Saturday, October 31, 2015

Oct 26 - Oct 31 (3 months old)

Monday - Owen is 13 weeks old today. Did a 2 mile jog on the treadmill. Would much rather run outside - treadmill is kinda painful. Did 2 miles in 25 minutes. Plus a 3 minute center plank
Tuesday - Owen is 3 months old, He's a cutie.
Upperbody pulse workout w/ 5lb weights
Wednesday - 3 min center plank, 100 romanian deadlifts, 30 min stretching. Ate apple pie at church activity
Thursday - no exercise, did some stretching. Fasted the whole day - no food or water
Friday - 2 miles on the treadmill, continued fast until 4 pm. (longest I've ever fasted! 44 hours)
Saturday - stretching, 5 lb superman holds back and front for chest, back, triceps, biceps. Began a fast for Fast Sunday at 2:30, going to do 24 hours, should help me be good on Halloween night

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Oct 19 - 24 (12 weeks)

Monday - Owen is 12 weeks today. 12 weeks - seems like a good time to start a 12 week program, hmmm, I'll look into that. Today I ate perfectly again, yay. For exercise today - get this: I held a center plank for 3 minutes! I haven't done that since back in the Kristi Approved days of 2010. I thought it was crazy then, still do, but I was able to do it! I was dying and it rocked my hips to the ligaments, but felt pretty empowered afterwards. Then did side planks for as long as I could - 30 seconds, on right, 45 on left, then did each side again to complete 60 seconds total.
Tuesday - ate perfectly. 2.5 mile walk/jog outside, lovely rainbow! tmi, had major time in the bathroom last night and this morning from the cup of wheat berries I've started to have daily - first serving Sunday, then yesterday and it is definitely a digestive cleanser. Witch hazel is my current bff.
Wednesday - ate perfectly, no workout (it's our typical busy Wednesday)
Thursday - 2 mile jog outside (6 laps around block)
Friday - ate almost perfectly, 3:17 center plank, side planks for 35 and 45 seconds
Saturday -

Monday, October 12, 2015

Oct 12 - 17 (11 weeks)

Monday - Owen is 11 weeks today, he's getting big. Ate a few PB Snickers... I'm not in the zone! How can I get back? C'mon Tiff. Did 2 laps around the block to try and repent - 2:30 at my best sprint (throat hurt after and was coughing a lot) and 3:00 at a jog pace. Then 12 minutes of planks
Tuesday - Ate perfect today - Haven't done great the past 4 days. But back on it. (started a personal fast after lunch.) Did 100 Romanian Deadlifts and 6 pull up hangs for 10 seconds each (before I try to do pull ups I thought I should start by trying to help my hands be able to grip the bar to hold me!)
Wednesday - Ate perfect. No workout - was going to do it after the kids were home from school but a trip to the ER for stitches threw off the evening of an already busy Wednesday night.
Thursday - ate perfect, no exercise
Friday - ate perfect, no exercise
Saturday - ate perfect, 3 mile walk/jog outside this morning, Have lost 15 pounds since I started Sep 10th.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Oct 5 - 10 (10 weeks)

Monday - Owen is 10 weeks old today. 12 minutes of planks, BFL upperbody workout, and 60 walking lunges (I gotta start over from scratch and work my way up to 400 again) Ate some cookies last night at a family gathering (cream cheese and chocolate chips, had 3, they were pretty yummy.)
Tuesday - 2 mile jog outside, 19 minutes, jogged the whole time! just a smidge sore from the lunges.
Wednesday - two sprints around block. First time time 2:31, that's really good! second time I had to pause and walk for a few seconds - 3:01. Then did 120 walking lunges.
Thursday - nothing
Friday - nothing, ate treats at a neighbor's surprise party.
Saturday - 2 mile morning jog outside, little bit of walking, plus 200 walking lunges