Monday, April 30, 2012

May Challenge - FLEXIBILITY

This video AH-MAZED me!!!! 
(link there cause this new blogger format is bugging me, I can't embed videos anymore, help?)

Is that amazing or is that amazing?  Hello, wow.  That back bend at the beginning is awesome, and then did you see her do camel at 10:00.  Crazy flexibility, but I like how she said "It doesn't seem that crazy to me anymore" - we can get there little by little.  I also like how she said flexibility is like growing your hair, it's slow but you can also count on it and know that it will come with time. 

I've thought before that my fitness goals are not to be able to run a marathon or bench press whatever, maybe that will change with time, but as for now, I mostly just want to be able to move, I want to be able to keep touching my toes and picking up things off of the ground as I grow older, I plan on having the strength to carry around my grandkids someday and to go hiking or skiing with them and keep living as I grow older.  I want to feel as young as I can for as long as I can, so I want to be fit and flexible - This yoga lady has now become my flexibility hero and I'm taking up her on this flo test for this month and forever until I get to where she is at, it is awesome and amazing, I love it.  And I now proclaim that the beginning of this month of May we now have a challenge for ourselves, our May Challenge is to increase our flexibility.  Mark, set, go stretch!


On Biggest Loser it's the season of "No Excuses" ~ and they had the contestants take a trip to Hawaii to show that you can lose weight on vacation  I do not believe, however, that they could have lost weight if they were taking a family vacation to Disneyland with 8 children.  I did good on Monday, but the rest of the week was shot.  I didn't do any burpees or lunges around Disneyland cause that would have distracted me from counting 8 again, which I did probably a thousand times during the week.

Joe 1, Mel 2, Ethan 3, Hyrum 4, Wesley 5, Abi 6, Lily 7, Sophi 8 - Ok, we're still have them all.

If I wasn't counting to 8 I was holding a kid, cause in my poorly executed and procrastinated packing, I forgot the umbrella stroller. 

Sorry that I snapped the pic with you mid-blink, sweetheart.

I rented one for the first day FOR 15 BUCKS and vowed not to spend that much again for renting a stroller for just one day, so I didn't.  I thought I'd get a chance to run by a Walmart and buy an umbrella stroller but didn't have a chance to do that either, so I did carry a kid most of the day on Wednesday and Friday as we walked around the Magic Kingdom, I guess that probably counts for some kind of upper body workout, right?  Plus on Wednesday I booked it (walking but carrying a big ol' bag of food and diaper supplies) from California Screamin' to ToonTown, so I went from the southern most part of the parks to the northermost part, that was probably also good for a 30 min cardio workout, so maybe I did get in my exercise I guess.

Diet totally tanked though.  Tons of nuts and dark chocolate.  But today's a new day!  Hooray for New Week's Resolutions, cause I'm back on the wagon again.  No need to give myself a guilt trip.  I'm going to be doing my best to be healthy whether I'm at my goal weight or not, so just keep living your life and don't sweat it.

Kinda starting a beginners week - this morning I did my planks and a 20 minute jog which included 400 lunges.  See how I feel tomorrow and we'll hit it again.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Be Back in 10...

This morning I explored a trail close to home that I hadn't been on before, it was fun.  I took my interval timer and would sprint or do jump tucks for 20 seconds, then walk or jog for 50 seconds, and really enjoyed the beautiful cloudy sky and cool morning.  I was listening to Read My Mind and dancing in between my sprints.  (I'm loving that music this week!)

Going to take my tunes with me to Newport and might take a pic of me running on the beach, and see if this is true...


So heading out in a few hours.  ...guess I better go pack?

I'm sure I'll have internet access while we're gone, but I'm not planning on blogging for the next 10 days, so I'll be back on Monday April 30th.  Visit some of the April link archives for workout ideas if you need suggestions, or go for a walk and enjoy spring.  As for me, I'm going to be doing burpees, lunges, and squats as I wait in line and walk around Disneyland.  I'll get a pic of that for you too.  :)

See ya!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Body-for-LIFE Lower Body Workout

Today I did a modified lower body Body-for-LIFE style (I'll just refer to it as BFL) by doing 60 reps each of the following:

30 single leg lunges left (holding two 15lb dumbbells)
30 single leg lunges right (holding two 15lb dumbbells)
60 walking lunges (holding two 15lb dumbbells)30 Romanian deadlifts (holding two 30lb dumbbells)
60 slow calf raises
120 super quick "burner" calf raises
30 Romanian deadlifts (holding two 30lb dumbbells)
60 Ab pass with exercise ball (just watched that video, I'll have to work on better form next time!)

