Tuesday, June 25, 2013

37 Weeks

Did 12 minutes of planks yesterday.  Only one more time next Monday!  Although I've been doing planks on Fridays too cause I'm not liking pushups right now, so I've been doing planks twice a week for fun, so maybe I actually have 3 more times... I'm looking forward to being strong for delivery and doing planks in my hospital room like I did after Sophia.  I figured it was safest to do it at the hospital, cause then if I hemorraged or anything they'd be able to help.  But I don't think it is bad at all, if anything it helps the uterus contract and helps my body on its way of getting back to normal.

We've had two birthday parties here Sunday and today.  I've stayed away from the ice cream, but did have a little bit of the cake and frosting.  Still eating my 10+ servings of veggies though, so hoping that will help keep clearing out any clog that slice of birthday celebration put into my metabolism.  :)

I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, and will schedule my induction.  I'm keeping busy with cleaning and decorating around the house, glad the nesting instinct finally kicked in!  :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

36 Weeks

Some days I'm feeling super big and huge.  Other days I feel a large, but not large enough for a little person to be inside - I can never really understand how it's possible that a little baby could fit inside of me.  That being said, I did think these things were pretty cool - a 3D scupture of one's midsection with the baby inside, all from an ultrasound picture or MRIs or something.  Maybe creepy to some, but I think it's fascinating.  I don't think my babies have been up and down at all, they always seem to be laying inside of me pretty horizontally.  Some people comment that I've dropped and that I'm so low, "that baby is coming!"  No, not yet, it's just how I carry.  So, yeah, always amazes me after the baby's born, seeing and holding her and wondering how in the world she could squish herself up so small and tight to fit inside my body.  Amazing stuff.

Anyway, I'm officially full term, woop!  I did 12 minutes of planks on Monday and 400 lunges this morning, the lunges took me about 24 minutes, did those walking around our neighborhood.  (Lovely morning this morning.)  I think the planks have been helping my hips not hurt, in addition to the help that I'm sure they'll give me again during delivery.  Doctor appointment today, at my last appointment 2 weeks ago I was 171.  Hopefully not too much weight gain today.  Not that it's a huge deal, I know I'll be able to lose it.  The green shakes have not sounded appetizing much the past few days, so I've been mostly eating nuts and dates.  (love dates!)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Exercise Deeply

From "The Smarter Science of Slim" by Jonathan Bailor - page 216

When our fat metabolism system needs a lot of energy it can do four things:

  • Make us eat more (increase in appetite)
  • Slow down (low energy)
  • Burn Muscle
  • Burn Body Fat

"However, when we exercise DEEPLY we eliminate three of these options.  Makign us eat more will nto work because digestion takes a long time.  It is too late to slow us down because the energy demands have already been made.  Burning musicle is out of the question since high-quality exercise stimulates muscle rather than destroying it.  Left with no other option, our fat metabolism system is forces to produce hormones which free up energy stored as body fat."  

In summary, we want our body to repeat this cycle through our exercising our muscles deeply:

  1. Exercise Deeply and need a lot of energy quickly
  2. Release body-fat burning clog clearing hormones.  
  3. Need more energy to replair muscles
  4. Release more body fat burning clog clearing hormones
  5. Contiue unclogging and burning body fat

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

4 Weeks Left!

Super duper excited and looking forward to Delivery Day.  July 8th.  Last week went pretty fast, going to go get and be busy so that this week flies by too.  We all worked hard and were super busy yesterday.  I even helped my kids mow the lawn, tried to do the back yard so the neighbors wouldn't see and 8 month pregnant woman out mowing, which if they did see would bring shame upon my sweetheart and I dont' want to do that.  But that was my workout yesterday.  It was really hot too.  And the backyard looks great now.  Although I think we put too much fertilizer on it this spring, we should probably start mowing it twice a week so it's not such a hard chore.

Anyway, that's it for now, going to do planks and 400 lunges today. I'll try to share some Smarter Science of Slim stuff later this week.  Yesterday an email about skin brushing arrived in my inbox, and I liked it - here's the link to her website where there's a video about it and 4 pages of instructions about how to properly skin brush.  Marilu talks about skin brushing in her book too.  I did a few years back when I was following her lifestyle.  I went and bought a bristle brush this morning, I'm going to start doing it again so my lumphs can take out the garbage! :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bailors 2 Cents on P90X and Insanity

It's June, so now when I'm asked when I'm due, I get to say "Next Month!" which is always a nice point to get to in the journey of pregnancy.  Also, on Saturday the 8th, I get to say "One month from today!"

I have subscribed to The Smarter Science of Slim's email list and got this in my inbox today.  As I listened to it today I was nodding my head saying "yup, yup, I though the same thing, I've been there" - especially the things he shares about exercise -
I've tried P90X, and like he says, I was thinking the same thing when I did it "I can't keep this up forever..." and "this is taking too much time" for me with a mother of 6 kids at that time.  It was not sustainable, so it could help me temporarily, but not long term if it's not something I could do long term.  I think Body-for-LIFE is a sustainable type of exercise program, just 3 hours a week - 3 days of a 20 minute cardio workout (1 hour), and 3 days of 40-50 minutes doing resistance training (2 hours).  After this baby is born, I'm going to start my bodyrock/Zuzka style workouts again, which I think are so great - brief 10 -15-20 minutes of workout each day, so 50 minutes to less than 2 hours a week.  Great stuff.  As for now, I'm enjoying taking the stairs, taking the summer walk at night with my kids, planks, and lunges and such.

I also liked what he said that when we're 85, we're not going to care how we look, we're going to care how we feel - so set ourself up or success by eating right and smart and exercising smart.

Monday, June 3, 2013

34 Weeks

Five weeks left, la la la, keeping busy, and that clock up on the wall keeps tickin'.
As I look at these pictures, I really can't tell that much of a difference from week to week.  My size is just big right now and I think that's where it's gonna stay til delivery day.  Speaking of delivery, Patrice had her baby on Saturday - 6 lbs 8 oz, 20 inches.  Kimberly Anne.  Kimberly was on my list, and since that's her baby's name now, it might be off of mine.  I don't mind them having the same name, but if they also have birthdays that close, that's two strikes.  So we'll see.  Katherine and Kristina are still in the running for the letter K.

I did 400 walking lunges on Saturday as I went for a morning walk.  I am so looking forward to the kids being out of school cause that means I get my 6:00 - 7:00 personal time back (no more making lunch for Joseph at 6 and then driving him to school for band from 6:30-7.  I have to get my workout over before 7 and before kids wake up and before the sun is up, gotta try to keep the sun off my face or I'll get a bad pregnancy mask, and I don't want to have to cover myself with sunblock if I haven't showered and stuff yet.

I did my 12 minutes of planks today.  My last labor and delivery went so well, it was the best one yet, and the only thing I did different that time was that I did the plank throughout my pregnancy.  I think I was just doing 3 minutes of center planks back then, with a few side plank raises.  This time I've been keeping up with doing 1 minute each of 4 plank positions in a circuit 3 times - center, left, right, and reverse.  Looking foward to delivery day and hoping to have a repeat of the speedy delivery and recovery that I had last time.