Thursday, December 19, 2013

Modified ZWOW 33

I broke out my trusty little Bodyrock/Zwow notebook and have done my 3rd workout this week since Natalie was born and I'm remembering why I love Zuzana's workouts. They are short and intense. I just did more in 14 minutes than I do in the total hour and a half time it takes for me to go to the Zumba classes. I like Zumba and it's fun, but I do get interrupted a lot by the little girls during it, and so I feel like I miss  most of the workout and so when I get back to the class I want to take it up a notch in intensity to catch up for what I just missed, but don't want to feel like a show off in front of the grandmas or other moms, so that part I don't like ~ I feel like it's got a low ROI. (Return on investment to use business terms). Sometimes I go into the hall and do a hand stand or something.

Anyway, the modified Zwow 33 just kicked me in the pants. I did it in Abi's room, she's home today with a fever so I missed Zumba. I did four rounds of the following:

  • 10 normal burpees (as in with push up)
  • 20 jump lunges
  • 10 pulse squat jumps (10 pulse squats followed by 1 jump = 1 rep)
  • 15 side plank leg lifts right side (side plank on hand, lift leg up and tap down on foot = 1 rep)
  • 15 side plank leg lifts left side 
My time was 7:08 for the first 2 rounds, took a breather to check if Natalie was still sleeping, then finished 2 more rounds in 6:41, so about 14 minutes and I'm good for the day, love HIIT workouts! 

Thursday, December 5, 2013


I just started doing Zumba 3 weeks ago. I'd never done it before. It's kinda fun. I go to a free class that is held everyday of the week, but I just go on Mondays and Thursdays. Here is their facebook page: J&H Zumba. If you live nearby come and join us! 9:15 a.m. There are toys for kids to play with if you don't have a sitter, like myself. Natalie just sits in her carseat and Lily and Sophi run around and play with little friends. Good stuff.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fist Bump

So, good news: This week on Sunday I was 150.2, almost almost there at finally breaking 150. I had been feeling a bit damned by my weight though, as in shut in and not progressing. Then on Monday morning - I finally was released from feelings of being stuck and got to 149.8 - woohoo! Then TODAY (get this!!) 148.4!!!! I'm excited! Wow, this appears to really work! "Eat when you're hungry" ~ who knew? I am glad that I'm in the zone and shall enjoy my ride here for as long as it lasts (and I hope it will be for a long time.) I could even reach my goal weight by our anniversary, knock on wood.

Today I did a little Bodyrock/Zuzka style workout for myself - I did the following circuit of exercises 2 times:
  • 500 high knees
  • 30 deadlifts
  • 30 heels to heaven
  • 500 calf raises
  • 30 divebomberes
  • 30 bicep curls
  • 500 mountain climbers
My first round was 17:50 minutes, 2nd round was 15:46 ~ I pushed myself harder the second time around to try and beat my first score). 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Hunger Scale

This is from page 109 of Bob Greene's book "The Best Life Diet" - In my perfect world I will always implement this tool before I go get something to eat. First, I'll pause and ask myself how I'm feeling...
10: Stuffed. You are so full you feel nauseous.
9: Very uncomfortably full. You need to loosen your clothes.
8: Uncomfortably full. You feel bloated.
7: Full. A little bit uncomfortable.
6: Perfectly comfortable. You feel satisfied.
5: Comfortable. You're more or less satisfied, but could eat a little more.
4: Slightly uncomfortable. You're just beginning to feel signs of hunger.
3: Uncomfortably hungry. Your stomach is rumbling.
2: Very uncomfortable. You feel irritable and unable to concentrate.
1: Weak and light-headed. Your stomach acid is churning.

The goal is to  eat only when you're feeling 1, 2, 3 or 4, but try to avoid 1 and 2 - best to stay in the 3 - 6 zone. But since I'm trying to lose weight, I'll stop at 5, the point at which I'm eating a little less than my body is burning.

Today I was a little stressed and could feel myself craving carbs. Note to self: whatever you crave when you're stressed is the very thing you should not give yourself. Also, pause and do some soul searching, cause when I'm stressed and craving cake or whatever, it would be better to walk away and attack what it really is that is bothering me rather than try to avoid it and find solace in calories. Hence, this morning, I swept up half a box of grape nuts cereal that Sophia poured out all over the floor rather than heading to the pantry. That's an upside down bowl full of cereal at the top of the photo there. Thanks Sophi
Still feeling a little frazzled right now from other messes made through out the day. I'll go have a drink of water and then go clean the house some more - I shall face my stresses with courage rather than hiding from them behind a bowl of ice cream!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thrift Store Diet Books

Hi. So I haven't been logging my workouts here lately. I've kept consistent with them, just not logging them here, but I am recording things in my calendar book. I've been a bit frustrated with myself though because I have yet to get below the 150 mark. I had hoped to be past this point several weeks ago. So what's my deal? Like I said, I've been exercising, so I know it's cause of diet. I ate junk over Halloween and was hoping November would be nicer to me, and I did a little better, but not much. I'm still here.

So two weeks ago I picked up a few self help books at the thrift store and after perusing them I've had a few a-ha moments.

First one was with the book Think Yourself Thin. The idea that our battles of the bulge are really psychological battles with our stresses and issues rang true to me. But I put the Think Yourself Thin book down (might put it in the trash) after page 19 and getting more info than I would have liked about Mrs. Y's "vivid dream". I'll leave it at that. The author tanked in my trust after that cause I can't believe he put that in his book, especially near the front. I'm proud to be a prude (old French word meaning "honourable woman").

So, next book ~ Bob Greene's "Best Life Diet Book" - he shares the same things. Go get that book at the library and just read the intro or read the "emotional eating" part on page 106 and the Hunger Scale on 109. I loved the introduction by Oprah, totally range true. This book is a keeper. It's not about our love of food, it's our issues that we try to avoid by turning to food for comfort, it's us using/abusing food to hide our true feelings of stress and boredom that we've turned into eating habits. What a novel idea, to listen to our bodies and eat when we're hungry and stop when we're satisfied!!! I love it. I've eaten this way this past week and today I was at 150.2 - I'm almost there!!! Next week for sure I will be there if I listen to my body and don't turn to food for emotional comfort. I'm going to turn to exercise or cleaning to relieve stress instead of the fridge.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekly Check Off List

In my room there is a closet, and in the closet there is a shelf, and on that shelf there is a book ~
and that book is my calender, and on that calendar is a list that I love.
Yes, I have for the past three weeks been writing out a weekly check list and it is helping me keep track of my habits - So I have the whole week at a glance on two pages ~
...and on the top of those two pages, I've got a list of personal habits for my spiritual goals, cleaning goals, and exercise goals:
Haven't been doing great at the cleaning part, but put them on there to remind myself that they should be a habit. So this is my current way of recording my exercising - just doing 60 slow reps of each resistance exercise, plus I have jog and biking on there and planks and stuff.  Trying to develop good habits and not give excuses, but I have been feeling a wee bit in over my head the past few weeks! Just keeping at it though.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Aerobics in the 1980s

A friend posted this video here to facebook, and I think it is the funniest thing ever.

My kids don't quite get it. I do, although I cannot explain it... I had to google and see if there was any reason to the madness presented there. Pretty amazing, it was a special presentation. Entertainment and exercise has thankfully come a long way. Oh my, the 80s...

It's a miracle we survived. So much spandex. Wesley said "Those outfits must hurt." Sooo funny, read the comments on both of those video, I love it! A few of my favorite comments:
"This is... something. With comedy relief by Alan Thicke to boot!"
"I don't think I've ever been as excited for anything as these people are for this in my entire life."

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I haven't been on a fall hike or for a 2 mile run for a few weeks. I think I've lost my chance to see the fall colors. Drat. Newborns will do that to you though, as will sick toddlers (Sophi had a fever last week and has a cough still.) I got an exercise bike off of the classifieds last Thursday, and I've been able to use that a few times, still working on a schedule I can stick to, but maybe that's not realistic right now.

These past two weeks I've spent a lot of my free time laying on my Miracle Balls doing some "un-exercises" as she calls them. I lay down in my closet with some Piano Guys music on my shuffle, feeling the tension release a little as I exhale the "s" sound, per Petrone's instructions. I'm still pretty tense in my shoulders, as that is where my body likes to hold all my unconscious stress. The little booklet that comes with the balls explains how to use them. Good stuff.