Didn't time myself with the stop watch, but looking at the clock it took me about 15 minutes.

That workout looks a little random and perhaps complicated.  It's my version of a BFL workout - For lower body you work these four muscle groups: Calves, Quads, Hamstrings, and Abdominals

The Body-for-LIFE exercise program for upper and lower body has you do 60 reps of an exercise like this

12 reps at a comfortable weight (like calf raises with just your body weight)
10 reps at a harder weight (calf raises holding 10 lbs)
8 reps at a harder weight again (calf raises holding 20 lbs)
6 reps at a very difficult weight (calf raises holding 30 lbs)
then lighten up the weight and do 12 reps (calf raises holding 20)
then immediately do 12 reps for calves in some other variation (calf raises with 20 lbs but toes pointed in)

so the reps are
12-10-8-6-12-12 = 60 reps

Sometimes I do it in the increasing intensity, other times I'll just pick a difficult weight and do 60 reps.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ZWOW Wednesday

Stayed up late last night so woke up a little late this morning. Started the day off right by doing just a little something - just ran a quick sprint around the block like yesterday, beat my time by 5 seconds - 2:29 - but I was heaving a lot and now my throat hurts, I was breathing hard!

Then after getting the kids off to school, I did Zw0w #9 and the Yo Te Quiero Workout

For ZWOW 9, I did 4 rounds for time, my time was 11:04
1st round = 2:35
2nd round = 5:10
3rd round = 8:11
last round = 11:04

And since I was feeling "sprite" (as Tony Horton says), I also repeated the Yo Te Quiero workout:

Do each exercise in a round for 1 minute each. Repeat round one more time for a total 12 minute workout

1) Plank Jacks (hold a plank on your elbows or hands, jump your feet out and in like if you were doing a jumping jack)
2) Rocket Launchers (1-2-3 squat jacks then jump up on count 4, repeat - for the 1-2-3 do out-in-out UP in-out-in UP repeat)
3) Plank Hops (aka Ski Abs, demo at 0:00 - 0:10)
4) Side Jump Lunges
5) Pendulum (demo at 5:39)
6) 1 Jump Forward/2 Hops Back

Now I'm done and trying to keep my sweaty arms off the laptop - It's 11:15 so... I'm gonna go take a bath!! (Which is a small victory in itself for this busy mom.)

Happy Wednesday :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Torture Tuesday - 100 Burpees!!

For my torture today, I thought a torturous exercise challenge would be good, and I was kinda feeling up to it, so I did 100 Burpees (with push up). Oh yeah.

First 10 took me :48
After the next ten, my time was 2:07
30 - 4:08
40 - 5:59
50 - 8:00
60 - 9:53
70 - 11:47
80 - 13:35
90 - 15:33
100 - 17:50

I'll push hard to beat my score next time, it's do-able. I did do all the push ups on my toes. I did 10 at a time, then would write my time so far and take a quick breather, until I was all the way done with 100 push up burpees at 17:50

Then I also timed myself doing a quick run around our neighborhood, I thought it would be fun to post my time and challenge my husband or my boys to try and beat my time. Start at the corner, stay on the sidewalk, as fast as you can, GO! I got 2:34 in the rain.

Have a happy Tuesday!


Monday, April 16, 2012

600 Upperbody Fusion

I call it a "fusion" workout if you repeatedly do an exercise in between the other exercises. For example, the workout I did this morning is one I made up where I did a fusion of mountain climbers into an upper body workout.
  1. 60 Mountain Climbers
  2. 60 Push Ups
  3. 60 Mountain Climbers
  4. 60 Bicep Curls
  5. 60 Mountain Climbers
  6. 60 Shoulder Press
  7. 60 Mountain Climbers
  8. 60 Chair Dips
  9. 60 Mountain Climbers
  10. 60 Weighted Superman lifts

See how that works - you FUSE an exercise into the circuit workout, hence, FUSION.

