Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Exercise Log

Did my Lunges and Deadlifts today for 30 minutes.  I don't enjoy them, which I guess is good cause it means I'm challenging myself a little.  But it's also doable.  I broke it into sets again.

Do 4 sets =
  • 50 deadlifts (with two 30lb dumbbells)
  • 100 Walking lunges
My set times ranged from 5:49 to 6:25.  I did four sets for 400 lunges and 200 deadlifts, then I stretched and rested on my Pregnancy Miracle Ball (which I love - highly recommend).  
I made myself a little Exercise Log book last night, so that I don't keep wasting my post-it notes trying to cram all the little details I like to record on there, now I have lots of room and I have a physical copy of all my notes in one easy place for this pregnancy.

In the back I put my weight log, going to weigh myself each Monday as each week ticks by.  And it makes the pregnancy not look very long, it's just on 1 page front and back.  I can do that!  I'm just going to try and keep busy and hopefully the time will fly.  I was thinking I should plan out a project goal for myself for each week to keep my mind and self busy.  Should be fun.

Also, looking at my weight log, man, I was so impressed with myself from my pregnancy with Hyrum in 2003, I was on the ball.  Going to try to get there again.  I was exercising BFL style that whole pregnancy, didn't have kids in school, just 3 toddlers at home, which made the world just revolve around me which I loved.  But my diet was totally on the ball, I was eating Marilu Henner style.  Maybe I should do that again, cause with that pregnancy I weighed 163 on delivery day and delivered a 8.10 baby, and was 144 by my 6 week appointment.  You did awesome, self.  Let's do it again.  At week 24 with Hyrum I weighed 148, right now I'm at 156, and that 148 was from my dr. weigh ins, which if he's using the same scale now as he did back then, is 4 pounds over.  Anyway, I did it before, I can do it again, be healthy, self!

Monday, March 25, 2013

24 Weeks

24 Weeks and trying to keep busy, this week should fly by with it being spring break, we're havign a fun time.  

So at 24 weeks, the baby is:
Baby's Length: 8-8.5 in. 
Baby's Weight: 1.25 - 1.5 lb. 
Baby's Size: 1/2 Gallon of Milk

Did 100 push ups tonight - 25 without stopping in 35 seconds.  Took me 7:28 to do 100.  

For planks I did:
  • 90 sec. center, 90 sec. yoga table
  • 6 min side planks alternating
  • 90 sec. center, 90 sec. yoga table
Lunges and deadlifts tomorrow

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

23.2 - Lunges & Deadlifts

400 Lunges and 200 deadlifts

Repeat 4 times:
  • 100 Lunges
  • 50 deadlifts
My time: 30 minutes (and my face was RED when I was done)

Monday, March 18, 2013

23 Weeks - Exercise Plan

23 Weeks today.

According to parents.com:
Baby's Length: 7.5-8.0 in.
Baby's Weight: 1-1.25 lbs.
Baby's Size: Loaf of bread

I spent the weekend working on a home management binder which I'm super excited about, and as part of that, I've planned out what I think will be my fall back exercise plan through July.  It goes as follows:

Everyday - go for a morning walk if possible (so glad spring is here!)
Monday - Planks, 100 push ups on toes, cardio
Tuesday - 400 lunges & 200 deadlifts
Wednesday - BFL Upper Body
Thursday - BFL Lower Body (includes planks)
Friday -Killer workout & cardio
Saturday - Planks & active rest (yardwork)

So I did my push ups today, didn't beat my personal best total time of 6:57, but did beat my personal best at the beginning of being able to do 18 in a row, today I did 22.  12 minutes of planks went well, my cardio was pretty light and I stretched.  Life is good.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

22.4 - BFL Upper Body

Did a Body for Life style upper body workout today.  I did Body for Life style workouts religiously from 2002-2005, so it's an easy one for me mentally to do, don't have to even think about it.  For those who don't know though, you start at 12 reps at a comfortable weight, then increase the intensity/weights with each set while decreasing the reps.  So reps go 12-10-8-6-12-(switch exercise)12 and intensity goes about 6-7-8-10-8-8 (if that makes sense,?).

So you end up doing a total of 60 reps.  In my home workout stuff, I don't have too much weight to increase like I did at the gym, so today I started off at a hard weight and kept pushing through to increase the intensity till I finished through the 60 reps.  I did:

SHOULDERS - Shoulder presses with two 15 lb dumbbells, then upright rows for last 12
BICEPS - Hammer curls w/two 15 lb dumbbells, basic curls for last 12
CHEST - Push ups on toes, then dumbbell fly for the last 12
TRICEPS - laying extensions with two 15 lbs weights, then chair dips for last 12
BACK - Dumbbell swing with my DIY sandbag-type thing, 30 lbs, then 12 mowers on each side w/one 30lb dumbbell.