The kids keep using them as their toys over the years, so they've gotten lost and thrown over the fences or something and are always disappearing and I'm having to buy new ones, we're on our 5th and 6th ball right now, and since I only have these two purple pregnancy balls I keep a close eye on them and do my best to keep them out of the kids hands. But I totally love them.

During our international trips, they are one thing that we've made room for in the luggage. There's little 1 year old Wes using the ball as his pool toy in Brazil in 2007. We could live without them, but prefer not to. :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Focus on the Positive

Last week was a little rough. I didn't exercise much cause I was recovering from my lunges which killed me for some reason... I did them faster than usual, so maybe that upped the intensity and thus lactic acid and left me walking around in pain for several days, leaving me feeling slow and slumpy and in need of a pick me up, which I unfortunately found in chocolates I got at Costco. I was able to move by Thursday, which was good cause I went to play in a soccer game at Soccer City with my lil' sister Jerusha. It was good. So I did the soccer game and planks one time and that was it for exercise last week.

This week I've refocuses myself again again, and it's going better than last week.
  • Monday - 12 min planks plus six 30 second sprints. 
  • Tuesday - Resistance training (Biceps, Triceps, and Hamstrings) and I hiked up Y mountain with Joseph and Ethan. That was a good 1 1/2 hour workout.
  • Today - 10 minutes of jumping in the front room - 180s, jumpy frog, and skater lunges. 
And I also had an epiphany... we've talked to the kids about "you get what you focus on" - and I realized that I've been focusing on the wrong thing as I try to NOT eat treats. I'm trying to be a good fun mom and have treats for the kids, but it creates an unhelpful environment for myself, thus my bad week last week as I ate too many Acai chocolate covered treats and chocolate covered almonds and chocolate. So instead of focusing my thoughts on "Do not eat candy and sweets" and stay away from me, I should be focusing on what I can bring to myself and think more along lines of "I will eat 3 heads of Romain lettuce today", right?! We've been telling this to the kids and I have seen it in other areas of my life, like focusing on happy family time instead of focusing on who is arguing, (Don't focus on the serpents!) but I hadn't seen it in myself and how I've been approaching food. So I'm hoping that will help me from here on out. I made my goal of 151 pounds two weeks ago, and then this past week I was back up to 155. Instead of focusing on removing pounds, I'm going to focus on building muscle and lifting weights - two positive things, right? Building and lifting instead of removing pounds and shrinking my waist as if I'm trying to disappear. Jonathan Bailor brought that concept to my attention on this blog post (second video there or link straight to it here), but again, I hadn't thought of how I was doing it wrong with my thoughts about food.
 I think it will help me! 

Monday, September 30, 2013


On Saturday I did 400 lunges and a Body for Life style lower body workout for my hamstrings & calves, and Kristi Approved planks for abs. I'm super sore from the lunges. I had Natalie wrapped to me. Just trying to stretch my legs today. My diet is going really well. On track to get my weight below the 150 mark this weekend.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Default Salad

This is my default dinner salad:
  • 3 heads of romaine lettuce
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 avocado
  • juice of 3 limes
  • 4 scallions
  • salt to taste

I make this huge salad for family dinner and there's usually enough left over that I've already got my lunch the next day taken care of. Tastes great with eggs, shrimp, or chicken. :)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cardio Circuit

Today (Thurs) my workout is:
12 minutes of 90 second Planks
  • Center plank
  • left side on elbow
  • right side on elbow
  • yoga table
12 minute cardio circuit, 4 rounds of the following, timer set for 50 seconds on/10 seconds rest:
  • jump lunges
  • jumpy frog
  • speed skater lunges
The past two days -
Tues -
2 mile jog at 7:30 am, around the block 6 times, time 20:00
no nap
4 hour hospital appointment
bread with nutella 

Wed -
sprint around the block 2 times, but hardly a sprint, I feel so slow. 2:32 time
diet was great today, no nap

Monday, September 23, 2013

Food Combining

Now that I've committed myself to 100 days of this, I'm remembering now that I really like eating this way. I don't think I'll always do it over the next 100 days, like I'll let it slide on date night now and then, but it really is such an easy way for me to plan meals and eat, I really like it. It simplifies my life, I do it this way:

  • Wake up - Drink water, wait 15 minutes, then Fruit for breakfast
  • 2 hours after finishing my fruit (about 10:00) I get to eat my carbs (this is my happy time of the day): whole wheat toast with avocado, cucumbers, carrots with peanut butter, veggies, I can eat and snack until around 2:30 - 3:00
  • ok to snack on veggies in between these two eating sessions, since they combine properly with both carbs and protein (anything from the middle circles from the top portion of this chart).
  • 3 hours later (6:00-ish) I can have my protein meal - for example on Saturday I sauteed up some mushrooms, onions, and red peppers and ate them with shrimp and a little lettuce. I was satisfied but not stuffed afterwards, which is the sign of good eating.

Here's my 100 days report:

Day 2 - Sunday - Free day
I still food combined most of the day, but skipped my protein dinner and had a yogurt pie for dessert made with regular yogurt and light whipped cream, bananas, strawberries, coconut, and a graham cracker crust.

Day 3 - Monday - today :)
I haven't taken a nap this morning which is huge. Usually I just let myself fall asleep nursing Natalie and figure I'll start my day when the older kids are home, but I actually haven't been totally worthless today! Feels good, like I'm almost a normal person.

Did my 12 minutes of planks, 3 minute variety. 3 minute center plank kills me. Can't hold the sides for 3 minutes, but I did do 90 sec plus 40 second hand planks, then another 50 seconds to make 3 minutes for each side.

Breakfast - Watermelon
Lunch - 11:00 2 bread, cereal with rice milk
2:00 - 2 more bread with avocado, and 4 microwaved yellow squash
Dinner - Chicken curry with grilled mushrooms and red peppers

I was inspired by this lady today - that would be a great way to get in a workout each day, huh!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

100 Days Begins

Today it will be 100 days until 2013 is over, which was brought to my attention by my soul sister Nicole. She suggested we do a 100 day challenge together, so she and I are getting serious and setting a few goals to improve a day at a time.

My goals:
Daily Spiritual Nourishment - 11:00 a.m.
Daily Diet: Food Combining (Marilu Style) - All Day
Daily Exercise: Planks or stretching plus cardio or resistance training

My weight today 154
Waist measurement (M1) - 39
Hip measurement (M2) - 42

100 days, I'm going to start with day 1 rather than countdown backwards. So... it begins!

1) Ensign articles - Sept 2012 - both went along with repenting (resolutions) and habits:
Repentance that Brings Conversion and Overcoming Addiction Through the Atonement (I have a slight addiction to chocolate chip cookies)
2) 8:30 breakfast - date and prunes
11:00 lunch - granola with rice milk, 2 slices of whole wheat bread
snack - carrots and tomatoes
dinner - shrimp with lemon juice, grilled red peppers/mushrooms/onions
3) AM - 90 second planks & stretching
PM - Upper body 40 divebombers, 500 mountain climbers

Friday, September 20, 2013

30 Second Sprints

Did a Get Lean in 12 recommended style cardio run tonight. I just did laps around my neighborhood like this:

2 minute walk - warm up
30 second run
30 second walk/jog
repeat that 4 more times for 5 times total
followed by a 20 minute jog at a comfortable pace

(My jog was cut 5 minutes short cause Melodie met me at the corner with the baby. I told Mel that if Natalie woke up or started to fuss, to come to the corner and she could catch me as I lapped around).

Good workout. :)

On my "run" parts, I really tried to move my arms which I hoped helped my legs move faster, but I still felt pretty slow. During the walk part, just try to catch your breath and talk yourself into sprinting again

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Workout Room

I am lucky enough to have a walk in closet, and that closet is my gym. I do my mountain climbers and planks in here most days.
And I got my weights in there behind the door. I'm hoping to get an exercise bike or pull up bar sometime. Those won't go here in the closet though.
Monday, busy crazy day, so with life and interruptions, I was only able to do a 3 minute plank and a 1:12 wheel.

Tuesday - 2 mile walk around the block with Natalie in the baby wrap. Then I did 500 mountain climbers when I got back, time 5:16

Wednesday (today) - I got in my 12 minutes of 1 minute planks before lunch, will try to do an around the block sprint tonight.

Friday, September 13, 2013

400 Baby Lunges

Wednesday - 2 mile jog/walk/spring around the block. I saw a neighbor who was also doing laps, she told me that three times around is a mile, so looks like I have my new track to run on.

