Wednesday, January 30, 2013

16.3 - Lower Body

I gotta keep my workouts simple right now - if I can mentally think it won't be that hard, then I can usually trick myself into starting, and once I start I'll finish.  So here's my workout today

Repeat 6 rounds of the following - 
  • 20 Romanian Deadlifts w/60 lbs (two 30 lb dumbbells)
  • 50 Walking Lunges
For my first set of lunges I didn't use weight, next set I held a 15 lb dumbbell, 3rd set 30 lbs, then repeated that.  My times were:
1st round - 2:45 (no weight)
2nd - 3:19 (15 lbs)
3rd - 3:27 (30 lbs)
4th - 2:39 (none)
5th - 3:11 (15)
6th - 3:44 (30)

This was the 2nd workout in a row (since being run over by morning sickness and the flu in December) that I was panting and red faced and sweating!  Good job me!  The 1st time was my workout on Monday, so doing better this week workout wise.  Helps that my 9 year old son is my accountability partner and that he has a limited window in his schedule to fit me in.  :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dance Walking

Abi wanted to do some ballet this morning, so we did that for my workout today - ballet stretching and the yoga morning routine.  And speaking of dancing, I saw this on facebook and am going to start doing it in the mornings, once the snow is gone.
Doesn't that look fun?  I won't be walking around the city, just the neighborhood.  And I might freeze up if people walk or drive by, cause I think I'll feel a little shy (embarrassed?), but maybe I can also use this to try to conquer some of that shyness. Why should I be embarrassed anyway?

Monday, January 28, 2013

16.1 - TWOD #1

16 weeks today  - hope time keeps marching on.  I want this horrible winter to end pronto.

Trice, great post, thanks.  Last week was off for me, but it's not motivation I was lacking, it was the plan to get there.  As Dr. Phil says (but in my own words) ~ it's not about motivation or will power - you've got to create the right environment for yourself or you will not succeed. Make a Plan! Dr. Phil gives this example in his book: Imagine if you were traveling on a plane and the pilot suddenly passed out and YOU were the one who had to land the plane safely or you and everyone would die. You would be HIGHLY motivated and have a lot of will to want to land that plane, right? Yes. But without the proper skills and knowledge, that "will power" isn't going to get you there and you are going to crash and burn.

So last night, with the book "A House United" and a notebook in hand, we had a great family meeting yesterday, our 1st of many that we are now going to have on Sundays to discuss our family vision, and it was so great.  I talked about some fun things I want to do, the kids all got excited and had tons of ideas too, we were writing them down, then Ethan said (and this was an epiphany Mel had shared with me the week before) that we always plan out these things and he gets excited, then we never do them.  My reply - "I know, that's cause it takes all my energy just trying to keep up with the dishes and feed you guys.  We need your help.  These fun things won't happen without you guys working hard and contributing."  We all have the same vision, we just need our plan to get there.  So after finally getting the kids to calm down from their excitement for what is in store, we made a basic family plan, then I took each of them individually and we made their personal schedule, cause they all have different school schedules and time needed for their goals.  Anyway, it was great.  And since Hyrum is my homeschool helper (and cause he doesn't have PE), his 3rd goal this week is "Exercise with Mom" at we planned it for 8:30 am after the other kids are off to the bus, so we just finished and it was great.  Here is my first TWOD!  haha. 

8 minute warm up dancing with my kids to Human by the awesome Killers, then 5 rounds of:
  • 100 mountain climbers
  • 50 lunges
  • 20 push ups ON TOES!  I did all of them on toes!!
Did the workout to Spaceman and Joyride, then when I was done did a cool down with another repeat of Human.  I love Day and Age.  Love all the Killers albums.  I didn't time my first round, but mt other rounds were (not counting my brief time out between each round to catch my breath)
2nd - 4:56
3rd - 3:53
4th - 4:36
5th - 4:17
It's gonna be a great day!  Just do it.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

15.4 - Winter Blues

I did my planks on Monday, but that's it so far for this week.  I'm feeling a little defeated in my overall life these past few days.  Maybe I'll try to go on a walk to relax a little later. ...although I'd have to really bundle up and Corey'll have to get home before it's dark. 

