 min of planks
Tuesday - 2 sprints, 6 more mins of planks
Wednesday - 400 walking lunges, BFL biceps, shoulder, triceps
Thursday - 2 Hiit sprints, BFL hamstrings - deadlifts
Friday - 2.5 mile morning jog (7:30-8:00)
Saturday - nothing. I went to the temple this morning instead of working out first thing and didn't get to it. Mowed the lawn though. :)

Diet has been super clean this week, minus a few indulgences at a church party on Thursday. I've been eating Marilu Style, aka food combining. For me that means a fruit breakfast, carb lunch, and protein dinner. Two apples each morning has been key in starting each day off right.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sept 1 - 6

Monday - Labor Day, no school (hooray!) I went for a morning sprint and lunge walk. Sprint was 2:30, 400 lunges. I did great with my diet over the weekend, cause I'm making the kids suffer and eat dinners like a "chic on a diet" (can't get away with that when Corey's around) Let's see if I can get a pound or two off during this week! :) 138 this morning, first time I've been there since pre-Natalie.
Monday evening - did two sprints during the commercials of Ninja Warrior.
Tuesday - mowed the lawn
Wednesday - 12 minutes of planks
Thursday - 2 sprints around the block
Friday - nothing
Saturday - weight this morning... 136.6!!! Pretty stoked about that. I haven't exercises much this week, but I have been focused like a laser with diet. Didn't eat any of Abi's birthday cake or ice cream on Wednesday, not going to have any of Sophi's today. My diet this week has gone back to a bit of Marilu Henner dietology: fruit for breakfast, carb lunch, protein dinner. I've had 2 apples for breakfast every day (pink lady apples, the best apples in the world), then wait 2 hours, then I have 2 slices of toast and another slice of bread with pb and honey for lunch, then wait 3 hours, then a protein dinner - last night it was eggs and pico de gallo. :) I'm so glad to be in the eating healthy zone and be in control of myself, yay!