Thursday - 3 laps around the block - 1st time I got out alone and did a jog/sprint every 30 seconds. 2nd and 3rd laps - came home and got Natalie in the moby wrap, did 50 lunges on each side of the square, so I did 200 a lap/400 total.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Every Other Day

I seem to be hitting every other day - on then off - Monday was an off day, didn't get a workout in.  Today I did 12 minutes of 60 second planks and 2 around the block sprints - time: counter clockwise 2:27, clockwise 2:29. Going to go stretch now. Weight still hovering around 153. I was able to squeeze on my stretchy jeans yesterday though, so that's progress even though there was a major muffin top. Good to try to make my body remember it has a waist though.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

This Week

So, this week's workouts didn't go as frequently as I would have liked but I'll deal with it.

Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - 12 minutes of planks, 3 mile jog, 1 minute wheel
Thursday - nothing
Friday - nothing

And then today, Saturday, was about to slip by without a workout, so I made myself do a quicky - 500 mountain climbers in the closet in a record time of 5:00 minutes! Also did 12 minutes of 90 second planks while we watched a rerun of American Ninja Warrior. They are a true fitness inspiration, awesome.

Well, self, it's obvious the workouts are getting harder to make happen with a nursing baby and toddlers at home and with life running the other 6 kids around. I'm going to really have to focus on diet this week. That is one thing I can and should control better, especially if I want to get below my current 150 weight hurdle.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Killer 600

I doubled up today - had to take advantage of having the kids home to babysit Natalie, although she was sleeping while I did my workouts today, so hopefully she'll be nice to me during the week and I'll be able to keep up with my workouts.

I did 90 second planks for 12 minutes.  2 rounds of :
  • 90 second left plank
  • 90 seconds right plank
  • 90 seconds center plank
  • 90 seconds yoga table
Then I did a Killer 600 workout in my closet. Yes, my closet is my gym. It was a slightly modified version of this bodyrock workout - I wanted to quit after 20, then thought I'd atleast do 40, then after finishing the 40 I figured I was almost there, come on, 1 more round... and I did it!  Do 3 rounds of the following:
  1. Burpees (w/o pushup)
  2. One leg push up - alternate
  3. jumping lunges
  4. single leg deadlift right
  5. single leg deadlift left
  6. crunchy frog
  7. squat with front kick alternate
  8. yota table - leg to sky pulse
  9. superman lat pull - toes up
  10. lunge back, hop w/knee up
(Love her tone arms!)
It took me 39:32 and I was a drippin' sweat, good job me!

Saturday, August 31, 2013


It's like I either exercise or I can clean or I can cook, but I have not yet figured out how to do it all - atleast not since the kids started school. Blah. I don't get post partum depression, or haven't yet, but each year I get post-school depression. Takes me about 2 months to recover. Around Halloween I'm good cause by then it feels like it's passed quickly and perhaps I'll survive till Christmas and if I make it till Christmas then I think I can survive through the spring too.

Today we cleaned and on Friday I went grocery shopping and planned out dinners (I got 2 weeks ready! go me!) so I didn't exercise yet today and I didn't get it in yesterday. I shall do something before my head hits the pillow though. I'm going to do something simple, probably 500 mountain climbers and planks. Will update and log it tonight.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Catch Up

I was in a bit of a slump last week, but still got in a few workouts although I didn't log them here yet, so:

Tues 8/20 - no workout
Wed 8/21 - nothing again, but I did vacuum up glitter. That's about how my day went.
Thurs 8/22 - after hitting bottom, ready to reboot, did 400 lunges around the house as I held Natalie
Friday 8/23 - nothing
Saturday 8/24 - 500 mountain climbers, 1 sprint around the block (counter clockwise) - 2:27
Monday 8/26 - 12 minutes of planks in 90 second sets
Tuesday 8/27 - Upperbody eccentric workout: chest -

  1. chest - pushups
  2. triceps - superman hold with arms back holding 8 lb dmbls
  3. biceps - superman hold on back with palms up, same weight as with triceps
  4. back - Superman t-hold with 5 and 8 lb dumbells
  5. didn't do shoulders
Then at 8 pm i did a 20 minute run with six 30 second sprints.

Then today - Wednesday 8/28 - 400 lunges around the neighborhood as I held Natalie. We both got sweaty, she got all sweaty in my arms. Plus I did a wheel for 1:07.

Monday, August 19, 2013

2 Miles & Planks

I did a 2 mile run this morning with 6 sets of 30 second sprints in there. Well, they were kinda sprints. I tried, really I did, but I'm sure people who saw me wouldn't have known I was "sprinting". But after my shower I started sweating again and I was red-faced for an hour, so I think I did some good damage to my fat cells.

I didn't do it in a fasting state though. Natalie had a hard time going to bed  a night of screaming by Natalie, I'm a little worried about not making enough milk for her?

For my planks, I did it them the Kristi Approved way from 3+ years ago by repeating the following 3 times:

  • 90 second center plank
  • 10 hip side raises left
  • 10 hip side raises right

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cardio & Planks

Cardio today went like this ~ I did a 5 minutes warm up, and then 2 rounds of the following:

  • jump lunges
  • 180s
  • high knees
  • jump knee tuck

Did each exercise for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds marching/jogging in place.  Then I was going to do 20 minutes of jumprope, but 90 seconds into it the baby needed me, so after 7 minutes of nursing her to sleep I did 12 minutes of 1 minute planks.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Well, I did the cardio "stubborn belly fat" workout, here's how mine went:

5 minutes dancing to the Killers downstairs in the basement
Went running outside, did 5 intervals of 30 seconds sprint followed by 30 seconds walk.
Stretched for a minute, then did 20 minutes of jumprope and kicks and stretching in the backyard.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Planks & Wheel

1:30 planks today for 12 min, did them around 2 pm, the time seemed to pass quickly and I wasn't dying so that was nice, but I guess time to up the intensity a little.  Then tonight after my arms rested during the day I did a wheel, 1:20 so held it a little longer, working up to 2 minutes.

In the morning when I'm in a fast state I'm hoping to do a 30+ minute cardio routine the way this guy Shaun explains it here at Get Lean in 12, which if done in this way supposedly helps you burn more fat by producing "fight or flight" hormones, so I'm gonna give it a go.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Usual

I did 500 mountain climbers today in 5:28, another small improvement in my time. Then I did my planks and we pretty shaky~ couldn't do the 3 minute center straight through, took a few 5 second breathers as I pushed through. 3 min yoga table was good, then 1 minute on left & rights. Did a wheel for :57, and then spent the rest of the day moving furniture as I re-arranged the kid's bedrooms, which was a bit of a sweaty workout in itself too.  I ate great today, made myself a vegetable soup. I've been stuck weight wise in the 156-158s, but going to break through it this week.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

50 Divebombers

We had a busy day cleaning and then tonight I took up my sisters offer to join her at a Real Soccer game, good times, so after some 10 pm baths I just got to my workout.  Not enough time for a Killer so I did a quick workout (about 10 min) - repeat the following 5 times:
  • 30 180 jump toe touches
  • 10 divebombers
So it was quick and I'm dripping sweat, not sure if it was totally from the workout or if it's cause it's hot in our house right now.  Maybe it feels hot cause I'm hot.  Church is at 9, so better take a quick bath and head to bed

Friday, August 9, 2013


Wednesday - 12 minutes of 1:30 planks
Thursday - busy day, didn't get in a workout
Friday - went on a short run this morning then did 12 minutes of 1 min planks but did hold a 2 minute center plank and some stretching.

I think I'll do an old Bodyrock workout tomorrow, a Killer 500 or something.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fitness Tests

I know I said I was ready to focus this week, but I forgot that we still had nutella in the cupboard.  But now the spread is gone (almost, going to have the kids get rid of it in a minute), so now I'm really ready to get serious about diet this week. ;)  I read this article at Angry Fitness Trainer which I think I'm going to try - I didn't eat this morning until 11:00 and felt a little guilty about it, but didn't feel hungry, just guilty that I was ruining my metabolism by not eating every 3 hours, but maybe this eat from 11 to 7 thing would work for me. Or I might try to eat from 10 to 6.  I think 16:8 would work for me (16 hour of fasting, 8 hours of eating)

For exercise today, I tested myself on to beat my time for around the block sprint:

First I did clockwise: 2:28 ~ wow! Major improvement from my last time of 2:44! That time is like my normal pre-pregnancy time eventhough I'm still carrying an extra 20 lbs
counter clockwise - 2:35 ~ That's an improvement too, way to go me!

