Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Oct 27 - Nov 1

Monday - 3 minute center plank, 30 second left hand plank, 35 second right hand plank, 3 minute yoga table
Tuesday - 1 mile jog, 1.5 mile walk.
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - nothing, doh
Friday - Halloween, nothing. I'm in such a slump right now! help!
Saturday - trying to redeem myself a little bit from slacking the past 3 days - had a little family hike with kids (carried Natalie up Ensign peak, that got my heart going) at home did eccentric pulls ups and then 500 mountain climbers in 5:35.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Oct 20 - 25

Monday - I did a pull up today! woo-hoo! then 6 eccentric pull ups holding on the going down for 10 seconds each.
Tuesday - 400 lunges after Lily got on the bus. Sophi walked while I slowly pushed Natalie in the stroller.
Wednesday - 12 minutes of planks - 90 seconds each 8 times
Thursday - 2.5 mile jog
Friday - 2.5 mile jog
Saturday - short hike with kids, raked a LOT of pine needles, eccentric bicep curls and a few eccentric pull ups.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Oct 13 - 18

Monday - nothing. doh. Tried to do cleaning lunges but only got to 14 before Natalie sabotaged me.
Tuesday - I wasn't totally exhausted this morning when I woke up the kids for school this morning, so I went on 2 mile jog (6 times around the block) at 6:15 in the morning! I was very happy to have the energy to get up and get going
Wednesday - I've been in the cleaning house zone the past 2 days, but not the exercise zone. But I'm trying to be diligent. 10 pm and I made it outside for a night time walk with Natalie in her stroller, did 400 walking lunges as I pushed her.
Thursday - I was on facebook and ran across a post from Zuzka and found this great 5 minute workout - wasn't even planning on working out at that moment, but instead of writing it down to go do it downstairs, I got on the floor and did it with her. Happy to say I was able to keep up! I haven't been good at following her online for a while, I think I'll go back to doing her workouts.
Friday - 3 minute center plank
Saturday - 1 hour hike with the kids to Doughnut Falls. I carried Sophi again. It was an okay workout.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Oct 6 - 11

Monday - 350 lunges.
Tuesday - Bad night, Natalie is testing me. Kinda bad day. Didn't exercise, spent too much time at the computer getting my monthly vt reports all done and new assignments sent out. Ate brownies.
Wednesday - 12 minutes of planks - did a 3 minute center plank - haven't done that for a long time, struggled and almost died. 3 minute reverse plank, 2 min side planks then 1 minute side planks to finish it off.
Thursday - 1 sprint 2:25, ugh, it's so hard!
Friday - practiced a few pull ups with Hyrum
Saturday - 3 hour hike with the kiddos - about 2 miles I think. Slow going, but I did carry Sophi on my back for half the time, so I think that should count for some kind of workout. Then at night I went into Mel's room and told her "Plank-off! GO!" and we both dropped to the floor for a plank challenge. It was slightly excruciating, but I did 3 minutes again. After doing that on Wednesday I was nicely sore all along my abs for two days, so I thought I'd give it a go again and get those babies stronger. Also did 3 minute reverse plank. Arms on fire. Good day.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sept 29 - Oct 4

Monday - 400 cleaning lunges (walking lunges around my house picking up things off the floor - good workout and house looks better after too!)
Tuesday - 12 minute super planks- repeated this circuit 3 times:
  • super plank (feet on couch, palms on floor, arms straight)
  • left side
  • right side
  • yoga table
Wednesday - rain stopped long enough for me to enjoy a quick run outside. I think I have a stress fracture on my left foot though from my two sprints last Thursday. I can't walk around the house barefoot or it hurts. Have to wear my running shoes all day.
Thursday - mowed the lawn, hope that counts for something. Feeling a little mom trapped (Natalie is super clingy)
Friday -
Saturday -