Saw this on facebook today, thought it was really funny! 
I'll try to be up to facing the danger asap, I need the endorphins.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

14.6 - Planks, Divebombers, Yoga

Well Trice, you about killed me.  Well, not so bad,,only needed 2 days of recovery.  But as I was sore after trying to follow your lead I've taken the past two days off.  Today I caught up with my plank for the week and did 40 divebombers followed by 12 minutes of planks (1 minute rotations all the way through) and then this "Good Morning" Yoga below as a "good night" routine.
Monday I'll post my plan for next week.  :)  Happy Sunday tomorrow!  You're doing awesome btw.  Should we track our weight on here somewhere?  That might help both of us stay on target.  Like you, I notice it but also trying not to worry too much about it cause I know I'll be able to lose it after the baby's born.  Still, no need to go over board on chocolate chip cookies right now (talking to myself, I have a huge case of frozen cookie dough in the garage that I kick myself for buying, but it makes the kids happy...)

Either way, we'll get there.  I weighed in today, was 137.2, was 138.0 yesterday.  When I went to the dr. a week ago I was 139 on their scale, 135 when I weighed myself that morning.  I was 129 on new years eve, so kinda gained 10 pounds over the past 3 weeks.  But going from dead on the bed sick with a slow metabolism followed by feeling better and turning into a carb monster over night will do that to a pregnant lady!  Don't sweat it, again, we'll get there.  I'm just so happy to feel normal again, I can move and work and clean and it's wonderful, I am content with my pregnant body.  :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

14.3 - 17 Minute Workout

14 weeks, 3 days

Well, I just tried to step up to Trice's workout from last week, I modified it a little before going in, then while I was in I cut the second half of the workout out completely cause... I was done (aka dying/dead).  Might try and do it later, but this was more than I've done for 8 weeks, so I might just call it good.

100 mountain climbers (time - :41)
60 love bends (see 5:15) alternating with 15 lb dumbbell in each hand (2:40)
100 mountain climbers (3:32)
60 one leg push-ups ...had to do these on my knees - D Y I N G (6:50)
100 mountain climbers (8:23)
60 deadlifts w/two 30 lb dumbbells (11:38)
100 mountain climbers (12:56)
60 squat forward kick alternating (15:40)
100 mountain climbers (total time - 16:57)

I can already feel that my arms/shoulders got totally wasted, good stuff. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

14.2 - 400 Lunges

14 weeks, 2 days

I have felt great the past 2 days and today - like, I almost feel normal again!  I do feel normal, just a little chubbier.  It's 9:00 a.m. and I just finished my workout even!  Wow, now that has not happened since November.  Just did 400 lunges around the living room, cleaning lunges which makes it a win win, cause now the room is ready to be vacuumed too.  I did 50 at a time, then shook it out, and continued as fast as possible - finished the 400 in 18:00 minutes. 

1)  50 = 2:02
2) +50 = 4:33
3) +50 = 6:56
4) +50 = 9:28
5) +50 = 11:46
6) +50 = 13:43
7) +50 =  15:48
8) +50 = 18:00

Last time I was sore for 5 days, we'll see how I do this time. :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

3:00 Planks

14 weeks today. Have felt totally normal - didn't have to take a nap, didn't feel nauseous or sick at all, yay!!!

I gave myself 2 workout choices today: planks or lunges.  I was feeling excited to do lunges, planks sounded like torture, so the competitor in me decided planks were what I needed to do.  I did a 3 minute center plank to start it off, been a while since I held on through one of those babies.  woo!

3 minute center plank
1 min break
3 min yoga table
(interruption by kids)
90 second right plank
90 second left plank
90 second right plank
90 second left plank

3 minute side planks are the hardest planks for me, I was struggling today to do the 90.  If I do 90 second side planks again next week, then I think in 2 weeks I might be able to grit my teeth through 3 minutes.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

13.6 - 40 Divebombers

13 weeks, 6 days

Did 40 divebombers yesterday in about 10 minutes.  Didn't have my timer with me and got a few kid interruptions.  Felt a nice burn though.

