Monday, September 28, 2015

Sept 28 - Oct 3 (9 weeks)

Monday - Owen is 9 weeks old today. 12 minutes of planks
Tuesday - 2 mile jog/walk outside
Wednesday - no exercise. Weighed 161.8 today, so I've lost 10 pounds since the 10th, pretty good!
Thursday - no exercise except some stretching with the miracle ball. Still haven't had any cereal, sugar, cookies, cake, desserts or processed food for 3 weeks now. Heard a good live BYU devotional on Tuesday about how important it is to sweat the small stuff to reach your goals, couldn't agree more. Today my little sister started an exercise blog to help her be accountable to herself as she loses weight with the goal of being more healthy and increasing her chance of getting pregnant. They've been married 4 year and really want to start their family but are having a hard time. prayers are with you Beka!
Friday - 12 minutes of planks
Saturday - nothing - listened to General Conference all day, loved it

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sept 21 - 26 (8 weeks)

Monday - Owen is 8 weeks old today. 12 minutes of planks
Tuesday - 2 mile jog/walk on treadmill
Wednesday - stretching and laying on miracle ball
Thursday - nothing, weight was same as last week, 165.0, Haven't had sugar for 2 weeks! And only have had bread or carbs like 3 times. No cereal, been eating super healthy, like unnaturally healthy, but my goal is unnatural (not natural for an almost 40 year old mother of 10 to have a 6 pack, right?) so I'm gonna keep at it. I liked this SANE video with Mr. Bailor - learned that "unnatural" thing from him in here where he talks on how to lose the last 10 pounds.
Friday - nothing
Saturday - hike up Red Pine Trail, lovely!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sept 14 - 19 (I'm in the zone!)

Monday - Owen is 7 weeks old today. I did 12 minutes of planks. This morning I weighed 167. That, my friends, means that I have removed 5 pounds since last Thursday. I didn't exercise it off, I'm just letting my body do the work itself since by me finally eating healthy and helping my sink get unclogged. In a nutshell (well, kind of...) things that have helped things click in my brain:

Last Wednesday afternoon, I only caught snippets of the 11:00 BYU devotional on channel 11, cause I was taking out garbage for trash day and coming going out of the house. He spoke on the "Skills of a Saint" and mentioned that we have habits that we do without thinking. I decided I was going to start helping my day start off right by renewing the habit of getting up and reading my scriptures. Then I decided I'd do 20 minutes of oil pulling as I studied. My new wake up time: 5:40

Later that night, after feeling stressed out, and frazzled, I ate a quick small bowl of cinnamon toast crunch (to get rid of it, it was leftover from the reunion and donated to us) and then downed a tube of mini MnMs before I went upstairs with my crying baby where I plopped myself on the bed and watched tv again (a frequent occurrence around here) It was around 9 pm. I watched some PBS station where they were doing their fundraising and had different health specials going on. The guy who wrote "Eat to Live" was talking, and the host asked him what are the 3 things he recommends to help people become healthy or something to that effect. I was expecting some kind of advice on exercise or eating, but he said "#1 thing is: Stop Deceiving Yourself ~ stop telling yourself that one cookie or one serving of ice cream won't make a difference. It does make a difference..." Oh no! I'm being deceived!!! And worse, I'm deceiving myself!?!?! That's not good... I'm "deceived"!! That's a word that I don't want to be associated with, cause one of the things that differentiates the 5 wise virgins from the 5 foolish is that the 5 wise "have not been deceived..." (D&C 45:57). So that hit me. It's not other people deceiving me, I'm deceiving myself. I know I have rationalized that in regards to all the sugary stuff in the world - just one thing and that's it and one thing will be okay. But I've been deceiving myself. NO MORE. So that was one thing.

Then on Thursday morning, I checked my email. I had an email from the Power of Moms. I'm on their mailing list, and if things are busy and crazy I usually just delete these without looking them, but I opened it up and lo and behold - they are talking about losing weight. And they're joining up with Jonathan Bailor! I know him and I like his stuff. I've read one of his books and I loved his clogged sink analogy. I clinked the link - they have some new program they're selling. But I've read his stuff, and I already knew what I needed to do. I do not need to diet, I need to eat and eat lots of vegetables.

I decided to go by Costco and load up on good food. I had my 6 week appointment today and Costco is on the way there. For my appointment, I knew my weight wasn't going to be pretty (I didn't look at the scale to see my weight, purposely avoided it. I didn't look at it at all during my last 5 months of pregnancy) I don't know what it read at his office, but at home it was 172. After Hyrum, when I was on target with diet back in 2003, I was 144 at my 6 week. I was like 164 before I delivered him - and he was a 8.10 baby! Pretty amazing. I've been wondering for a few years "Why/How was I able to do it? Why can't I do it now?" Well something clicked that Wednesday night and I'm in the zone and I went to Costco before my dr appointment and got 3 bags of Romaine lettuce and 3 things of tomatoes and I've been eating fruits, veggies and protein since last Thursday. No bread, no sugar. I feel SOOOOOOOO much better mentally, I've got energy, and I'm in the zone, loving it.

