Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Apr 25 - 30 (18 weeks)

18 Weeks
Monday - 18 weeks today. 12 minutes of planks
Tuesday - Ultrasound today ~ it's a boy!! no exercise. 
Wednesday - no exercise. I did so good last week - exercised everyday! But now the rain is back. :( 
Thursday - Happy Birthday to me, the big FORTY! Ate too much German Chocolate birthday cake, no exercise
Friday - no exercise.
Saturday - worked out in the back yard for 3+ hours and really enjoyed it. good day, no official workout, but the yard work counts for something

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Apr 18 - 23 (17 weeks)

17 weeks - pear
Monday - 17 weeks pregnant, 12 minutes of planks. I guess I'm not officially doing the Whole30 program right now, cause I have to start over again after my pb & honey last week. I think the pregnancy makes me a little uncommitted with doing it a whole consecutive 30 days, but I'm going to eat Whole30 for most of my meals. Did today except for a bread with pb.
Tuesday - 2 mile walk at night (6 times around the block) plus earlier in the afternoon I did 100 shoulder side raises with two 5 lb weights. 
Wednesday - 1 mile walk to the elementary school in the morning so I could bring Owen over for Abi's show and tell. Another walk there in the afternoon to pick up Wes after scouts. 12 min of planks
Thursday - 1 mile walk to the school to watch Wes and Lily cross the busy street, Lily had to bring her bike today for the bike rodeo (turns out it's actually next Thursday.) Back to school after to pick them up. Also dug in the dirt in the backyard for an hour.
Friday - 12 minutes of planks
Saturday - mowed the lawn

Monday, April 11, 2016

Apr 11 - 16 (Whole30 Week 2)

Monday - 16 weeks pregnant. Whole30 Day 5. Feeling good. Eventhough I had to start over, my brain and body might think I'm further along in the program, cause last night I had a pig out on junk food dream that their timeline says will happen days 12-15. First I was hoarding cookies. When a teenage neighbor (Zeb, who came to Brazil with us) saw me he said I'd had enough, so then I turned away from him and started shoving them in my bra to eat later). Then another part of the dream I was fishing partially melted ice cream in chocolate covered waffle cones out of the trash can, that some ungrateful people tossed aside. Having a few cravings... and lunch time I kind of want a slice of bread with pb and honey but instead I'm had my lunch shake that I've started having everyday:
  • 1 c. almond milk or coconut milk
  • 1/2 banana
  • 2 carrots cut up or handful of baby carrots
  • 2 handfuls of spinach
  • 3/4 c. frozen blueberries
  • 6 ice cubes
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks
Wednesday - 2.5 mile walk, little bit of jog. Confession: I had a slice of bread w/pb and honey again. Seems like I can't make it past a week.
Thursday - no exercise. pb & honey, mood is fine, energy is same as it has been during this whole month.
Friday - 12 min of planks. date night India house, I had the peshwari naan.
Saturday - Woke up this morning with dry mouth, I wonder if that's a side effect of the sugar or the grains? Maybe I'll go Whole30 for a week again and then experiment again. My mood has still beek good though. 12 min of planks

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Apr 4 - 9 (Whole30 Restart)

Monday - 15 weeks today, Day 8 of Whole30, ate perfect, no exercise tho
Tuesday - Have been feeling soo tired since Thursday, so today at lunchtime I gave up a little bit on Whole30, thinking that with pregnancy and Owen not sleeping through the night, my body just can't take a no bread lifestyle, so today I had a slice of bread with natural pb and honey. Felt much better and cleaned the house a lot without needing a nap. no exercise though
Wednesday - had pb and honey again and some grape nuts cereal with almond milk. So still haven't done dairy or cheese, but did have sugar via honey and have had grains. Good day though. And talked to one of my Whole30 accountability partners, she said not to worry about needing snacks, just keep it Whole30, so I think I'll start over again with Day 1 tomorrow (since program rules say I need to start over if I cheat). So, here were go again. Did go on a 2.5 mile walk today, jogged about half of it. I made some very yummy chicken lime soup for dinner tonight, mmm!
Thursday - Whole30 Day 1 (repeat) ate perfect, no exercise though. I'm embracing snacks as long as they are Whole30, also embracing naps and not feeling bad about it.
Friday - Day 2 repeat. Perfect day, did 12 minutes of planks. Kept diet Whole on our date night at Olive Garden
Saturday - Day 3 - Whole30 perfect. 12 minutes of planks