My plan for next week is to definitely do:
Mon - 400 lunges
Tues - 12 minute planks
Wed - 100 deadlifts with weights
Thurs - Yoga stretching
Fri - 40 divebombers

but I hope that I'm really on the ball and will do:

Mon - 400 lunges
Tues - 12 minute planks
Wed - 100 deadlifts with weights
Thurs - 12 minutes planks & Yoga stretching
Fri - 40 divebombers
Sat - Trice's insane workout from yesterday.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tiff and Trice

So, as you can read in the new header, I'm going to change the focus of this blog for a few months from just me logging my workouts --> to --> me and my cute sis Patrice (I call her Trice) trying to have our best fit and healthy pregnancies yet!  Do you like these pictures of us from our childhood?
Although I must say after seeing her 35 minute workout from yesterday with A Million HIGH KNEES, hello?!?! ...I'm pretty sure she's gonna leave me in the dust.  But, I did do 400 lunges on Tuesday, so that counts for something, right?  I'm still sore from it and haven't done anything since, not totally cause I'm a slacker, but more cause we've had a crazy week which included our sewer main backed up again and flooding the basement.  Been a little nuts...  BUT I am going to workout today!  Yes, doing my 40 divebombers like I did last week - last week I worked out 2x - did planks one day and then divebomers on Friday.  This week I worked out 3 times, I added the lunges to my planks and divebombers, next week I'll add another day and another workout.  Gotta ease into these things, especially I'm recovering from the death becomes her that is the 1st trimester.  (...But maybe I'll give Trice's workout from yesterday a try...)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

13.2 - Lunges

Ooo, I am gonna be feeling this over the next few days...

I probably should have eased myself back into my regular 400 lunges, but I'm too competitive I guess... I feel like I'd be wimping out, so I just went for it and now I am super shaky.  Did 50 at a time, each 50 took me about 2 minutes with a brief 30 second-ish breather in between.  Feeling a little like jello, hoping 4+ weeks of absolutely no lower body exercises won't mean that the lunges (no weights) that I just did will leave me sore for 5 days.  I shall document that later and we'll see how out of shape I became in the first trimester.  Kicking it back in gear!  Second day of the week and 2nd workout of the week, pretty good! 

Update - Here I am the Sunday following my Tuesday lunges, still a little sore today but not bad.

Monday, January 7, 2013

13.1 - Planks

13 weeks today.  Not that I'm counting.  Well, I guess I am.  But I shouldn't, as I know from experience that counting makes it go so much slower, so trying to not really think about it and stay busy, but I guess I am keeping myself aware of the time.  (I think I'm going to make a countdown chain for each week!)

Ok, but this week I have a MAJOR GOAL, which is to do something every day!  And so far so good - despite spending most of the day on the couch (think I'm getting a little encore of my killer December flu) I did do 12 minutes of planks.  This is how it went today:

3 min Yoga Table (Reverse plank
1 min left
1 min right
2 MINUTES center!!!  (that was huge for me right now)
1 min right
1 minute left
1 minute center
1 minute break - slightly dying.  (Laying around for 6 weeks will do that to your body, my muscles are resisting )
1 min right
1 min left

Still have slightly sore arms from the divebombers Friday, but doing good.  Might try to do 400 lunges tonight if I get the kitchen clean.  If not, those are on the to-do list for tomorrow.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

12.5 - 40 divebombers

12 weeks pregnant

Friday I did 40 divebombers.  Took me 8:05.  I could tell that I hadn't done them for a while.  Nice even sore today, I so much prefer being sore from exercise to being achy from lack of exercise. 

Not going to be able to do divebombers later in the pregnancy, cause the tummy will definitely be in the way. 
...unless I'm so strong that I can do elevated divebombers!  Ooh!  Something to shoot for.  Like I'll be up on a couch with my feet on an exercise ball or something, right?  hah