And then Friday morning I started to read an amazing book that is helping preserve this "go get 'em" attitude and I've been starting to clear out out home of all the junk and clutter we have. I'm not going to totally do the program yet, cause I don't want to go through my clothes until I've reached my goal, which will be by January for sure if not earlier (if the past 5 days are an indicator, than the 2 pounds a week that I planned for will be lost faster than by January). I've been perfect on my diet each day since last Thursday. I haven't been hungry, cause lucky for me I actually really like eating fruit and my chicken and egg salads. I love how I'm feeling right now, Diet - it does make a difference!
Friday night another PBS special was on about diabetes - sugar isn't just "empty" calories - like they don't make a difference either way... they are bad and dangerous calories.

So there are some of my thoughts from the past few days that have helped me get on the wagon and I'm not falling off this time. I've got this, I'm staying on target.
Tuesday - 166.4 today, ate perfectly again for the 6th straight day in a row. 1 mile jog followed by 1.5 mile walk. Beautiful rainbow this evening!
Wednesday - nothing, ate great, prob a few too many nuts though
Thursday - nothing, ate perfect
Friday - ate perfect, 12 minutes of planks, upper body eccentric exercises, 2 mile walk/jog/sprint on treadmill, 26 minutes
Saturday -

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sept 7 - 12 (6 weeks old)

Monday - 2 mile jog around block, 6 laps at 9:30pm (9:37 - 9:58) We got back from our holiday weekend at 8:55 tonight, I was impressed with myself that I made it out. Here's Owen up at the Heber reunion with his sweet cousin Mallory - look at those baby blue eyes!
Tuesday - 6 minutes of planks, then got interrupted and didn't get back to them. 
Wednesday - nada, had my 6 week appointment and that about did me in having to leave the house, Owen is colicky, I'm about ready to surrender and give up on diet, exercise, laundry, making the bed, etc...
Thursday - Did 12 minutes of planks. And I just want the me in the future to know that today was the first day of my new life. I've received the motivation I needed and am changing my environment. Actually several things have fallen into place. I might even begin recording my weight here every week - it was 172.0 this morning. Kristi Approved says loosing 2 pounds a week is good. I ate AWESOME today - no bread carbs, just eggs, chicken, two apples, and lots of veggies. It's amazing what a difference that makes. I do believe I am/have been addicted to sugar. No more. Did 12 minutes of planks. I think my foot has a stress fracture again from my jog on Monday. I'm going to take it easy exercise wise but it will be okay because abs are made in the kitchen, right? Yes! 70% diet, 30% exercise, so I'm going to focus on that 70 % and stop deceiving myself (got that from a fun raising infomercial on PBS today - Eat to Live!) and I'm not going back (until the Triple Whammy of hormones does me in again)
Friday - A good friend from high school turned 40 yesterday, and it made me think of when I'm going to turn 40 in a few months (April)... and that made me think that my 40th birthday would be a great date to have my six-pack abs by! Oh yeah, that's an awesome goal. 40 with abs! Diet was great today, go me, and did some yoga and stretching for my workout. Weight: 171.0
Saturday - No exercise, some stretching, Diet was rockin on the ball and get this - I got below 170 today: 168.8, wahoo!!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Aug 31 - Sep 5 (5 weeks old)

Monday -  Owen is 5 weeks old today. I was able to do a 1 mile jog on treadmill but then he woke up and I couldn't get back to finish. Then tonight he was fussy, went on a 1 mile walk around the neighborhood - 3 laps around the block
Tuesday - started to do an upper body workout, little bit of shoulders and biceps, then Owen needed me. Didn't get back to it. Hasn't been a great day...
Wednesday - feeling a little trapped today. I'm either feeding Owen or protecting the sleeping Owen from his sisters. Finally at 11:11 tonight did 12 minutes of planks. Hasn't been a good week so far, not feeling in the zone mentally and circumstances aren't making it easy to try and get there.
Thursday - went on a jog outside, and get this, I jogged the whole time! 6 laps around the neighborhood, which a neighbor told me is 2 miles, but I was faster than I've been on the treadmill - took me 21 minutes. So maybe it's not 2 miles, or maybe I have the treadmill on too much of an incline. Jogged from 9:51 to 10:12, thank you Melodie for watching Owen, and thank you Owen for sleeping the whole 20 minutes. (it's been a rough week so far!)