Plus going to do:
Wheel - 1:10 (I beat 1 minute!)
Handstand - :42 - working up to my old time of a minute, and at that link I recorded I did a wheel for 2 mins, wow, so I still have a ways to go... Slowly but surely.

Monday, August 5, 2013

3 Minute Planks & 3 Miles

After a week retreat at Park City and not doing very well during that week (understatement) with workouts or diet, I'm ready to hit this week with renewed focus and determination.  This morning I did some 3 minute planks as I listened to Animal - (that's a really fun song) ~

3 minute Center plank (almost died)
3 minute yoga table (do-able)
2 minute right plank
2 minute left plank
1 minute right
1 minute left

Then tonight I went for a 3 mile jog/run ~ walked for .5 miles, ran for 2.0 without stopping (yay! good job self) then a .5 mile cool down on the walk home. My goal was to jog the 2 miles without stopping and proud to say I did it, big improvement from my last run with my son Joseph.  :)  Feeling good, weight still hovering around 156.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Movie Burpees

So, first to log the weekend, I didn't do anything last Friday, Saturday I did 1 minute planks, & Sunday is a rest day.

This week we are up at Park City.  I came down this morning though cause Natalie has a dr. appointment.

Sadly, eventhough there is a gym there at the hotel, I didn't find a time to make it down yesterday. I did get in 12 minutes of 1 minute planks though as we watched a movie - Get Smart.  Pretty funny.  I was trying to hold a side plank when Steve Carrel said "Oh Kay" in his mute stable boy voice, I couldn't stop laughing and was trying to not lose my form.  Then later at night Joseph, Ethan, and I watched "The Italian Job" and I said I had to do 5 burpees for everytime they swore.  I'm still 30 behind, but got like 40 in, thankfully it wasn't as high as I expected.  More of an action movie than a cursing movie, so that was good.  It's Natalie's fault I didn't finish cause she started to fuss and I had to nurse her and the swearing got ahead of me.  So that is how you do movie burpees.  :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cleaning Lunges & 180s

Did 1:30 planks today for 12 minutes, goes like this:

2 rounds of the following
  • 90 second left plank
  • 90 second right plank
  • 90 sec center plank
  • 90 sec yoga table
Then I did a wheel for 1 minute, working up to 1:30, first gotta get my wrists stronger

Tonight during the commercials of the AFV rerun the kids and I did handstands in my bedroom - my best time was :39.  Then, after shooing all the kids off to bed, I did "cleaning lunges" in my bedroom, which are walking lunges around my room and I clean up all the blankets and pillows and toys off the floor as I take 400 lunges walking back and forth across the room.  I did 30 reps of 180 jump squats after each 100 lunges.  180 Jump squats are a P90X move, I'll let these nice gentlemen demonstrate in this video here, so my night time routine went like this:

4 rounds of the following:
  • 100 walking lunges
  • 30 180 jump squats
I had to up the workout today cause I ate some brownies that I bought for the kids.  Then I told the kids I can't have treats around the house any more cause my will power is not strong.  Sorry kids. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mountain Climbers

500 Mountain Climbers - 5:47 - 9 seconds off from last week, pretty good.  Mountain climbers are arm burners, that's for sure.  Here's a video showing how to do them ~

Mowed the lawn too, so that was a little bit of active "rest" cardio I guess, and had to move around the play sets and trampoline during that process, giving a bit of resistance training.  It's a holiday here in Utah, but we're not doing too much to celebrate, just enjoying a nice lazy day with everyone at home.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Planks and Block Run

Did my planks today, most of them 1 minute, but did do a 2 minute center plank and yoga table on the 2nd round.

Held a wheel for.... 1:04!  Improved on that really quickly, from :35 to :55 to a minute.  My old record was 1:30 I think.

Did around the block runs again too - the counter clockwise improved a lot - 2:44, so that was 11 seconds off.  Did that one first, then a shorter break than last time I did the run, so my clockwise time was about the same - 2:50 (was 2:51 last time, last Thursday).  And that was it for today.  Still pretty sore and tight from Saturday's deadlifts, going to stretch a bit before bed.

Monday, July 22, 2013

3 Miles

I'm totally sore from the deadlifts on Saturday.  And not just my hamstrings but my shoulders are too, which hasn't ever happened before.  I guess just from holding those two 30 pounders.  

For today I thought I'd try to just to a jog/walk to try to loosen myself up.  Joseph went with me.  He was doing "high knees" as we started out cause I was just so slow, he had to do something to up the intensity apparently.  (I guess he's even more competitive than I am...)  He was nice to kinda slow down for me.  But on the last bit of the run which is uphill, I told him to go ahead and run if he wanted to.  I thought he'd wait for me where we started, either at the corner or at the church.  He wasn't at the corner.  I went back up to the church, he wasn't there either.  So I went back to the corner and headed home.  Sure enough, he was home.  So much for going running "together!"  I waited to do it at the end of the day cause he didn't want to do it in the morning (I just have to go when the sun is down or before it's up.)  But next time I think I'll just go on my own since we kinda did it on our own anyway.  Atleast until I'm able to keep up with him.  But maybe that opportunity is gone now that he's a young man.  He's a speed demon.  

12 mins of planks tomorrow and lots of stretching.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

200 Deadlifts

Yesterday was an "active rest/recovery" day, I did lots of cleaning around the house but no workout.  Today I was ready to go.  So first I did my morning routine of weigh in (159), then oil pulling during my skin brushing routine, then off to my closet for my workout.  
My main exercise course was 200 deadlifts with two 30 lb weights, with a little bit of other stuff mixed in with it, my routine looked like this:  

50 deadlifts in 2:10 min.
1:30 plank rotations in 6:00 min.
50 deadlifts - 1:55
1:30 plank rotations - 6:00 min
50 deadifts 1:59 
quick 15 second breather
50 deadlifts (arms burning and took a few pauses for my hands) 2:37 min
Then straight into a wheel, and considering that my arms were already wasted, I was pleased with the :54 time.  (Might do wheel again tonight and try to make 1:00)
Then I did a handstand for :30, again, my arms were wasted and shaking - 

So there is my about 20 minute workout for today.  I might join Joseph on a jog tonight, but I told him he'll have to be patient with my slow time, especially since he's such a speed demon now.  We might do a 2 or 5 mile run, or maybe just a few sprints around the block, we'll see how late it is before we're able to go and what we're feeling up to.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Around the Block

Did a run around the block tonight - my time for a counter clockwise run was 2:55, then I took a quick breather and did it clockwise, time 2:51.  I am out of breath and sweaty and will have to get my lungs used to breathing heavy like that.  My average time pre-pregnancy was about 2:30 - from May of last year my best time counter clockwise ws 2:27, clockwise 2:23 (clockwise makes it slightly downhill at the end of the lap) - so that's what I'm aiming for, we'll see how long it takes me to get there.  :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Upper Body Eccentric Workout

This morning I did an eccentric upperbody workout (as taught in the book Smarter Science of Slim) -

I did 4 muscle groups - 6 reps of each exercise:

Chest - Push Ups: go down and hold for 10 seconds, up, then down again hold for 10 seconds, etc - repeat the hold 6 times, takes about 1:20.  I was able to do the first 2 reps on my toes, the rest on my knees.

Shoulders - Did a one arm press - took a 30 lb dumbbell and raised it with both hands, then slowly lowered it for 10 seconds with just the left arm, repeat 6x, then did the right arm.

Bicep Curls - held two 20lb dumbbells and did a curl up, slowly lowered it down for 10 seconds, repeat 6x.

Tricep Extensions - held two 15lb dumbbells as I layed down on a mat, extended out, then lowered to 90 degrees and held for 10 seconds, repeat 6x.

Then tonight I also did a wheel for 55 seconds, really was pushing myself, and then I did 12 minutes of planks in 2 rotations of 1:30 for each of the 4 plank holds, so 2 rounds were 6 minutes each, stretched after the first round

~ Update ~ it's the next day and I can definitely feel that workout, my arms are evenly sore all over.  Amazing what a short workout will do - that upper body workout was less than 10 minutes.  It really doesn't take a lot of time to exercise.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2 Minute Planks

Did some planks yesterday, finished them off today - yesterday, get this, I held a side plank on each side for TWO minutes!  The most I've done before was 90 seconds, so I was super proud of that.  Then yesterday after I did the mountain climbers too I figured that was good and I'd finish the planks today, so today I did a 2 minute center plank and 2 minute table, then did one more circuit of 1 minute of each plank to finish off the 12 minutes total.  

