Monday, March 19, 2018

Mar 19 - 24

Monday - Revisited my March 8th workout but changed one exercise - Holly's EJC Periscope workout 4 x 4 workout - 4 exercises, 4 rounds, 10 reps each of the following
- Chair burpees
- swing clean and press (I used 2 15 lb dumbbells)
- Renegade rows - two 15 lbs dumbbells
- Romanian Deadlifts with 2/30 lb dumbbells. In Holly's workout she did a "banded bridge and reach" but I didn't have the right band to do that
Then a quick sizzler of superwoman and reverse plank with knee, 30 seconds each 2 times each for 2 minutes. Plus did my ten 30 second let downs today
Tuesday - 2 miles in 28 minutes on treadmill, mostly walking with four 70 second sprints :) Shoulders and lower back are a good sore from yesterdays workout
Wednesday - Doing my 10 reps of 30 sec letdowns today, plus this morning I did Holly's February Fiery Supersets:
Super Sets, repeat each set 3x
A1 Curtsy Lunge 10x ea
A2 Sprinter Jumps 8x ea
B1 Kickstand Bent Over Row 8x ea
B2 Hip Thruster 10x
C1 Downdog Knee Drive 8x ea
C2 Child’s Pose Push Up 10x
4 Minute Sizzler: 30 sec each 4x
Mountain Climbers
Jumping jacks
Thursday -  This am I was busy taking Mel to a wisdom tooth extraction appointment. 10:30 pm - 4 minutes of planks in closet in circuit 3 times for 12 minutes, then stretching, still sore in hamstrings from Monday's deadlifts
Friday - 37 minutes on treadmill, 2.3 miles, did four 60 second sprints. I am feeling in such a rut, listened to Rut twice.
Saturday -

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Mar 11 - 17

Sunday -  I fell asleep on the floor with Owen last night. When I got up to get into bed, my tailbone hurt like crazy. I didn't fall or anything, the only thing I can think of is that it was from stretching on the yoga wheel, even though that was on Friday. Weird. I can walk okay and everything, just notice it a little if I lay down or sit down. But not intolerable pain.
Monday - Flow, then this back bend yoga video. Doing my 10 pull ups today. Was able to do one unassisted. My energy and go-get-em attitude seems a bit low this morning. Did 10 reps of each of the following for 3 rounds:
- chair dips
- bicep curls 2/15 lbs
- shoulder side raises 2/8
- push ups on toes
- superman T with 2/5
Tuesday - Morning flow, then outside for a walk/jog, did 6 laps around the block/neighborhood which I think is about 2 miles. started at 6:28, finished at 7:10, did 250 walking lunges after 3 laps
Wednesday - I only did 10 pull ups today. I was kinda dragging this morning and didn't get my workout in before I had to take carpool, and then the day was gone. But I did get in my 10, though I struggled with those too! Energy is low, I'm blaming it on the Daylight Savings time change.
Thursday - Owen and Daniel were both awake at 5:15!!!! Hence, I did not get my workout in again. I did 12 minutes of planks in my closet though, while I listened to Holly's facebook live video. Mood and energy are better, hoping to be back on target tomorrow. "Do what you said you would do = builds belief and confidence in yourself" "What gets measured gets improved" "Anything that you want to improve in your life needs to get tracked and measured"
Friday - 30 min jog/run, did 4 sprints on treadmill. Plus 10 let downs during the day. Energy is better this morning.
Saturday - active rest day, walked around a bit downtown when we went on our date to see Shen Yun :)

