Friday, June 30, 2017

Jun 26 - Jul 1

Monday - Morning walk by myself, one hour. I went along Dimple Dell equestrian trail. Started a water fast after the neighborhood walkabout last night.
Tuesday - 60 min morning walk with K&L
Wednesday - 60 min morning walk with K&L
Thursday - no exercise, went up to Idaho today for the funeral of a friend's little boy, just 2 years old.
Friday - 4 sprints on the treadmill in between going upstairs to wake up Mel several times so she'd catch the bus. Then a 1 hour walk with friends K&L, Owen on a long walk, I listened to videos on fasting
Saturday - 8 min of planks, Owen on a walk

Summer Health Challenge -
Total points for the week: 204 points
Total percentage loss - 4.92% - lost 2 pounds this week, reached a new low! 131.4 :)

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