Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 8 - 13

Monday -  I did a real no food fast all day yesterday and did a treadmill run to finish it off before eating anything. Reached a new low this morning 137.8 and lost almost 2 lbs this past week, total weight loss is 5.36%. Did four 1 min sprints on the treadmill, hate them! then finished jogging walking for a total time of 30 min cardio, then 30 minutes of stretching.
Tuesday - 40 minute walk outside as I listened to Elder Holland. Cried a few times. Our struggle with Corey getting his business of the ground feels like it will never end. Ugh, this personal growth is a big pain! Plant fast today.
Wednesday - with Abi: 12 min planks, one wheel, 50 min stretching with a "how to do the splits "YouTube" video
Thursday - 40 min jog/walk, one pull up
Friday - 25 min jog at 8 pm
Saturday - 50 minute hike with Abi to the Lower Bell Canyon reservoir, followed by a one minute sprint around the block, time 2:19 (I hate them sooo much)

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