Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Jun 27 - Jul 2 (27 weeks)

27 weeks - head of cauliflower
Monday - 27 weeks today. Weight this morning 171.8. Went on a one hour / 3 mile walk at 5:50 this morning. Usually by this time of pregnancy I've got achy hips, but they haven't been hurting at all yet, that is nice.
Tuesday - Body for Life Upper body workout. 10 am
  • Chest - push ups. Same as last Wednesday, but I did my 6 high point push ups all on my toes!
  • Triceps - chair dips, did my 6 with straight legs :)
  • Biceps - Same as last week
  • Back - Rows - 15, 20, 25, 30, 25, flys on ball with 10 lb weights 
  • Shoulders - same as last Wednesday

Wednesday -
Thursday -
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June 20 - 25 (26 weeks)

26 weeks - zucchini

Monday - 26 weeks, weight this morning 173.2. I'm Day 2 of eating Marilu style. I really like it. Still sore from Saturday night's upper body workout. Body for Life Lower body workout today/tonight at 10:30 pm - Hamstrings (romanian deadlifts) Quads (wall squats) Calves (calf raises) and Abs - did 12 minute of planks. Broke a good sweat.
Tuesday - 3 mile walk this morning, jogged a little bit too. Day 3 Marilu - love having a pink lady apple and peach for breakfast! The rest of the day went well with diet too, and I got out my scale again, weight went down slightly, most importantly I feel in control and don't feel like a ravenous wolf in the kitchen. I'm hoping I'll not have a gain or maybe even a slight loss of a pound at my next doctor appointment. 
Wednesday - Day 4 Marilu, loving it. No need to count days though, cause this isn't just a 30 day reset like Whole30, this is an easy to live by food combining lifestyle. It was a long day though, and I'm going to have a long day tomorrow too ~ it's Lily's birthday, and we're having a friend party for her from 1 - 3 and then doing Wesley's (who's birthday is on Saturday) from 4 - 7. Hope I don't die. Hoping to start the day off right with a morning walk. Tonight I got in my Upper body workout - Body for Life style:
  • shoulder press - 8, 10, 15, 20, 15, upward rows 15
  • tricep chair dips, then 12 tricep extensions with one 25 lb.
  • bicep standing curls 8, 10, 15, 20, 15, hammer curls 15
  • push ups, then chest press 15 lbs
  • back rows 10, 15, 20, 25, 20, ended with 12 pathetic back flys 15# (more like really weak back pulses
Thursday - Happy birthday Lily. I went on a 3 mile walk this morning. Ate some birthday cake and a little bit of ice cream, but nothing too out of control. I love food combining! Marilu is going to work for me, it has in the past, it's really easy for me (esp compared to Whole30) and I can tell it's work just from the past week of doing it. Did I tell you my morning weight has been going down, back below 170 this morning, yahoo, we'll see if I can keep it there
Friday - was going to do BFL Lower body, but only did Abs (12 minutes of planks) going to finish it up tomorrow morning before my walk.
Saturday - Calf raises (15, 20, 25, 30, 25) and dead lifts with same weight amounts, then went on my walk, but paused to go down a few side streets doing walking lunges for the final Lower body exercise group. Then finished the walk with 50 more minutes. Had a great week with workout and diet!!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Jun 13 - 18 (25 weeks)