This was also a bit like a Body-for-LIFE upperbody workout where you workout each upperbody set of muscles - chest, biceps, shoulders, triceps, and back.

My time for this workout was 25:12. I spent a lot of time doing the 60 push ups, need to work on that upperbody strength. I did the first 8 on my toes, the rest on my knees in between my grunts and gasps for breath.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Active Rest

Corey and I went on a 4 mile run/walk together this morning, it was fun! Been a long time since we've done that. I actually totally remember the last time, cause it was in Costa Rica right after I miscarried. That was Oct 2010, so it's been a year and a half, so I was thinking "Wow! This is just like when we ran on the beach! Except ...we're in Utah now! And there are mountains and snow!" So I guess there wasn't a lot in common with our last run, except for the part when we'd jog. Actually we were jumping over puddles, so that was like the beach tide pools a little. It's a chilly but beautiful day here in Utah.

Still doing my planks for 12 minutes 3x a week. I've been thinking of my plan of attack exercise wise so I can be ready for an upcoming family vacation to California, I'll post that next week.

Easter really derailed my diet. I ate a lot of chocolate but I'm ready to be good again. Going to move around furniture today and have an active rest day at home.

Here's a gross picture that I saw this week that has stayed with me as I've thought back to my naughty treat eating this week.

Ugh. Fat is gross. Nasty.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Body for LIFE Cardio

Went running on a treadmill today (Thanks Stacy!) It's been a while since I've been on a treadmill. I've been looking for one on KSL, will probably get one sometime this year. For me it's a good way to check my stamina. Right not my stamina isn't so impressive, but it was good to take a test. I was able to run at a 10 mph a few times, like 20 seconds. I was trying to do a Body-for-LIFE Cardio run, but just kinda did 2 miles of sprint - stop - sprint - stop - repeat for 20 minutes. Glad I was able to do 2 miles in 20 minutes, and I was sweating and panting, so I think it was good.

Body-for-LIFE's style of cardio for running on a treadmill, stairclimber, or stationary bike is as follows: says to do a 2 minute warm up, then take it up for 4 four minute high point intervals (so 16 minutes) then a 2 minute cool down.

A 20 minute interval run on a treadmill would look like this:

2 min warm up, then
  • 1 minute run at a 6
  • 1 minute run at a 7
  • 1 minute run at a 8
  • 1 minute run at a 9
(repeat that 3 more times)
2 minute cool down

I've gone back to Body-for-LIFE workouts for this week (If you couldn't tell, I need a lot of variety in my workouts)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

ZWOW #13 - Tabata

Tabata Training

4 exercises for 4 minutes each
Total workout time = 16 minutes

20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest - set your gymboss or use an online tabata timer
  1. Alternate Leg Balance Burn
  2. Bunny Hop
  3. Weighted Leg Raise
  4. Broad Jump Death Burpee

Video Here

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Recovery Week

Last week Corey was finishing up his 2 week trip to Santiago, Chile. I kept up with workouts during week one, then last week I was focusing more on finishing my painting projects, so I did something little everyday, but some of those days it was just busy active rest. Then the Easter Bunny visited...

Three Easter Egg hunts later and I've gotten the last of the jelly beans and chocolate eggs out of the house and it's time to assess where I'm at, so ~

Yesterday morning I did my 12 minutes of planks, good job me! Got in a workout last night at 11:00 p.m, I did the Yo Te Quiero Workout plus 40 Romanian Deadlifts with two 30 lb weights.

This morning it was the 400 lunges challenge. Didn't time myself, just did it while I was on a walk outside, so glad Spring is here!!

