Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29 - July 4 (35 weeks)

35 weeks - honeydew
Monday - 35 weeks today. Woke up this morning and remembered I didn't charge my phone, so I didn't have any music. And I can't do a 3 mile walk when I'm 8 months pregnant without music. So I did the 400 lunges around the porch here at home. Glad I got those over with. We are heading home to Utah this week - leave Brazil Wednesday night, arrive in Utah on Thursday night.
Tuesday - 3 mile walk, my last one in Brazil. Good bye Parque Portugal, I'll miss you!
Wednesday - No exercise. Spent the day packing, caught our plane to the US at 11:30 at night
Thursday - No exercise, arrived in Orlando at 7:30 am, crashed for the afternoon in the Hyatt hotel there at the airport, left for SLC at 6:09 pm, arrived in Salt Lake at 8:45, yay, we're home!
Friday - Recovery day, no exercise, weighed myself for the first time since March, 186, doh, I think that's the most I've weighed for a long while.
Saturday - 4th of July fun run (walk for me) :) 1.5 miles

Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 22 - 27 (34 weeks)

34 weeks - cantaloupe
Monday -  Finished 34 weeks today. Last night the kids were laughing at my non-ankles, said it looks like I have Hobbit feet. They looked better this morning. I think it was mostly cause I had been on my feet all day without a chance to put them up. Went on a 3 mile walk around Parque Portugal
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks at 9:45 am in my closet
Wednesday - 3 mile walk. Getting harder to put on my shoes.
Thursday - 12 minutes of planks
Friday - 3 mile walk. Though I must say I feel like this baby is bigger than a cantaloupe.
Saturday - Temple this morning. Didn't exercise. Meant to do my lunges but didn't, will put them on for first thing next week.

Friday, June 19, 2015

June 15 - 20 (33 weeks)

33 weeks - pineapple
Monday - 33 weeks today, and happy birthday to Corey! 3 mile walk around the park. They haven't been as restful the past few times - I'm feeling pretty big and I'm feeling like I'm waddling more than walking, I think I'm about ready to be done...
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks, plus 500 up plank pulses - kinda like doing mountain climbers but without the toe taps - I just kinda rocked myself up doing toe lifts kinda, hoping it will help my upper back, which is feeling a little cramped lately.
Wednesday - 3 mile walk
Thursday - 400 lunges around the patio. Only one more time before we leave! I was dreading doing them again today, but survived yet again, baby steps, 50 at a time.
Friday - 3 mile walk, nice cool and windy morning - 60 degrees
Saturday -

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8 - 13 (32 weeks)

32 weeks - napa cabbage
Monday - Officially 8 months today! Yay! 3 mile walk around the park.
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks and some stretching
Wednesday - 400 lunges back and forth on the front porch
Thursday - 3 mile walk
Friday - nothing. Corey was gone in Rio with the older kids, so I took the day off too.
Saturday - 3 mile walk in the morning, evening walk in the park with Corey and all the kids - carried Natalie, I was sweating!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 1 - 6 (31 weeks)

31 weeks - long as a leek
Monday - 31 weeks today. And today is June, so that means I'm due "next month!" yay! I went on a short walk this morning - made it short cause Corey's gone. But it wasn't enough to really call it a workout out, so I also did 12 minutes of planks tonight.
Tuesday - last night I gave Wesley a heads up that I was going to go for a morning walk. But I was worried about leaving them, so I jogged most of the time (3800 of the 4800 meters) ~ I was home in 40 minutes. 3 miles in 40 minutes, not bad for an almost 8 month preg lady.
Wednesday - Corey and the kids are back, yay! Did 12 minutes of planks tonight
Thursday - Morning walk - 3 miles, and did my 400 lunges during the route. Beautiful morning.
Friday - 3 mile walk tonight for our date night. It wasn't as nice as it is in the mornings, my feet were killing me, probably cause I've been on my feet all day and needed a rest? but glad to get my workout in, and it was nice to spend time walking and talking with Corey.
Saturday - I wanted to go on a walk to see if my feet would hurt again, so I'd know if I really had a problem or stress fracture or something, or if it was just cause my feet were tired. But I didn't want to go on a walk just to avoid doing planks (would rather go for a 3 mile walk than do 12 minutes of planks!) so I did both - first planks, and then a walk, and my feet didn't hurt. So walking in the mornings is a good thing.