I also did a little cardio circuit today - this 2 minute circuit 5 times:
  • 1 minute march or dance in place
  • 30 jump lunges, then finish off the minute marching again
The 30 lump lunges was killer.  I could do 15-20 okay, then the last 15-10 my legs were burning.  But that seems to be a good home version of what Jon Bailor would consider an eccentric cardio workout since I have to stop after 30 seconds (Smarter Exercise FAQ #6).  I hope to get an exercise bike sometime though.

Monday, July 15, 2013

500 Mountain Climbers

Did 500 mountain climbers this morning in 5:56, not bad!  My shoulders have stayed pretty strong from doing planks though, and they are usually the first group of muscles to give out with mountain climbers, so I'm pleased with that time.  Also did my regular 12 minutes of planks circuit.

On Saturday I did a wheel for the first time in a long time - I did it after planks so maybe my arms were already tired.  Pre-baby I could hold it for a minute easy, but on Saturday only held it for :35, going to work it up from there and improve.  My plan for this week:

Monday - Planks & Mountain climbers
Tuesday - Wheel hold and then Upper body eccentric workout
Wednesday - Planks, 10 min 180 Jump squat cardio circuit
Thursday - 400 walking lunges or 200 jump lunges
Friday - 10 minute high knees cardio circuit
Saturday - Planks & Wheel

Weight this morning 163.0

Friday, July 12, 2013

Post Pregnancy Lunges

Baby is 2 days old, just did my 400 walking lunges in the back yard. Corey took the kids to a park to play, and so I was able to do them while baby slept and the toddler played on the playset.  It took me from 8:22 to 8:43 to do 400, 21 minutes, not bad. I weighed myself this morning, I was 166.

Delivery Day Planks

Here's a brief overview of my delviery- I took one last picture of my pregnant self an hour before heading to the hospital ~ and then at the hospital for the waiting game.  I got an epidural early before I hardly even felt the contractions.  It took me from 10 a.m. to 5 to dialate.  At 5:00 I was at a 10, they called the Dr. to come, and then 2 pushes and she was out.
Our baby girl was born at 5:14 p.m. ~ 6 lbs 13 oz.

Here's the family meeting the new addition
That night after I got enough movement in my legs I did my 12 minutes of planks as planned.  :)  It was a little hard on the slippery floor, but it felt good and I was able to go lower on the center plank now that my tummy  is empty. Side planks felt harder to do, but I was still able to go up on my hand on each side for 30 seconds.  When they came in to do my vitals throughout my stay they always said my uterus was nice and firm, I think it was thanks to planks.

The next day I did a quick 10 minute exercise in my room - 30 seconds of 180 jump squats followed by 1:30 marching in place with high knees.  I did that 5 times.  I haven't done my 400 lunges yet but am going to do that tonight or tomorrow, plus going to do 12 minutes of planks again.  Then I'll make my plan of attack this weekend and start exercising every day next Monday.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

39 Weeks

Ready to go in, just waiting for the ok from the Women's Center.  I was scheduled to be induced yesterday but there was no room at the inn.  And today my Dr. was busy at a different hospital than the one I'm schedule so he wanted to do it Wednesday.  I've been in a bit of a pathetic mopy mood this morning, but am doing slightly better now.  Less than 24 hours to go, atleast I hope so.  Or atleast it better be.  If they push me back again I might die.  Have mercy.  The light at the end of my tunnel can't move, it shall make me lose my sanity.  I'm NOT going to do my lunges tomorrow morning (ok, maybe I will just cause I'm competitive even if it's just with myself) but I'd really rather do them without the big tummy, I want to be able to move freely again.  I will survive.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Side Plank on Hand

I'm heading in to the hospital today for delivery, very excited and looking forward to meeting this little girl.  I was busy nesting over the weekend, doing various painting projects and rearranging furniture.  So I didn't get to my 12 minutes of planks on Friday or Saturday.  So since I can't fall asleep I did them this morning to make up for the weekend and I'll do them after delivery tonight for my Monday planks.  The past few weeks I've added 30 seconds of a hand plank to one of my rounds of left and right side planks.  With my feet one in front of the other like this pic below, not stacked.

I just have added it for one of the 3 circuits I do (3 circuits of 4 plank positions - center, right side, left side, and yoga table).  I did the side plank on elbow for 15 seconds, then hurried up on my hand for about 25 seconds, then finish it out on the elbow again.  So not quite 30 seconds holding it, but it takes about 30 seconds out of the minute side plank.  I'm excited to have my belly free soon and be able to start to move and stretch more without the hips hurting, and to start doing the wheel and stuff again.  :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Last 400 Lunges

Did my last walking lunges this morning.  400 total, did 50 at a time with a little walk in between to shake it off, took me about a half hour, and check! I'm done with lunges until after the baby's born!  (I'm enjoying saying and thinking about everything I do as a "this is the last time doing ____ until after the baby's born!" task).  So I'm done with those until next week, and pending on how things go, maybe I'll put my angel baby in a Moby Wrap and do my lunges next Wednesday with her sweet companionship.  I'm guessing it will be easier to do it with her wrapped around me rather than inside of me?

Tomorrow we have the 4th of July Fun Run and other festivities.  I'll be walking the  3K this year.  Joseph has been training, his best time was 12:09 the first time he ran it, and it's been slower each time since.  He keeps asking me questions about what he should do to prepare, too bad I have no idea.  Maybe I'll go google it and see if I can find any good advice or studies for him.  I did read this yesterday from Smarter Science of Slim's website about jogging.  I, personally, and fully converted to the idea that all you need is 10 minutes of exercise Bodyrock/Zuzana style mentality, plus a clean diet.  We'll see how quickly this baby weight comes off as I get on the brief and high intensity workouts again.

Monday, July 1, 2013

38 Weeks

I've almost made it.  One week left, as I'm scheduled to be induced next Monday.  (excited!!!!!)  One week to go... that finally seems close.  Two, four, six, eight weeks, none of that seemed close - I was still going to be pregnant forever.  But one week, I think I can handle that!  I've got more I could do this week than I will probably get done, so that means this week will go by fast.  Yay!  

No pictures of myself this week or last week - we didn't go on a date cause Corey was doing camping things with the kids for church the past two Fridays.  We'll go out this week though and we'll see if I can still make myself feel pretty enough for a picture.  :)

For exercising this past 2-3 months, it seems the only thing I've been consistent with is planks and lunges.  I've been doing my 12 minutes of planks (in 1 minute rotations) twice a week, usually Mon and Saturday with 400 lunges sometime in between.  I can do the lunges without being sore and I oddly enough really enjoy doing the planks - I feel strong and ready for delivery, plus it's kept my arms kinda tone.  :)  I did my planks this morning after I skin brushed (something else I've been re-introduced to and have been doing the past month - been following this routine, but have a hard time doing the bottom of my feet, can't reach!)

So, the only thing I can't decide is if I do my 12 mintues of planks next Monday before or after delivery?  :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

37 Weeks

Did 12 minutes of planks yesterday.  Only one more time next Monday!  Although I've been doing planks on Fridays too cause I'm not liking pushups right now, so I've been doing planks twice a week for fun, so maybe I actually have 3 more times... I'm looking forward to being strong for delivery and doing planks in my hospital room like I did after Sophia.  I figured it was safest to do it at the hospital, cause then if I hemorraged or anything they'd be able to help.  But I don't think it is bad at all, if anything it helps the uterus contract and helps my body on its way of getting back to normal.

We've had two birthday parties here Sunday and today.  I've stayed away from the ice cream, but did have a little bit of the cake and frosting.  Still eating my 10+ servings of veggies though, so hoping that will help keep clearing out any clog that slice of birthday celebration put into my metabolism.  :)

I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, and will schedule my induction.  I'm keeping busy with cleaning and decorating around the house, glad the nesting instinct finally kicked in!  :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

36 Weeks

Some days I'm feeling super big and huge.  Other days I feel a large, but not large enough for a little person to be inside - I can never really understand how it's possible that a little baby could fit inside of me.  That being said, I did think these things were pretty cool - a 3D scupture of one's midsection with the baby inside, all from an ultrasound picture or MRIs or something.  Maybe creepy to some, but I think it's fascinating.  I don't think my babies have been up and down at all, they always seem to be laying inside of me pretty horizontally.  Some people comment that I've dropped and that I'm so low, "that baby is coming!"  No, not yet, it's just how I carry.  So, yeah, always amazes me after the baby's born, seeing and holding her and wondering how in the world she could squish herself up so small and tight to fit inside my body.  Amazing stuff.