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Mar 4 - 10

Sunday - 60 minutes of stretching this morning while everyone else slept, it was nice. Then I broke a sweat with Corey as we shoveled 16 inches of snow off the driveway!
Monday - First part of my workout I did was attempt a pull up, and I did 2!! Yeah! Going to continue doing my 10 reverse pull ups through out the day. After the pull up I did a warm up & flow combo using stuff from Danette May and Holly Rigsby, then did 2 miles on the treadmill in 27 minutes with four 60 second sprints. Last week for my pull ups I had to stand on a chair and start at the top, but today I was able to pull myself up each time, and I held some of them for 40 seconds on the way down. Little by little
Tuesday - Morning Flow, then a light upper body resistance workout: 3 rounds and 10 reps each of the following:
- Bicep curls 2/12lbs
- triceps overhead extensions 1/25lb
- chest fly on ball 2/12
- back superman T-lifts 2/5lbs
- shoulder circles w 2/5lbs
Ended with a 17 minute walk for 1 mile (but the treadmill timer is going out I think cause it reset itself again after I started, but I know I had already gone through one 4 min song, so I think it was more like 22 minutes and 1.25 miles) I'll keep track with my phone timer tomorrow too to see if the treadmill is accurate or not
Wednesday - Holly's 5 min feel good flow, then 30 min on the treadmill. I had to go wake up kids after 13 minutes and it reset, so not sure what distance I got there, but for the last 17 minutes I got 1 mile, so we'll assume it was like 1.75 miles. Didn't do sprints, I'm on day 4 of a water fast (ate Saturday, ended at 2, did a dry fast until 2 on Sunday, been doing a waterfast since then. I am also doing my 10 letdowns today, 30 seconds each.
Thursday - Did Holly's EJC Periscope workout from yesterday, a 4 x 4 workout - 4 exercises, 4 rounds, 10 reps each of the following
- Chair burpees
- swing clean and press (I used 2 15 lb dumbbells)
- Renegade rows - two 15 lbs dumbbells
- bridge and reach. She did a "banded bridge and reach" but I didn't have the right band to do that
Then a quick sizzler of superwoman and reverse plank with knee, 30 seconds each 2 times each for 2 minutes. Finished my waterfast yesterday at 12:30 so I had good energy today, good workout, going to go stretch now.
Friday - 8 minute good morning flow, then 2 miles in 25:15 min, and did six 1 min sprints during that cardio, then walked a bit more. And I've already done 7 of my let downs, pulled myself up with each one, yay. good sweat, going to stretch now and will finish 3 more pull-ups/letdowns to make it 10 for today
Saturday -

Monday, February 26, 2018

Feb 26 - Mar 3

Monday - Holly's 5 minute flow at 5:30, 6:30 - Dantette May warm up and beginner and intermediate abs, 7:30 2.15 miles in 28 minutes, good affirmations and workout this morning, got the week started off right. Did 10 let downs throughout the day every hour
Tuesday - Holly Jan 2018 Workout of the Month
Wednesday - DM Warm up and Beginner abs, 2.25 miles in 31 minutes, did 6 one minute sprints, also doing 10 let downs today
Thursday - 5 minute flow, then did a yoga DVD, "Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss" with Suzanne Deason. Also did a center plank for time 2:22 and walked to and back from school with the elementary girls for parent teacher conferences, cause I didn't have a car (I was murmuring, but I'm better now)
Friday - Feel good flow, 2.10 miles in 30 min and I did five 70 second sprints during that walk/jog. Held a left side plank on my hand for 60 seconds! Left side was strong, then did right side, was struggling and shaking and bad form most of the time but did 60 seconds on my hand. Something happened to my right shoulder a few weeks ago, it's not very strong and hurts during some exercises, I'm wondering if I've been laying on it wrong in bed. I've been trying not to lay down on that side the past month, hope it gets betters. Also doing ten 30 second let downs throughout the day, 7:13 am and I'm ahead of schedule, I've already done 6.
Saturday - 60 min of yoga and stretching in the morning from 7:30 - 8:30. At 7:30 pm I did a Danette May warm up and then this repeat workout from Jan 17th - 3 rounds of the following:
  • 10 right leg forward backward lunge with knee up
  • 100 mountain climbers
  • 10 left leg forward backward lunge with knee up
  • 100 speed skaters
  • 30 deadlifts with 2/30 lb
  • 100 high knees
Round 1 was 9 min, 2 and 3 were 10 min each, finished off with 100 more mountain climbers. Broke a good sweat!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Feb 19 - 24

