Monday, March 30, 2015

Mar 30 - Apr 4 (22 weeks)

22 Weeks - Papaya
Monday - 22 weeks today. This is our first week in Brazil. Nice to have time to relax a bit now that we made it here alive. I was going to go on a walk this morning but couldn't figure out how to unlock the door. So did 12 minutes of planks today instead.
Tuesday - went for an hour walk with a little bit of jogging this morning, plus 300 walking lunges during the walk. We went for another walk with the kids at night. So kinda did a double workout today.
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - two laps on the inside dirt path of the park across the street. Don't know how far it was, but I walked and jogged, went from 7:40 to 8:30. Took me 25 minutes a lap. Good workout. I feel fine jogging, but am sure I look ridiculous. Glad I don't have to see myself.
Friday - 12 minutes of 60 second planks
Saturday -

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mar 23 - 28 (21 weeks)

21 Weeks - "As long as a carrot"
Monday - 21 weeks today. Leaving for our adventure around 5:00, no time to exercise.
Tuesday - Walked around Universal Studios
Wednesday - same as yesterday plus went on a few kiddie roller coasters.
Thursday - stayed at our hotel and swam with my little girls.
Friday - Nothing. Did push a huge load of luggage through the Miami airport, broke a nice sweat.
Saturday - Arrived in Brazil. No exercise

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mar 16 - 21 (20 weeks)

20 Weeks - Artichoke
Monday - 20 weeks today, my baby is an artichoke. Had a lousy week last week, and I don't like how it makes me feel. No more, did 100 push ups first thing this morning. Feel normal again, energy wise. Taking Cool+ stuff that was on sample at Costco last week and digest zen and lemon essential oils - haven't been constipated from the iron, yay
Tuesday - nothing, the day got away from me
Wednesday - 12 minutes of planks first thing in the morning
Thursday - nothing
Friday - 2.5 mile walk
Saturday -

Friday, March 13, 2015

Mar 9 - 14 (19 weeks)

19 Weeks
Monday - 19 Weeks
Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - nothing - having a hard time adjusting to day light saving time. Feeling muy tired.
Thursday - nothing. Maybe I'm anemic again... taking 2 irons more consistently
Friday - nothing. 2 iron pills
Saturday - 400 lunges - feel a bit of energy.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mar 2 - 7 (18 weeks)

18 Weeks
Monday - "sweet potato" size, but still haven't felt any strong movements from the baby.
Tuesday - Shoveled snow a lot, good upper back workout, (was sore Wed). Had ultrasound today, our baby is a boy. They said there is more than normal water in the kidneys. She told me not to google it but I did, it's a marker for Downs Syndrome, but could clear up and might be nothing. Don't feel too worried.
Wednesday - no exercise, tried to clean. OB's nurse called to schedule another ultrasound before we leave for Brazil, said something about Nucal fold, which I googled to see it's also a marker for downs - which has now made me a little worried, I've been a bit emotional.
Thursday - nothing. still worried about the baby, but finally have felt him move today and more than once.
Friday - 400 lunges at Liberty park while I waited for Melodie to finish her flute lesson. First time doing that, it was nice to be outside. Dr called last night and scheduled me for a blood draw to have DNA tested to see if baby is downs or not, will come back in 2 weeks, hopefully before we are boarding the plane to Florida.
Saturday - nothing, we all cleaned a lot today, it was nice to have everyone's help.