Thursday, August 9, 2012

Before and After

In 2002 we took a vacation to Disney World.  After we got home, we watched a video of our adventure, at which time I experienced my first smack in the face of "Oh my gosh, is that what I LOOK LIKE!?! oh no..."
"Please tell me that is not what I look like, cause that person in that video is not who I see in the mirror... is that what everyone else sees? That is NOT me..."
Having babies has definitely been the main factor in me realizing I didn't know how to be healthy. And I needed to figure it out pronto, cause I did not want to look like that person in the vacation video.

I seriously didn't know how to be healthy. After my 3rd child was born, my lack of knowledge was becoming very evident in my face and body.
With the first 3 babies I had just continued my high school and newlywed way of diet and exercise which basically was eat fat-free food as much as I wanted (like fat free fig newtons, pretzels, and redvine licorice, yeah - I was clueless) and go jogging now and then if I ate fattening chocolate. I was a size 12 all through high school and was happy when I got back to size 12 after the first 2 babies.

After baby 3, I read Marilu Henner's book Total Health Makeover that taught me how to eat, and it was a way that really worked for me. I exercised the Body for Life way, and experienced a total paradigm shift and was amazed with myself when I reached a size 6. As a teenager I had labeled myself "I am a big boned soccer player, I am size 12, that's who I am." I was totally on the ball after that and with babies 4 and 5 (top weight pregnant with 4 was 164, with #5 was 167

After my 8th, I got to size 4/6 again - no full body shot but think my face here shows that I'm figuring it out and working at it.

In summer 2015 I had my 10th. We spent about 4 months of that pregnancy in Brazil. I got up to 190 this last pregnancy. Baby was 8.1. He's almost 3 months old and I weigh 157 now and am slowly getting it off - slow and steady. I've been eating super healthy the past month but baby doesn't like my skim milk much so he's not nursing much.

As the cute kids kept coming, I tried out different things - gym membership, Pilates, Spinning class, a half marathon, P90X, Kristi Approved/Live the Live, Insanity ~ I was always in search of a workout program that would work as a lifestyle for me as busy mom.
I enjoy Zuzka workouts that I can do at home and usually do some modified version of those now. Keeping my workouts to about 20 minutes and eating healthy to clear my clog.

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