Anyway, I'm officially full term, woop!  I did 12 minutes of planks on Monday and 400 lunges this morning, the lunges took me about 24 minutes, did those walking around our neighborhood.  (Lovely morning this morning.)  I think the planks have been helping my hips not hurt, in addition to the help that I'm sure they'll give me again during delivery.  Doctor appointment today, at my last appointment 2 weeks ago I was 171.  Hopefully not too much weight gain today.  Not that it's a huge deal, I know I'll be able to lose it.  The green shakes have not sounded appetizing much the past few days, so I've been mostly eating nuts and dates.  (love dates!)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Exercise Deeply

From "The Smarter Science of Slim" by Jonathan Bailor - page 216

When our fat metabolism system needs a lot of energy it can do four things:

  • Make us eat more (increase in appetite)
  • Slow down (low energy)
  • Burn Muscle
  • Burn Body Fat

"However, when we exercise DEEPLY we eliminate three of these options.  Makign us eat more will nto work because digestion takes a long time.  It is too late to slow us down because the energy demands have already been made.  Burning musicle is out of the question since high-quality exercise stimulates muscle rather than destroying it.  Left with no other option, our fat metabolism system is forces to produce hormones which free up energy stored as body fat."  

In summary, we want our body to repeat this cycle through our exercising our muscles deeply:

  1. Exercise Deeply and need a lot of energy quickly
  2. Release body-fat burning clog clearing hormones.  
  3. Need more energy to replair muscles
  4. Release more body fat burning clog clearing hormones
  5. Contiue unclogging and burning body fat

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

4 Weeks Left!

Super duper excited and looking forward to Delivery Day.  July 8th.  Last week went pretty fast, going to go get and be busy so that this week flies by too.  We all worked hard and were super busy yesterday.  I even helped my kids mow the lawn, tried to do the back yard so the neighbors wouldn't see and 8 month pregnant woman out mowing, which if they did see would bring shame upon my sweetheart and I dont' want to do that.  But that was my workout yesterday.  It was really hot too.  And the backyard looks great now.  Although I think we put too much fertilizer on it this spring, we should probably start mowing it twice a week so it's not such a hard chore.

Anyway, that's it for now, going to do planks and 400 lunges today. I'll try to share some Smarter Science of Slim stuff later this week.  Yesterday an email about skin brushing arrived in my inbox, and I liked it - here's the link to her website where there's a video about it and 4 pages of instructions about how to properly skin brush.  Marilu talks about skin brushing in her book too.  I did a few years back when I was following her lifestyle.  I went and bought a bristle brush this morning, I'm going to start doing it again so my lumphs can take out the garbage! :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bailors 2 Cents on P90X and Insanity

It's June, so now when I'm asked when I'm due, I get to say "Next Month!" which is always a nice point to get to in the journey of pregnancy.  Also, on Saturday the 8th, I get to say "One month from today!"

I have subscribed to The Smarter Science of Slim's email list and got this in my inbox today.  As I listened to it today I was nodding my head saying "yup, yup, I though the same thing, I've been there" - especially the things he shares about exercise -
I've tried P90X, and like he says, I was thinking the same thing when I did it "I can't keep this up forever..." and "this is taking too much time" for me with a mother of 6 kids at that time.  It was not sustainable, so it could help me temporarily, but not long term if it's not something I could do long term.  I think Body-for-LIFE is a sustainable type of exercise program, just 3 hours a week - 3 days of a 20 minute cardio workout (1 hour), and 3 days of 40-50 minutes doing resistance training (2 hours).  After this baby is born, I'm going to start my bodyrock/Zuzka style workouts again, which I think are so great - brief 10 -15-20 minutes of workout each day, so 50 minutes to less than 2 hours a week.  Great stuff.  As for now, I'm enjoying taking the stairs, taking the summer walk at night with my kids, planks, and lunges and such.

I also liked what he said that when we're 85, we're not going to care how we look, we're going to care how we feel - so set ourself up or success by eating right and smart and exercising smart.

Monday, June 3, 2013

34 Weeks

Five weeks left, la la la, keeping busy, and that clock up on the wall keeps tickin'.
As I look at these pictures, I really can't tell that much of a difference from week to week.  My size is just big right now and I think that's where it's gonna stay til delivery day.  Speaking of delivery, Patrice had her baby on Saturday - 6 lbs 8 oz, 20 inches.  Kimberly Anne.  Kimberly was on my list, and since that's her baby's name now, it might be off of mine.  I don't mind them having the same name, but if they also have birthdays that close, that's two strikes.  So we'll see.  Katherine and Kristina are still in the running for the letter K.

I did 400 walking lunges on Saturday as I went for a morning walk.  I am so looking forward to the kids being out of school cause that means I get my 6:00 - 7:00 personal time back (no more making lunch for Joseph at 6 and then driving him to school for band from 6:30-7.  I have to get my workout over before 7 and before kids wake up and before the sun is up, gotta try to keep the sun off my face or I'll get a bad pregnancy mask, and I don't want to have to cover myself with sunblock if I haven't showered and stuff yet.

I did my 12 minutes of planks today.  My last labor and delivery went so well, it was the best one yet, and the only thing I did different that time was that I did the plank throughout my pregnancy.  I think I was just doing 3 minutes of center planks back then, with a few side plank raises.  This time I've been keeping up with doing 1 minute each of 4 plank positions in a circuit 3 times - center, left, right, and reverse.  Looking foward to delivery day and hoping to have a repeat of the speedy delivery and recovery that I had last time.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

SANE Foods

So I've renewed my library book "The Smarter Science of Slim" as many times as I can, and it's finally really coming due in a few days, so I'm really trying to stay focused and finish it rather that get so excited that I go google and preach.  I read a lot of it yesterday and took notes.  I think most of what the book shares is on his blog.  For example, the links below about SANE foods.  SANE stands for:

S - Satiety (part 1 & 2) - How quickly calories fill us up and how long they keep us full.
A - Aggression - How likely calories are to be stored as body fat.
N - Nutrition (part 1 & 2) - How many nutrients (proein, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, etc) calories provide.
E - Efficiency - How many calories can be stored as body fat.

from page 71 of "The Smarter Science of Slim"

"The more Satisfying, unAggressive, Nutritious, and inEfficient a calorie is, the higher it's quality.  The more SANE it is.  The more body-fat-burning hormones it triggers.  The more it clears our clog and prevents overeating.  The more it restores our ability to burn body fat and maximizes our need to burn body fat.

The more unSatisfying, Aggressive, not Nutritious, and Efficient a calorie is, the lower it's quality.  The more inSANE it is.  The more body-fat-storing hormones it triggers.  the more it creates a clog and encourages overeating.  The more it destroys our ability to burn body fat and removes our need to burn body fat.

The more we understand the four calorie-quality factores, the more clearly we will see how eating more high quality SANE food is the only practical way to burn body fat long term.  When you stay full of SANE food, you will not have any room for clog-causing inSANE calories.  When we are totally full from a super-sized SANE supper, skipping the sundae after isnt' a burden.  It's a blessng in disguise.  By stayign full of SANE calories, we clear our clog, drop our set-point, and enable our fat metabolism system to burn bodyfat for us automatically.

All that is nicely summed up in the video posted below this post.  Also, found this on his blog, a pdf file to a 7 day Start Guide.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Excellent VIDEO!!! Must Watch!

This video sums up his book - tell me if this does not totally ring true!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

33 Weeks

Well, 33 Weeks yesterday, 6 to go (excited!) ~ 165 lbs, so going to eat super duper healthy this week and see how it goes for my weigh in next week.  If I'm able to keep it here, then this pregnancy will tie with Hyrum's for my best (least) weight gain.
(Can you tell I'm trying to hid the muffin top buldge there?)

Monday, May 20, 2013

32 Weeks and No Weight Gain

Well!! I have exciting news.  Well, it made me excited anyway.  I think I'm gonna be in a super good mood all day, perhaps all week, and I am motivated big time.