Took me 35 minutes.  Going to do BFL Lowerbody tomorrow

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

22.2 - 400 Lunges

400 Walking Lunges, no weights, and it sometimes seems like torture.  But I did it.  Just take 50 at a time, then count to 50 again, and again.  I paused after 200 to change a diaper, so not counting the break time I had there, it took me 15:56. 

I also did 100 deadlifts with two 30 pound weights.  Time 5:50
...and above you'll see the timer I use.  I got it at Walmart and I don't like to exercise without it.  I have to hide it from the kids, or else they'll use it to time their music practice or reading minutes and then it will be lost until I hopefully find it as I'm cleaning.  When it goes missing I'll use my gymboss, which I like for intervals, but not for total time or for counting down.  And since I'm not doing high impact things right now, this Acurite timer is my workout buddy bff. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

22 Weeks

22 Weeks, baby is the size of a 1 lb. bag of beans.

Baby's Length: 7-7.5 in.
Baby's Weight: 1 lb.

Did 100 push ups today (on my toes, thank you very much) and it was pretty good.  I beat my 8:00 time from Saturday and got 6:57!  Personal best.  Hoping to keep this up each week and get either a better time or atleast be able to do them without as many breaks in between.

Also did 12 minutes of planks - repeat this circuit 3 times:
  • 1 minute left side 
  • 1 minute right side
  • 1 minute yoga table
  • 1 minute center plank
Tomorrow going to do lunges and deadlifts.  I get to go in for my monthly appointment Wednesday, and Trice, I'll take your tiny 150 and add 10 I bet, and you're a month ahead of me, so don't you worry your pretty head.  (I had to hid my homemade pb treats from myself too...)  I usually gain the most during the 4th and 5th months and then taper off at the end.  (Hoping that's the trend again this time anyway!) 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

21.3 - 100 pushups, 100 deadlifts

I am sore from my lunges Monday, not too bad through.  Then yesterday my hips started to hurt when I tried to stand up after sitting here at the computer.  This is the first sign of that discomfort of pregnancy ~ only 19 weeks of painful hips to go.  Sounds like forever, but just take it one week at a time and soon it will be over.  One week at a time...

I did 100 pushups in 8 minutes and 100 deadlifts w/ two 30 lb. dumbbells in 5:10 yesterday.  Just 10 at a time, then 10 more, or 1 minute, then go a minute more, you can do anything for just 1 minute right?  Baby steps... one minute at a time

Pushups -
First 25 - 1:00

40 done - 2:00
60 done - 4:00
Then I was pushing myself to do just 10 more each minute, a good goal that I was able to meet
70 - 5:00
80 - 6:00
90 - 7:00
100 - 8:00
100 pushups in 8 minutes, beating my time from last week, 100 in 9:50

Deadlifts -
1 minute - 28 deadlifts done
50 deadlifts done in 2:20
70 in 3:30
85 in 4:20
100 deadlifts done in 5:10.

So there was my 13 minute workout for the day.  Short, hard and I can be proud that I did something. 

Going to do planks again today.  Might just repeat my Mon-Wed schedule for Thurs-Sat and do planks, lunges, then pushups/deadlifts again and then do some stretching and hope my hips don't kill

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

21.2 - 400 Lunges

21 weeks 2 days today.  Parents.com says:
Baby's Length: 6.5-7.0 in.
Baby's Weight: 10-13 oz.
Baby's Size: Cantaloupe
Yeah, I'd say a cantaloupe seems to feel about the size of what I'm carrying around in this tummy. 

I just did 400 lunges.  And I am proud of myself.  Took me exactly 17 minutes, I was pushing hard to try and keep going.

Yesterday I did 12 minutes of planks.  I'm going to do something everyday this week.

I haven't gone to the gym to use my free trial pass.  Today is the last day to go redeem it.  We'll see if I make it.  I have been trying to get away, but it's not happening.  I don't think a gym membership is gonna work for me.  Besides, I've been telling myself, in the time I spend just in traveling there, I could already be done with my workout if I just do it at home, as seen in this 17 minute workout I just finished.  I just gotta do it.  My mojo's been missing the past week, but I'm thinking it's back, the warmer weather outside is definitely helping.  I can see the grass in some places in our back yard, and that is good news.