25 weeks - acorn squash
Monday - 25 weeks today. Weight at home 172.8. Did 12 minutes of planks. Then had a doctor appointment this morning. I've gained 12 pounds the past 6 weeks, was 173 at home, not sure what I was according to their scale, I don't look (but I know it's atleast 5 pound over mine). But unfortunately 12 pounds sounds about right (doh!) After that I ate Whole30 today. Maybe I can stop the tide of weight gain. I usually gain a ton during the second trimester and then just 5 pounds during the last trimester. I'll try to be good and see if I can make that happen this time and keep it under 180.
Tuesday - 1 hour walk
Wednesday - 12 min of planks
Thursday - 1 hour walk - walked to a mountain trail, went up for 10 min hike then 10 min down and back home.
Friday - My calves are a little sore from the brief hike yesterday. Took another one hour walk this morning.
Saturday - Scripture study today was on Self Mastery. Last night I got out my old 2002 journal, of when I was on the ball with diet and started to exercise regularly and lost weight after Ethan was born. I was in the 140s when he was 4 months old! Man, I haven't been there since Sophi - didn't get there after Natalie or Owen. Come on, self. So, I ate Marilu style today. I already know it worked for me, I kept my weight in the window of 124-127 during that whole time. And kept that diet during my pregnancy with Hyrum which was my best one too - I was 144 when Hyrum was 6 weeks. So, yeah, ate Marilu style today and have felt great, not hungry or munchy with cravings, maybe I can do something positive with my weight and health these next 14 weeks before Junior comes. Tonight I lifted weights for the first time in a long time, did a Body for Life Upper body workout:
SHOULDERS - Upward Rows - 12 reps w/2 8lb dumbells, 10 reps w/10 lbs, 8 reps w/15 lbs, 6 reps 20 lbs, 12 reps w/15 lbs, shoulder press 12 reps @ 15 lbs.
BACK - rows - dumbells, 12 reps @10 lbs, 10 reps @ 15 lbs, 8 reps @20 lbs, 6 reps @ 25 lbs, 12 reps @20 lbs, back flys 12 reps @8 lbs
TRICEPS - seated press with dumbbells - 12 reps @8 lbs, 10 reps w/one 20 lb dumbbell, 8 reps with a 25 lb, 6 reps w/30 lb, 12 reps w/25, chair dips 12 reps.
CHEST - pushups, 12 on knees, 10 on knees slower, tried to do 8 on toes but only managed 5, then 3 on knees, 6 on toes, 12 on knees, chest fly 12 reps with two 15 lb dumbbells
BICEPS - standing curls with dumbbells - 12 reps w/8lbs, 10 reps 10 lbs, 8 reps 15 lbs, 6 reps 20 lbs, 12 reps 15 lbs, hammer curls 12 reps w/15 lbs.
...and ended with three 1 minute center planks. Good news: I exercised every day this week, good job! Bad news: I pretty much ate a half gallon of rocky road ice cream all by myself in 48 hours. Finished it off last night for "dinner" and then started my reading of my 2002 journal. I want to be better, I can do better and do more to be healthy.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Jun 6 - 11 (24 weeks)

24 weeks - "long as ear of corn"
Monday - Second trimestser - done! One more to go. 3 mile walk this morning at 5:30, I love morning walks. Weight 169.6
Tuesday - nothing. I was working on pioneer clothes for the kids all day and then it was midnight, doh! 
Wednesday - 12 minutes of planks at 6 am, plus did yard work for about 40 min around noon, (had to fill up the trash can before the garbage truck came around.) I worked up a sweat! Will try to get that done the evening before next time.
Thursday - went on a 5:30 am walk on a new route that I measured the distance in the car - 3.3 miles. 
Friday - 12 minutes of planks
Saturday -


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May 30 - Jun 4 (23 weeks)

23 weeks - Eggplant
Monday - 23 weeks today. Got up at 5:30 for a 3 mile walk, great way to start the day!!! Weight after exercise was 165.8. I just read my 23 week blog post from Owen's pregnancy, (had to look it up for the eggplant picture) and funny thing I read there: I mentioned how someone in Brazil said I looked big for 6 months, and I didn't take offense but said you can't say stuff like that in the US. Well, on Saturday I was grabbing a few things from the grocery store (Walmart) and the cashier was cute and friendly and as she scanned all the milk and bags of cereal and diapers, she asked "So, how many children do you have?" I did tell the truth "I have ten..." "And another one on the way?!?!" She was cute, I showed her one of the recent family pictures, etc, she was nice. When we were almost done, she asked "When are you due?" "September." "You're BIG!!" So that's funny that I did get told that here in the US, ha. And at about the same time! I just said "I know..." I really do feel like I already look full term again. Oh well. Trying to have the desire to eat more healthy, not feeling it so far. Mel made some sinful desserts tonight - Sweet and Saltines. Already want to make them again, thus am telling myself we can never ever make them again. One of those love/hate treats, wow.
Tuesday - 12 minutes of planks
Wednesday - 3 mile morning walk, love it! The birds, seeing the flowers, I picked some honey suckle flowers and other fragrant white flowers, have had them around the house to smell. Good morning.
Thursday - nothing
Friday - 3 mile walk
Saturday - 12 minutes of planks