We'll see how sore I am later today/tomorrow. Going to do my handstand and wheel challenges tonight during the commercial of Biggest Loser. My kids and I like that show, it's our little Tuesday night activity that we do together. They are working out at the White House with Michelle Obama tonight, wow!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

ZWOW #12 - Pistol n' Dynamite

Do as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes - or - do 4 rounds for time

1 round =
  • 10 Pistol Squats (alternating legs)
  • 20 Low Jacks
  • 10 Dynamite Burpees
  • 20 Low Jacks
Z's score: 4 rounds + 6 pistol squats
Video Here
Pistol squats make my knees hurt super bad, so we'll see if my knees are up to it or not, if not I'll post how I modified. :)

The Push

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, Corey nuked my computer.

Today I'm doing day 3 of Bcx Express, and I really like these little emails coming to my inbox everymorning!

Warm Up - 3 minutes (took me 3:32)

The Push - 6 minutes (my time= 5:44)

Ten-Four - 7 minutes (I call bull - It took me 2:19 to do one round, and they estimate you can do TEN rounds in SEVEN MINUTES?! No way. After 20 minutes of these babies I was done, I lost count of how many rounds I did, but I do know I timed myself twice for 1 round and got 2:19 each time. Burpees kill me, not my favorites, hope they're good for me I guess)

Boot Camp Core - 10 minutes (I'll do this one another day, cause after 10-4 above, I'm done for today)

Plank-N-Simple - 6 minutes (These look like a good "in-between" between beginner planks and my 12 minute planks)

I'll see how much I get done in 20-30 minutes, do what I can before the Easter Egg Hunt in 45 minutes. :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bcx Express Welcome Package

Just signed up for one of FitStudio's getting fit programs. Yesterday I first signed up with Alfonso Moretti and the "Real Strength" program, but when the first workout came with 31 different exercises, I thought "nope." I could do it, but I need faster and more efficient, can't go for long times, I'm a busy mom with 8 kiddos, so... unsubscribed the same day I signed up, looked at the other programs ~

ok, for take 2 let's try Bcx Express. Came to my inbox, click, and it looks good! They sent three circuits, the Welcome Package, the Bomb (posted below) and SSS (skater/squat/shuffle). Looks good, even if I just do one of the circuits. I'll let you know how it goes, but check it out yourself, looks like they've got a good website and online program set up!

Here's the "Welcome Package" workout:
5 exercises in a round, complete 3 rounds for time

1 round =
  1. 20 Butt Kicks
  2. 20 Squat Front kicks
  3. 20 Heismans
  4. 20 Jumping Jacks
  5. 10 Bicycle Crunches
My time =

The Bomb

This one is from Fit Studio - 8 exercises in a round, Complete 3 rounds for time

1 round =
  • 20 Forward Lunges alternating legs
  • 20 Squats
  • 10 Burpees
  • 1 min Jumprope
  • 20 Backward Lunges alternating legs
  • 20 Jumping Jacks
  • 10 Burpees
  • 1 minute Wall sit
Score =
Video here

Going to go put on my shoes and will be back with my time!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

60 Second Shred

Ok, I really liked this workout by FitStudio too - good stuff!

15 exercises, 60 seconds each:
(will type them up later, the baby's screaming...)

Link to their site and short demo videos here

...AND I also like that their site really seems to be focused around one thing - EXERCISING!!! I totally have been cringing lately or giving disclaimers if I mention Bodyrock to anyone cause I just hate all the pics in the sidebars. I also feel like I have to apologize about the immodesty when I refer people to ZWOW videos, which I hate having to do cause I really like her. I just prefer modest sports bras, wish it weren't too much to ask. Sometimes they deliver, and those are happy days.

Ok, that's my 2cents, now go get a quick workout!

Plus, today I did a wheel for 1:24! That's my new record time for myself to beat, it felt good

Monday, April 2, 2012

Fat Blasting Blitz

Got this one in my inbox today from FitStudio -here's a link with little videos showing each exercise - going to try it, it looks to me like it's probably a 20-30 minute workout.

2 circuits - record your time for each circuit:

Part 1 - repeat these 4 exercises in a circuit 3x
100 jump rope
25 push press
25 prisoner squat
25 push ups

then another 100 jump rope
TIME = (My time was 14:10)

Part 2 - repeat circuit 3x
5 pull ups
5 burpees
5 tricep dips
5 pull ups
5 burpees
25 crisscross squats (I call these 180 jump turn)
TIME = (My time was 8:33)