Monday - DM warm up and beginner and intermediate abs, then 2 miles in 30 minutes, did six 70 second sprints, also jumped off the treadmill and did a total of 10 let downs in between the sprints and walking.
Tuesday - DM warm up and beginner and intermediate abs, then checked the EJC Workout Vault and did the January Workout of the Month, which was two circuits. Circuit 1: 5 reps each of: Deadlifts, Figure Staker Pose, Sumo Squats. I did 6 rounds in 8 min. Circuit 2: 5 reps each of ball press and overhead, power up push up, back rows. I think I did 4 rounds of that in 7 min.
Wednesday - more than a couple of interruptions during the night, thus I did not wake up with a spring in my step. Told myself  just had to walk, so I didn't warm up or do abs today. I did end up being able to do four 1 min sprints in the last 10 minutes of my treadmill walk. 2.1 miles in 31 minutes.
Thursday - Danette May warm up and then this EJC workout - Do it Super Sets:
  • A1 Curtsy Lunge 10x ea A2 Sprinter Jumps 8x ea repeat 3x rest 
  • B1 Kickstand Bent Over Row 8x ea B2 Hip Thruster 10x repeat 3x rest 
  • C1 Downdog Knee Drive 8x ea C2 Child’s Pose Push Up 10x repeat 3x rest 
  • 4 Minute Sizzler Sit Through Band Jacks
Instead of that 4 min sizzler I ended with Danette May beginner abs and half of the intermediate before Daniel interrupted me and climbed on me and wouldn't let me finish.
Friday - treadmill cardio - 2 miles in 27 minutes, did 5 one minute sprints (fourth sprint was 80 seconds, almost killed me)
Saturday - Active rest, 10 let downs over the day

Monday, February 12, 2018

Feb 12 - 17

Monday - Danette May warm up, beginner and intermediate abs, 2 miles in 26 minutes with six 70 second sprints, plus I did one pull up today! plus 5 let downs
Tuesday - DM warm up, beginner and intermediate abs, then 8 rounds of the following:
  • 5 burpees with push up
  • 10 dumbbell swings - 30 lbs
  • 15 weighted squats - 2/15 lbs
  • 20 jump lunges
First round was 2 min, but only did 4 jump lunges, rest were step back. I think it is well nigh impossible to do jump lunges after weighted squats. So for the rest of the rounds I had to take a walk around the room and shake it off, then I was able to do 20 straight jump lunges, those rounds were 3-4 min.
Wednesday - DM warm up, beginner and intermediate abs, then walk/sprint on treadmill, did four 79 second sprints, went 2 miles in 27 minutes. Happy Valentine's Day, I ate too many treats.
Thursday - DM warm up, beginner abs, then this Bodyrock workout - Day 3 of 100 day challenge:
  • 21 reps of assisted pull ups, push ups on toes, chair dips
  • repeat those exercises but 15 reps each
  • repeat exercises with 9 reps each
  • repeat exercises with 6 reps each.
That is a major arm blaster hopefully I'll be able to use them (my arms) today cause I need to wash dishes and vacuum. Ended with intermediate abs, then prayer& affirmation and stretching.
Friday - DM warm up and beginner abs, then 30 minute walk, went 1.92 miles. Waterfast all day yesterday, continuing today until date night. I'm cramming to try meet my anniversary weight goal, ha.
Saturday -

Monday, February 5, 2018

Feb 5 - 10

Monday - 6 am this morning. started with Danette May's warm up and Abs for Beginners - then 30 min on the treadmill with 4 one minute sprints, 2 miles in 26 minutes.
Tuesday - Danette May warm up and abs for beginners, then 5 rounds of the following:
  • 100 mountain climbers
  • 25 static lunges left
  • 25 static lunges right
  • 20 push ups on toes
Wednesday - Danette May warm up and abs for beginners, then 27 min on treadmill - 1.5 miles, did four 70 second sprints, plus four 30 second let downs
Thursday - 6:40 am: Danette May warm up, abs for beginners, and abs for intermediate. Then did:
  • one 30 second let down - strong the whole time
    • 60 reps of clean and press with 2/15 lb dumbbells
  • one 30 second let down - feeling strong
    • 60 reps of chest fly on ball with 2/10
  • one 30 second let down - 15 strong, 15 holding on
    • 60 standing shoulder circles with 2/5
  • one 30 second let down - 10 sec barely on holding top, rest of time barely holding on
    • 60 tricep chair dips straight leg
  • one 30 second assisted let down, my arms are about spent
    • 60 back flys on ball with 2/10 lbs
  • 20 sec assisted let down, 10 sec hang - woo! yay, I'm done 8:15 am
Friday - Danette May (DM) warm up and Beginner abs, then 27 min walk with six 1 min sprints, 1.6 miles
Saturday -  DM warm up, DM Beginner Abs, Intermediate Abs - 25 min total, then stretching and a few hand stands throughout the day