So, after only one week of trying to eat healthy, I think my clog is already clearing up.  I weigh myself on Monday's since I'm due on a Monday, so today I'm officially 32 weeks, just 7 weeks left.  My original plan was to start eating healthy at 12 weeks, since that seems like the number lots of exercise programs use, a 12 week program.  So I was going to do a little 12 week experiment of my own, but I ended up being a month behind with that plan.  So I started last week, making it an 8 week program, still enough time to make and see I difference I thought, and after giving myself a week to recover from our vacation AND after just one week of my challenge for myself, the scale has shown a big difference!  And this is for a hungry and constantly eating pregnant woman too, mind you.  So, two weeks ago when I weighed myself I was 163.  The last week, my weigh in was 168, which I was upset about, and I avoided the scale that week, trusting that it might have been a fluke but to scared to find out for sure.  Then today (and my wishful thinking is that I could finish this pregnancy without breaking 170) I went in a little braced for harsh reality, when, lo and behold.... 163 again!!!  Woo-hoo!!  That is after just one week of filling up my cart and my tummy with lots of healthy food.  Friday that healthy food consisted of cashews and dates (yum!), yesterday was celery and a salmon and honey mustard spinach and romaine salad, ANYWAY, I'm super EXCITED!!!  What if I get below 160 eating this healthy?  And I'm eating plenty, so we'll see if they are concerned at all at my doctor appointment on Wednesday.  "You lost a few pounds from your last appointment, that's not good..."?  As if eating junk and gaining weight automatically means that all is well.  I'll say, "actually, I've just been eating healthy" and I know it will be okay, but on paper it might not look good at first.

When I was pregnant with Hyrum, who is my 4th child, I weighed 164-ish when he was born, I was doing a Marilu Henner diet and Body for LIFE exercising at that time and was really diligent.  He was 8 lbs 10 oz when he was born, I was 144 at my 6 week appointment, and that was my best pregnancy yet weight wise.  This one still has a chance to be like that.  I have 7 weeks left, and we're gonna keep shoving in the veggies and keep clearing out the clog.  Acutally though, he says in the book that the clog clears very very quickly and the weight will come off eastily once you start - see chapter 3 of Jon's book "How to Lower Your Set-Point Weight"

So, it's gonna be a good week.  I know it's kinda silly to let the scale rule my mood and my emotions, and I usually try not to let it, but if it's making me in a good mood, well, that would be silly not to embrace that, right?

So 32 weeks, baby's the size of a soccer ball (I believe it) and I'm going to do 12 minutes of planks today, and life is good, 7 weeks left!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

400 Lunges

I went on a walk this morning, first time I've gone on a morning walk since last fall.  It was a nice and beautiful morning, and nice to get out there when it was starting to get light but before the sun was up.  I put on sunblock everyday on my face or I'll get a bad pregnancy mask as I did for the first time with baby 4.  Anyway, I did 400 walking lunges as I took a walk around the neighborhood, it took me 30 minutes.  I haven't done it for 4 weeks, we'll see how sore I am tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Clog

I read the following in the book "The Smarter Science of Slim" by Jonathan Bailor today (page 24) ~ 

"The Clog: The inability of our fat metabolism system to respond to signals from our hormones and our brain which otherwise enable us to burn body fat.  Academics also refer to "the clog" as metabolic dysregulation, and it's the underlying cause of long term weight gain.  UCLA and Harvard Medical School researcher T. Kelesidis puts it more adacemically: 'The circulating hormone level directs the central nervous system in regulating energy balance, however the vast majority of obese humans are resistant to it's weight reducing effects."

He continues (and I loved this analogy!) - "Think about trying to remove body fat from a clogged fat metabolism system like trying to drain water from a clogged sink.  Eating less is like turning down the faucet. Exercising more is like scooping out the overflowing water.  Both are temporary ways to deal with the symptoms of the problem.  Neither does anything about the root cause.  That is why they tend to fail long term.  The problem is the clog.  The solution is clearing hte clog.  And clearing the clog requires thinking in terms of quality, not quantity.  Fiddling with the quantity of food we eat and the quantity of exercise we get will never clearn our hormonal clog.  Quality - low quality food and low quality exercise - is the cause of the back up.  A sink does not get clogged by putting too much water into it.  It gets clogged when we put the wrong stuff into it."
So we had a Family Home Evening lesson last night that included planning, talking about schedule and menu, which included making a grocery list together and menu for the week, which led to a lesson on the Word of Wisdom.  I told them that they might feel restricted, but we're gonna start in earnest to really try to obey the Word of Wisdom more perfectly.  They might feel, like President Monson says here, that "It may appear to you at times that those out in the world are having much more fun than you are. Some of you may feel restricted by the code of conduct to which we in the Church adhere. My brothers and sisters, I declare to you, however, that there is nothing which can bring more joy into our lives or more peace to our souls than the Spirit which can come to us as we follow the Savior and keep the commandments."

They are going to feel a bit more restricted and think everyone else has cool lunches while theirs are terribly healthy and boring, but we shared some experiences of when we (Corey and I) were eating more healthy in our Body for Life days (the kids have seen those pictures and went off a little bit about how amazing Corey looked, which I think will help the boys know that this plan might help them get some abs) and how much better we felt and healthier we looked.

So anyway, it'll be good.  I'm going grocery shopping today or tomorrow and am going to get lots-o-veggies from Costco, per Mr. Bailor's per shopping list.  Corey said "sounds like they're rabbits..." 

Monday, May 13, 2013

31 Weeks

I don't have many pictures of myself pregnant.  Mostly because it's hard to take full body pictures of one's self, and I don't have the kids or Corey do it cause then I'm buggin them for too long as I ask for retakes untill I get one that I approve of.  Anyway, took a few pics on Friday of my now 165 lbs and 31 weeks along self.  I've gained more than I'd like, but I know I'll lose it.  It will be nice to be able to take a quick jog outside again soon.  Just trying to stay busy and active.  Haven't talked to the Dr. yet, but planning on being induced July 8th or 9th, so that means just 8 weeks left!!  woo-hoo!

Did 12 minutes of planks today, and I also did 200 lunges and 6 static lunges each leg.  Form wasn't great for the lunges, but that's okay.  Going to read more of the Smarter Science of Slim today to try to keep focus on diet.  I ate too many chocolates and cookies yesterday for Mother's day.  And I am homeschooling my 9 year old, and unfortunately his favorite activity last week was cooking, so we made a few too many cookies, rolls, and muffins,  Doh.  Going to do better this week.

Monday, May 6, 2013

30 Weeks

I didn't do great last week wtih diet, but that happens on vacation.  Not a lot of junk food, just a lot of nuts and dried fruit.  Didn't do any exercising either except for 6 excentric push ups on Wednesday.  Still, I think my body survived without too much damage.  I have an appointment this week on Wednesday.  I get to do the glucose test thing.

I'm back on the wagon today, I did my 12 minutes of planks first thing in the morning, good job me.  Going to also do my 6 eccentric push ups, those are burners for sure.  Going to do my lunges tomorrow, the 400 walking lunges and 10 eccentric lunges on each side both sound equally painful, so we'll see which one scares me more.

And I'm excited to be at 30 weeks!  And the weeks fly by in this busy household, so this is gonna be quick!  Take a day at a time, and then before you know it the week is done.  It's good to be busy.  (It's also nice to have a good excuse to take a nap.)  :)

I was mulling over names this week - we need a 3 syllable girl name that starts with either the letter K, N, V. I and R are also still available to use.  Right now I'm liking Kristina Nicole (Kimberly Nicole?).

Monday, April 22, 2013

28 Weeks

Week 28 -
Baby's Size: kabocha squash
Baby's Length: 14.80 in. 
Baby's Weight: 2.22 lbs

Things are going great, another week checked off.  This pregnancy feels like it's going by a bit faster than usual, just trying to keep busy.  I did planks today, 12 minutes, plus 6 eccentric push ups.  Haven't read much more in my book.  We're going on a trip for a week on Saturday, hopefully I'll have some time to read then.  I'll try to limit myself to 3 books.  Weigh in today was 162.  I've been maintaining it here in the low 160s for a few weeks.  I didn't buy any junk food last time I went to Costco, bought lots of fresh and frozen produce, nuts, and eggs.  I didn't even get chips for the kids lunches, I think they'll survive.  :)  They keep asking me for "fruit snacks" and I know they mean the regular junk food, and I say "Sure!  We got apricots, raisins, dried plums, or craisins, which would you like?"  Non of those former fruit snack to be found on the premises.  Makes it easier to eat healthy if it's not around the house!

Schedule this week:
Mon - 12 minutes of Planks + 6-10 eccentric push ups
Tues - 400 lunges
Wed - 200 deadlifts + yoga
Thurs - planks + upper body
Fri - active rest, pack for trip 
Sat - drive to Vegas, swimming with kids :)

Next week I'll try to keep up with my planks and maybe I'll even make it to the gym at the hotel and do some eccentric cycling as follows:

10 minutes - 2 min warm up, 30 seconds up the resistance so you have to stand to pedal and push as hard as you can to un-clog your body.  Repeat that 4 times to total a 10 minute workout.

Monday, April 15, 2013

27 Weeks

27 Weeks -
Baby's Length: 9.25-9.50 in.
Baby's Weight: 2-2.25 lbs.
Baby's Size: Sock Monkey

Yeah, there's our precious sock monkey baby.  Kind of a nonsensical item to compare to.  I liked a half gallon of milk better.  27 weeks is also a head of cauliflower.  So, there ya go.  

Feeling good.  Starting my new healthy lifestyle today, we'll see what it does to my energy and weight by next week I guess.  Feeling really well though.  I've started a new exercise regimen too based on the Smarter Science of Slim book.  Chapter 28 (page 209) he talks about how much more effective deep exercise is.  "Deep-Exercise More Muscle Fibers to Burn More body Fat".  Instead of shallow exercises over long time, exercise your muscles deeply during less time.

So, for exercising today, instead of doing 100 pushups, I'm going 6 eccentric push ups.  What is an eccentric push up, you ask?  He explains on page 239, It's basically a really slow push up, and the part I loved is that on the pushing up you can go on your knees.  On the lower down you hold yourself at the bottom position for 10 seconds.  Then on your knees and go up, repeat.  Once you have lowered yourself six times, for ten seconds each time without resting in between, you are done.  

He has pretty simple illustrations showing the exercises and shows how to do several different exercises for different muscle groups at home or at the gym.  

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fill Up Your Cart

A year ago my kids and I were watching "The Biggest Loser" and I learned a great visualization tip for when you go grocery shopping, reposted below.  A nutritionist took them to the grocery store and told them all this:
When you go shopping, pretend your cart is your stomach.You want to fill it up first with fresh produce, your veggies and fruit, so put those in your cart first, then your proteins and healthy oils, and last the carbs.
So then, when I read this in The Smarter Science of Slim, by Jonathan Ballor, I thought it was great advice, (I also thought "That is a ton of food, and for two people!?!) Definitely see how one could be too full for dessert!) Here is step 3 from the chapter "5 Steps To Eating More-Smarter", from page 192:

"A great way to affordably eat a lot of high-quality food is to buy it at bulk wholesalers like Costco or Sam's Club whenever possible.  By buying in bulk, you will be able to eat more higher-quality food while spending about $10 per day on food.  That is a great deal.

Here is the actual grocery list my wife an I take to Costco every other week.  That is the other nice thing about buying in bulk.  It dramatically reduces the amount of time you have to spend grocery shopping.

Non-Starchy Vegetables
2 bulk packages of mushrooms
3 bulk packages of red peppers
1 bulk packages of all natural tomato sauce
5 bulk packages of romaine lettuce
5 bulk packages of spinach
2 bulk packages of frozen mixed vegetables
2 bulk packages of frozen green beans
1 bulk package of celery
2 bulk packages of sugar snap peas
1 bulk package of carrots

2 bulk packages of salmon
1 bulk package of canned tuna
1 bulk package of salmon burgers

Meat Eggs
1 rotisserie chicken
1 bulk package of eggs
1 bulk package of ham steaks
1 bulk package of turkey burgers
1 bulk package of ground turkey

1 bulk package of grapefruit
1 bulk package of oranges
3 bulk packages of frozen blueberries
3 bulk packages of mixed berries
1 bulk package of frozen strawberries

1 bulk package of mixed nuts
1 bulk tub of natural peanut butter
1 bulk tub of soy nuts
2 pounds of milled flax seeds (ordered online)

1 bulk package of 2% fat cottage cheese
1 bulk package of unsweetened cocoa powder
1 bulk package of black beans
1 bulk package of fat free or low-fat plain Greek yogurt

This is a lot of food.  Fortunately, it only costs about $10 per person, per day, and we do not need to buy all of it everytime we go to the store.

So, $10 per person (and he said it's for him and his wife, so 2 people) per day for 2 weeks, ~ so he's saying all that food is just $280? Seems to me that it should cost more than that?   Although I'm used to paying a lot for groceries with the 8 kids we have, and since this seems like soo much food to me, maybe that's why I'm thinking it should cost a lot more, I was thinking atleast $400.  I'm going to take this list to the store with me next time I go, cause even if the kids don't eat it, if it's just a list for him and his wife anyway, then Corey and I should be able to eat it all, right?  Maybe I'll start giving the kids salads for their school lunch instead of pb sandwiches and chips?  Hmmm...  Also, wondering if the food goes bad?  Maybe with things like the fresh veggies it'd be good to get less packages on the first visit, and then run out for more the second week.  Although I just like going to the store, it's part of my weekly schedule, and I'm enjoying keeping to it.  :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

12 Week Challenge

Hey, just noticed from my pregnancy widget on the right side there that I have less than 100 days!  Cool!  On this upcoming Monday, I will be about 12 weeks away from delivery day, since I usually get induced at 39 weeks, so planning that July 7th will be the day we get to greet this little angel.  For the next 12 weeks I am really going to focus on eating healthy.  I've been reading this book by Jonathan Ballor, and he shares something most people know, that starving doesn't work, you cannot not eat, but you have to eat so much of the good stuff and get so full on veggies and healthy foods that you won't want desserts.
Also hoping that eating clean like this will help to lower my set point, something else he talks about, and that I won't gain anymore weight.  I had my 26 week appointment yesterday, and was grateful that I only gained 3 pounds during this past month instead of 10 like I had gained the past 3 months.  I'm at 163 right now.

A friend recommended this book and lucky for me it was at the library, so I got it and have really liked what I've read so far, and things I've read as I thumbed through.  Good stuff.  From the back cover, "Jonathan Bailor spent the past decade collaborating with top doctors and researchers to analyze more than 10,000 pages of academic research related to diet, exercise and weight loss.  The end result is this very straightforward, simple and easy to read book, where Bailor bridges the gap between the academic world and the everyday world ti  dispel the myths, lies, and corporate sales hype that have fueled the current obesity epidemic."  So I'll be posting some things I learn from this book as often as I can.  Here's today's insight from page 41-42:

Eating Less does not create the need to burn body fat.  IT creates the need for the body to slow down.  Contrary to popular opinion, the boy hangs on to body fat.  instead, it burn muscle tissue, and that worsens the clog problem.  Only as a last resort, if the body has no other option, ti may also burn a bit of body fat. 

Why does the body hang on to boy fat and burn muscle?  To answer that question, let's look at it another way.  What does our fat metabolism system want more of when it thinks we are starving?  Stored energy.  What is a great source of stored energy?  Body fat.  So when our fat metabolism system thinks we are starving, does it want to get rid of or hold onto body fat?  It wants to hold on.

Next, what does our fat metabolism system want less of when we are starving?  It wants less tissue which burns a lot of calories.  What type of tissue burns a lot of calories?  Muscle tissue.  So when our fat metabolism system thinks we are starving, it gets rid of calorie hungry muscle tissue.  Studies show that up to 70% of the weight lost while eating less comes from burning muscle, no fat.  

Burning all this muscle means that starving ourselves leas to more body fat--not less--over the long term.  As soon as we stop starving ourselves, we have all the calories we used to have but need less of them, thanks to all that missing muscle and our slowed-down metabolism.Now our fat metabolism system sees eating a normal amount as overeating and creates new body fat.  In the Journal of American Medical Association, researcher G.L. Thorpe tells us that eating less does not make us lose weight, " selective reduction of adipose deposits (body fat), but by wasting of all body tissues...therefore, any success obtained must be maintained by chronic under-nourishment."  It is not practical or healthy to keep ourselves "chronically under-nourished," so we on't.  Instead, we yo-yo diet.  And that is hwy eating less is not an effective long term fat loss approach.

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